Asciano Limited (AIO) has been delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Asciano Limited (AIO)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Asciano

What Asciano can do for you

We bring together people, technology and ideas to ensure the seamless delivery of products throughout our region.

We have 10,000 highly skilled people in teams across Pacific National, Patrick, Patrick Autocare, C3 Limited and Mountain Industries who are all striving to deliver better and better outcomes for our customers.

We bring together the capabilities of our port, rail and strategic planning experts so we can deliver smarter, more agile answers to the challenges your business is facing. Every day we're tailoring solutions for businesses just like yours.


Asciano’s sustainability approach is governed by our Sustainability Policy, which outlines our commitment to sustainable business practices. It also addresses those issues that are of most importance to our internal and external stakeholders and provides our Board, management and employees with a clear articulation of what sustainability means for Asciano.

Asciano Marketplace

Responsible Business Practices

  • Provide excellent service to our customers
  • Work in partnership with our customers for mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Maintain the highest corporate governance and ethical standards
  • Maintain transparent communication and engagement with our stakeholders
  • Make a valuable contribution to the Australian and New Zealand economies


Asciano was first listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 6 June, 2007 but their history goes back much further than that. They were born out of organisations that have their own rich history including Pacific National, National Rail, Patrick Corporation and Strang Stevedoring.

In more recent years C3 Limited and Mountain Industries have added significant capabilities to their vast regional footprint.

Asciano have a rich history, and their future is only just beginning.

Key Milestones


Merges Pacific National Rail and Pacific National Coal into one division


Asciano CEO announces that their statuary net profit after tax is up 41.2%, and that their business now features almost 10,000 people working in teams throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Acquires Newcastle based integrated logistics solutions provider, Mountain Industries.


Asciano buys C3 Limited to add forestry services and port capabilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Acquires additional 20% stake in Port of Geelong taking investment to 50%.


Asciano Group becomes Asciano Limited.


Asciano signs coal haulage contracts with Rio Tinto Coal Australia and Xstrata Coal.


Asciano builds a transport infrastructure portfolio that includes Pacific National and the Patrick container ports, port operations and stevedoring capabilities.


Toll acquires Patrick and gains container terminal operations, PortLink, port services and steverdoring operations. Toll now wholly owns Pacific National.

Toll restructures the group into two ASX listed companies: Toll and Asciano.


Pacific National is formed. The joint venture between Toll and Patrick grows from Toll's acquisition of the National Rail Corporation and FreightCorp. Toll acquires BHP Stevedoring in Port Kembla and Western Port and New Zealand ports Tauranga, Napier and Lyttelton.


Toll acquires Strang Stevedoring to offer services in Portland, Melbourne and Newcastle.


Toll buys operating rights to the Port of Geelong and acquires TNT Australia rail and other transport assets.


TNT rail is established.


Asciano Services

Business Partnerships and Supply Chain Management

When there's a new market or partnership in your sights, they will get you there. At Asciano they see logistics as your strategic asset and our network as the foundation for building opportunities. They've got a range of solutions that they can adapt to the particular needs of your organisation so they can help you unlock your full potential.

Patrick Services


For over 50 years they have continued to set the pace in Australia with their integrated service offering of processing, storage and distribution of motor vehicles.

Driven by uncompromising quality, safety and customer service standards, they deliver where, when and how it suits for their customers.

With certification to ISO9001 (Quality), ISO18001 (Safety) and ISO14001 (Environment) standards, as well as transparent and seamless collaboration between a range of Asciano's services, we continue to be the pioneer in providing safer, more efficient solutions.

Bulk Solutions

Asciano handle over 150 million tonnes of bulk products every year. They operate through 40 sites across Australia and New Zealand, with a national road and rail footprint. They have the assets, skills and capacity to service your business.

Their flexible, outcome driven approach ensures you have access to the best operating solution for each component of your supply chain. They are your partner in implementing the best possible bulk handling solution for your business.

Container Terminals

Asciano are the largest stevedore of containerised cargo entering or leaving Australia. Their Container Terminals are the critical entry and exit points to their extensive network of container management services.

They have the capacity to handle 3.9 million TEUs annually. With 26 quay-cranes around the coast of Australia they optimise their operations so that their shipping line customers get efficient movement of goods and optimal national services across their 3578m of quayline around the Australian coast.


