Australia China Holdings Limited (AAK) has been delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Australia China Holdings Limited (AAK)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Australia China Holdings Limited

Australia China Holdings Ltd (“AAK”) was listed on ASX Industry Main Board on 9th June 1995.

AAK has always had faith in the business potential in China and its nearby region. Thus since its inception AAK has most of its operation in China and Hong Kong. 

Land Holding & Agriculture Business

AAK has acquired a large piece of land of 21.33 square Kilometers (32,000 mous) in Inner Mongolia, China. The land is close to the river bank of the famous Yellow River and all mous transport system in the south of Boutou City. The area is suitable for organic farming and for growth of roses, which is the city flower of the place. The weather there is very warm from May to September and the temperature can reach 30 degree centigrade but the winter is very cold. 

Investment, Trading & Consultancy Business

AAK has invested in energy saving business and in building material projects.  AAK also market 

power saving and energy efficiency related products including ecological friendly cast resin transformer [Dry Type], pre-fabricated house or wooden furniture.

AAK has provided business and management consultancy services for Chinese Companies to go global and for foreign companies to enter the China or Hong Kong markets.


China has presented huge business opportunities for investors over the past decade with an annual growth of over 8%. With the recent economic turmoil in Europe and in US, China has been able to weathered this out very well. AAK should be able to fully utilize its connections and positions to provide shareholders and investors with satisfactory performance. 

Corporate Goals

To advance shareholders value and to safeguard their environment 

This is achieved by actively taking up environmentally friendly businesses.

AAK has been only involved in green projects and in resources saving projects. 

Corporate History

Date of Listing

Australia China Holding Limited (“AAK”) was listed in the main Industrial Board in Australia on 9th June, 1995.

Home Exchange

Australia China Holding Limited 's home exchange was Melbourne but was moved to Sydney.

Place of Operation

AAK has undertaken projects in the Republic of China.

Main Business On Lisitng

AAK has businesses in Guangdong Province in the Concrete Admixture, brick making and pipe as well as the marble and granite business in Sichuan Province.

Main Business Undertaken

AAK has businesses in building material and then went into power saving business by producing green transformers


Has also taken up businesses in trading, hotel management and business and financial consultancy. Since its inception, AAK has been invested in businesses in China.


Corporate Businesses

Eco-Agriculture & Organic Farming

AAK group owns a piece of land of approximately 21 sq kilometers in Inner Mongolia lying to the south of Baotou City. This city is at the river bank of the famous Yellow River. Baotou is one of the highest growth city in China.

Baotou is the largest city in Inner Mongolia, China. It is not near the desert. This is the place of home to many major corporations including Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Unicom Co. Ltd, Baotou Northern Business Co. Ltd, Baotou Steel Rare Earth (Group) Hi-Tech Co etc. The land owned by AAK is sandy and is suitable for growing of grapes, roses, sophora, and is ideal for organic farming as the place is not polluted. For organic farming, it requires clean air, clean water and no chemical fertilizer be used. As the land is situated close to major highways, there is possibility of the land put into other uses which shall further enhance the value of this investment.

Investment in and services for Property, Mining & Hotels

AAK has made investment in various industries and businesses including building material, resources, power and energy saving. With the land holding now in Inner Mongolia, China, more businesses will result. Inner Mongolia is rich in resources and rare earth.

AAK has assisted Australia companies to enter the hospitality industries in China and shall continue to assist international investors to develop resorts, securing networks and making investments in this fast growing area. With the increasing wealth of the Chinese, Chinese are now traveling more frequently, traveling heavily inter-states and are making more trips than many people in the developed countries. Chinese can now spend more and are now looking for quality products.

Financial Advisory & Secretarial Division
Financial & Business advisory Services

AAK offers financial advisory services. AAK's Hong Kong companies have been focusing on Corporate Services in providing tailor-made, one-stop-shop solutions to both Chinese companies going overseas and foreign companies entering China who are eager to participate in the growth in China Market. Also AAK Group can help those Chinese companies who are keen to move to the next stage of their expansion into foreign markets.

In particular, AAK Group can help overseas companies that are:

  • setting up subsidiaries or sourcing products/technologies in China
  • and Hong Kong.
  • seeking partnership, Joint Venture, Merger and Acquisitions in China
  • as well as in Hong Kong, Australia and Europe..
  • seeking attractive asset management opportunities.
  • seeking attractive capital investment opportunities in Chinese
  • companies through private equity, pre-IPO and corporate bonds.

AAK can assist Chinese corporations to grow their businesses outside China. AAk can arrange businesses to expand within China and to take in foreign partners. There are also needs for organizations in China to restructure so they can go global. AAK advises companies on all aspects of company administration and restructuring including:

  • Mergers and company acquisitions
  • Sale of companies and businesses
  • Corporate re-organization
  • Insolvency
Business Services

AAK has experienced and qualified professional who have extensive business connections in China, Australia, South East Asia, Canada and Europe to assist companies to go global or to marry with Chinese corporations with high growth potentials. AAK's Business Development team can provide a comprehensive range of corporate and secretarial support which allow companies to focus more on business than spending time on the daily accounting, corporate or secretarial chores.

Trading & Manufacturing Business
Building Materials

AAK has established good contacts with numerous sources for environmentally friendly building materials including those manufactured from 100% wood powder (saw dust) which has many more advantages than conventional wood. Such wood dust is used to construct fire-proof houses and furniture which can withstand fire up to 1,000 degree centigrade. Characteristics of the products are:

  • safeguard forest resource and no need to cut down forest or destroy natural environment to obtain wood
  • stronger and more flexible than made by the natural wood
  • Fire prevention, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, insect prevention
  • Easy to build and safe to use
Energy Saving Products

At present, AAK has sourced energy related products, including power savers, electrical products, lights and controllers. Here are some of the products:

  • Cast Resin Dry Type Eco Transformers with range from 50kVA to 2500 kVA
  • Replacement of traditional oil type transformers which are environmentally damaging
  • Environmentally superior in term of heat generated & noise level to the traditional oil filled transformers.
High Frequency Electrode Less Discharge (HFED) Lamp

HEED lamp is environmental friendly, energy saving, low maintenance and long life span. It is unified by two principles the electromagnetic induction and the fluorescence gaseous discharge. Characteristics of the products are:

Using life is above 60,000 hours, 60 times better than incandescent lamp

  • luminous efficiency is high, above 63Lm/W
  • conserves energy above 70%
  • materials used are above 98% recyclable
  • Instant starts up less than 0.5 second
  • Conforms to GB17743-1999 standard
Wind Turbine

Wind turbine is a renewable energy to provide electricity to rural and remote areas as a cost-effective alternative to grid extension. It also is used for residential garden house or farm. Characteristics of the products are:

  • compliance to renewable energy policy
  • output ranging from 7kW to 1500kW
  • Latest design and technology
  • Low noise and less installation area required
Aiwin Asset Management Ltd

As the business partner of AAK group, Aiwin is providing the funding source for individual projects through the network of angel investors and private investors.

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