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About Us

Share Prices is a free-to-use website for stock market research.about shareprices

We provide our members with a vast amount of financial data, trading tools and information, that users would normally have to sign up to multiple sites and services to obtain. Share Prices delivers this all in one place, making it a valuable resource for any investor.

Our members have access to the latest price data*1, news and detailed profiles on publicly listed companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). To assist our members in their research, we provide them access to a diverse range of research and analysis tools, along with multiple calculators, converters, market news sources, educational lessons and access to world market profiles.

Share Prices is by far, the most extensive stock market directory on ASX listed securities available to investors today. From beginner to advanced, the website caters to all levels of experience. The website contains thousands of pages of information and limitless interactive resources available for public use.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world’s largest online stock market directory.

We aim to centralise the world’s stock market information by making it available through a single portal. We want Share Prices to be universally accessible in every country and in every language, so investors and companies alike can have the widest possible market reach.

The world is moving at a faster pace and the majority of financial resources have shifted to online platforms. People want to access information as quickly as possible wherever they are, whenever they need it. In the near future, we aim to release optimised versions of Share Prices for mobile and tablet devices. We aim to keep pace with new technology and solutions for all mobile devices as well as our traditional desktop platform.

Our Promise

Information is power to any investor if you have the right tools at your fingertips. At Share Prices, we believe strongly in substance over costs. This means you can count on finding all the information you need on Share Prices without having to navigate through superfluous content on a number of websites just to get the information you need.

We have invested millions of dollars and countless hours in creating this revolutionary service. We will keep investing more into development so that we can continually offer our members and Affiliates the most technologically advanced services and cutting edge tools.

Every day, our team is researching, updating information and developing new tools. We are continually integrating new technology into our website to compliment the products and services offered by our Affiliates.

Our Team

We are pioneers and strive to maintain an open-minded team culture with fresh ideas. Building such a unique product depends on great people, a lot of them. There are more than 50 staff behind Share Prices that work hard every day. From maintaining profiles, to research, to developing cutting-edge tools – our team goes above and beyond every day to make sure our members are getting value.


*1 – Prices are 20 minutes delayed unless otherwise expressly stipulated.





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