The need for innovation never stops. Global demand for forestry products keeps evolving, so there's always need for innovation. They work in close partnership with their clients, to ensure that's exactly what they deliver. Aside from logs and wood chip, they handle 3.5 million tonnes of forestry products every year, from medium density fibreboard to dressed timber. They have specialist warehouses and equipment, decades of experience, and a commitment to keep doing things even better.

In 2012, forestry specialist and New Zealand's leading provider of product handling solutions, C3 Limited, joined the Asciano Group of companies as part of Patrick.

General Stevedoring

They've seen a lot of different cargoes in their time. That's why, when it comes to your complex, large, hazardous (or simple) stevedoring needs there'll be an expert on hand ready with the right solution.

Using specialised equipment and experienced teams in 40 locations, their stevedoring services are where you need them and, when it's time to grow into a new region, they will be there with you.

C3 Limited Services

Information Management ystems

C3 develops and operates cutting-edge technology. On arrival to the port, their specialists scale every log according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard, or JAS. This scanned detail is entered into the Jade Master Terminal, or JMT, an integrated terminal system that tracks individual logs across the port, to the ship, and onwards to the world.

They designed, built and manage C3 SLIM (Simple Log Inventory Management), which hooks onto JMT to give you secure 24/7 online access to your log and consignment reporting. Similarly, they developed C3 TRACK, for non-log export products. C3 TRACK follows products from receipt by C3, through storage and containerisation, and into vessels. Like C3 SLIM, C3 TRACK gives you secure 24/7 online access to reporting.

Logistics Solutions

They can analyse each point of your logistics supply chain to find opportunities for efficiency and our experienced team members can build a precise picture of your business.

From there they will use their equipment, labour and facilities to deliver a logistics service that can reduce costs and improve performance.

Oil & Gas

They are the safe pair of hands you can trust to support your business. Moving your high value equipment, parts and resources into place in a precise timeframe isn't for the inexperienced. When you need confidence in your team and a steady hand to manage materials through all phases of exploration, drilling and production, Patrick is ready.

Port Management

Patrick and Asciano have a proven track record as operator and owner of bulk and general ports and supporting infrastructure. Asciano pride themeslves on their ability to develop tailored commercial structures that allow sustainable, long term partnering relationships with their customers.

Project Cargo

If it's construction cargoes on major infrastructure project or high-value wind turbine components, their experienced team has done it before. They can work alongside you to get your valuable goods from wharf to warehouse and beyond. Our tailored service matches expertise and equipment to your simple, complex and varied cargoes. No matter how high and heavy Patrick has the skills, knowledge, equipment and track record to safely deliver your most valuable cargo.

Technology & Engineering

Patrick's Technology & Engineering Team includes subject matter experts and thought leaders developing innovative solutions to Patrick’s most significant challenges. We offer world-class strategic planning, advisory and major project delivery focused around technology and innovation.

The team looks at the complete technology suite to develop the best solution for each challenge, from IT systems through to engineering controls. All of this is done with a view to automation and optimisation to ensure the most efficient and appropriate solutions are deployed.


Security, safety, size. And speed. C3 offers you access to covered, secure (including bio-secure) warehousing and storage facilities for break bulk cargo, steel products, forestry products, and more. Asciano operate specialised loading and unloading equipment, and their information management systems track your products and facilitate efficiency and speed. Our warehousing staff are dedicated professionals who know how to maximise warehouse capacity. They're ready to work with you to develop the best warehousing or storage solution … as soon as you need it.

Pacific National Services

Bulk Haulage

When your bulk is heavy, needs extra security or has a long way to go, putting it on rails makes sense. It’s the predictable method of logistics that leaves you with more energy to spend on the resource and customer ends of your supply chain. Our team of industry experts can work alongside you to ensure your individual bulk haulage needs are met.


With nearly 6,000 specialised coal wagons, 600 locomotives and 10,000 people in teams throughout Australia, we can help unlock the potential in your coal business. When your business needs connections beyond rail, Pacific National’s extended ports and haulage network make it easy to integrate your whole supply chain.


The intermodal arm of our business is comprised of interstate container freight, interstate break bulk freight (steel), and hook and pull services for passenger trains.


Calling something predictable is rarely a compliment but when it comes to steel freight, it’s how we like to be known. Working on a precise schedule in secure, lossless containers, our steel distribution services keep everything on track and on time.

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