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Asaleo Care Limited (AHY)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Asaleo Care

AHYAsaleo Care is a leading hygiene and personal care company that manufactures, markets and distributes Personal Care and Tissue products used in households and businesses across Australasia every day.

At Asaleo Care, they make it easier for hygiene, health and wellbeing to be part of everyday life. Their portfolio of market-leading brands includes Sorbent, Handee, Purex, Libra, Treasures, Deeko, Viti and Orchid, as well as an exclusive licence agreement with SCA for the global brands TENA and Tork.

Their name 'Asaleo Care' is inspired by the flower azalea, which in some cultures means womanhood, and when given symbolises 'take care of yourself for me'. What sets Asaleo apart is a very strong ethos of taking care. Taking care, is at the heart of what they do.

They take care of each other, their consumers, internal and external customers, communities, shareholders and the environment.

Caring means listening deeply, understanding your needs - now and in the future, developing solutions and products to meet those needs, and always delivering value to to you in your daily lives.


Asaleo Care has substantial hygiene product manufacturing and distribution operations in Australasia, and is committed to being a sustainable business.

Asaleo Care strives to offer environmentally sound products and services, capable of continuously meeting customers' and consumers' needs with respect to functionality, economy, safety and environmental impact. It places firm emphasis on the renewability and recyclability of the raw materials it uses in the manufacture of its products.

Policy Statements
  • Asaleo Care shall conduct its activities in accordance with the highest standards of corporate best practice. It shall be in full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and other requirements to which Asaleo Care subscribes in relation to its environmental aspects.
  • Asaleo Care is committed to transparency and open communication about its environmental and social practices, and demands the same from its suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Asaleo Care uses a recognised Environmental Management System, and continuously reviews and challenges its objectives and targets to improve performance and reduce its impact on the environment. The Company is committed to preventing pollution.
  • Asaleo Care aims to provide a non-discriminatory working environment for its employees, and abides by national laws and collective agreements.




Sorbent is one of Australia's best-known andloved brands, offering a range of quality toilet and facial tissues. Launched in 1952, Sorbent is a proudly Australian brand that most consumers have grown up with.

Sorbent's toilet tissue is an extra thick 2 ply, giving softness and strength that is hard to beat, available in standard and long rolls; as well as a hypo-allergenic range for sensitive skin.

Sorbent's facial tissue is a premium soft tissue available in soft white, Velvet shea butter, thick and large, aloe vera, eucalyptus and hypoallergenic. Sorbent's boxes are designed to look great in your home.



Libra offers a wide selection of products to meet the intimate hygiene needs of women. Libra's products feature superior designs, allowing women as little disruption to life as possible. Libra offers a range of pads, tampons and liners that bring comfort and security for women when it is most needed.



Tena is the world-wide leader in incontinence products. For over 40 years they have been at the forefront of developing products to meet the needs of individuals, carers and healthcare services.

It's all about care…

Bladder weakness, or incontinence, is surprisingly common. 1 in 3 women experience some type of bladder weakness during their life and up to 1 in 10 men. It may not be an especially serious medical condition in and of itself, but the impact it has on everyday life can be profound. The ever-present fear of 'an accident' can make many of the things we take for granted - shopping, exercising, even lifting your child for a hug - seem daunting.



Tork is the number one global brand in workplace hygiene. From paper towels in hospital washrooms to napkin dispensers in restaurant dining rooms, Tork delivers a great experience for the user and a convenient experience for the buyer. As one of SCA's global brands, which is sold under licence by Asaleo Care throughout Australasia, they are dedicated to serving Their customers' needs in a sustainable way.



Handee paper towel has a long history in Australia and New Zealand, and has grown to become a market leader among consumers. Its combination of strength, thickness and absorbency in an attractive two-ply quilted weave makes it the versatile choice for a range of jobs around the home.



Treasures has been providing Kiwi mums and dads with New Zealand-made nappies for over 30 years. And they are delighted to announce that in 2014, Australians can also purchase Treasures products in IGA stores across the country. Treasures understands the need for a nappy that is not only absorbent with excellent leakage protection, but also ultra-soft and comfortable on your baby's sensitive skin. Treasures nappies feature multi-layer protection with a unique quick absorb layer to draw wetness away from baby's skin and a super-absorbent nappy core that locks wetness away, keeping little ones dry and comfortable.



Purex is a trusted brand of toilet paper in Australia and New Zealand. It is one of New Zealand's market-leading bathroom tissue brands, having provided families with great value for many generations. By embossing together two layers of quality tissue, Purex delivers softness and strength for the family when it is needed most.



Deeko is Australia and New Zealand's leading branded tableware player, offering a wide selection of disposable products for every day, entertaining and seasonal needs. The Deeko range of serviettes, plates, cups, cutlery and straws is fully colour-coordinated to create attractive settings with ease and convenience.



Within Fiji, Orchid is a renowned and trusted name for quality hygiene products that are essential for everyday life. Orchid offers a wide range of products including toilet tissue, facial tissue, serviettes, garbage bags and kitchen towels.



Viti, the local name for Fiji, is a well-established brand, offering value and economy in Toilet Tissue. Viti toilet tissue has been enjoyed by consumers for over 50 years.

Contact Info

Asaleo Care Limited

19 Alisa Street
Box Hill, VIC
AU Australia, 3125

Phone: +61 3 9258 0555
Fax: +61 3 9258 0607

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Asaleo Care Limited Google Map
Asaleo Care Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 2 8280 7100
Fax: N/A

Level 12
680 George Street
Sydney, NSW
AU Australia, 2000

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