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Alexium International Group Limited (AJX)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Alexium International Group Limited

AJXAlexium's core business is developing leading-edge chemical solutions and rapidly deploying them in the commercial sector.

Alexium has operating locations in Australia, the United States, and Europe and is listed on the ASX (AX:AJX), US (OTC QX: AXXIY), and Frankfurt (E7T.F) stock exchanges.

They are committed to the rapid development of safe, leading-edge solutions – launching value-added products to markets with commercial partners, and building long-term value for their shareholders. In addition to developing stand-alone specialty chemical solutions, Alexium is able to combine novel chemistry in patented Reactive Surface Treatment (RST) technology, which combines chemistry with microwave curing. Alexium won the "World's Best Technology" award in 2009.

The company's focus is on developing solutions for customers in large markets, including:

  • Eco-friendly Flame Retardant (FR) Treatments on Synthetic Fabrics
  • Development of FR Polymer Additives for Non-textile Applications
  • Smart Surface Treatments for High Performance Materials
  • Multi-functional Treatments for Military Applications

Environmental Commitment

Alexium is an environmentally conscious company committed to offering safe chemical solutions that reduce energy consumption and minimize waste. They are committed to environmental sustainability and have designed their chemistries and processes to be environmentally friendly.

Alexium view the trend for more environmentally friendly alternatives as a challenge as well as opportunity to enter the market place with a new product. Their goal is to anticipate and lead the world in providing improved solutions. In the areas of environmental, health, safety, and quality, they aim higher than just compliance with the currently acceptable market standard – their goal is to set a new industry standard in every category.

Alexium’s History

Alexium was established to exploit technology supported by a strategic relationship with the US Department of Defense. Alexium’s Reactive Surface Treatment (RST) platform technology was originally invented by the US Air Force in response to threats from chemical and biological warfare agents. Leveraging approximately $30 million invested by the military to develop the technology, Alexium acquired the RST process in order to deliver solutions for both military and commercial customers.

Alexium established a number of commercial/technical partnerships and successfully demonstrated RST technology on a number of applications and booked sales for initial demonstration projects – primarily related to chemical/ biological protection for the military. A number of these military programs remain active today.

After listing on the ASX in 2010, Alexium began building a world-class team of experienced business professionals, engineers, scientists and technical consultants in three global locations. In addition to the corporate head office in Perth, Australia, Alexium maintains a 11,000 square-foot operations headquarters, which includes limited production facilities, offices, and R&D laboratories near Greenville, South Carolina, and a sales office in Europe.

Since then, Alexium’s technology has evolved and advanced in a number of markets. In 2012, after announcing that it will focus on developing Flame Retardant (FR) solutions, Alexium began a global commercial roll-out of its FR treatments.


Flame Retardant Chemistry

Workwear & Military Fabric Market

Durable FR treatments of roll fabrics containing synthetic and cotton fibers. Nycolon™ and Nuvalon™ are formulated to act as a flame retardant treatment on fabric blends with up to 65% synthetic content. Alexium's FR treatments are applied to be home and industrially launderable, and last the life of the garment. Treatments for the military and workwear market require a pre-treatment with an FR cotton treatment process.

Ascalon™ is a treatment developed for 100% synthetic fabrics. The treatment is exclusively licensed to Duro Textiles in North America and is anticipated to launch globally in August of 2014.

Transportation, Furniture, Upholstery & Contract Fabric Market

Alexium offers a number of standard, durable FR treatments of fabrics used in upholstery, furnishing, transportation and contract markets (non-apparel), as well as custom blends to customer specifications. FR treatments can also be used in carpet, mattresses, and certain non-textile applications. These treatments are single-pass treatments that do not require any pre-treatment steps.

Polytron™ is a very durable treatment formulated for a broader range of synthetic-cellulosic blends. Polytron™ and Omnitron™ are both applied via pad/mangle (impregnation). Bactron™ is applied as a collapsible or stable back coating for one-sided applications.

Low Temperature Curing

A key advantage is Alexium's ability to formulate specialty chemical treatments and apply durable coatings in microwave ovens. Microwave energy, applied continuous or batch process mode, allows for coating cures on heat sensitive substrates, such as polyolefins, which can be easily damaged using conventional heat curing methods. Microwave curing is not a "line of sight" process; it exhibits a high penetration depth and operates under atmospheric conditions.

Alexium operates batch and continuous mode microwave ovens on the industrial scale. Curing times depend on the microwave absorptivity characteristics of the chemistry and substrate and the amount of chemistry applied.

The process can easily be scaled to meet the customer's production speed, and, due to its compact footprint and ease of operation, can be integrated into existing customer production lines without major retrofits.

Smart Surface Treatment

In many cases, Alexium's specialty chemical formulations can be combined with a "cold" microwave curing process to direct a precursor's polymerization onto a substrate's surface. Based on the precursor's chemistry, the substrate's material properties, and the solution used to mix these, the resulting nanoscopic coating may chemically bond to the substrate or simply form an intractable coating at the substrate surface. This flexibility allows a wide range of materials to be treated — many of which cannot be functionalized with a durable coating via other methods.

The ability to incorporate multiple functional treatments into a single coating and including functional particles is a unique benefit. Beyond replacing existing material treatments, Alexium has opened the door for a new generation of smart materials, including producing oil/water repellent aramids and treating filer media.

Bottom line: Using off-the-shelf chemicals and environmentally friendly solutions, their chemical solutions deliver performance treatments in a smarter, more precise and cost-efficient manner.

Hybrid Nano-Composites and Polymers

Alexium's technology couples unique thermal processing with organic/inorganic hybrid materials to provide innovative products. These products integrate the physiochemical properties of these materials to afford wholly new characteristics. This approach has been applied to a range of applications including nanoscopic coatings for repellent surfaces, novel flame retardant chemistries, and chemical treatments for heat-sensitive materials. Alexium is always working to expand its research portfolio and to work with other companies to leverage its chemistries for other applications.

Cleanshell Repellency® Treatments

Responding to specific military and first responder needs, Alexium developed the Cleanshell® chemistry to offer a new generation of liquid repellency protection in chemical and biological threat scenarios.

Cleanshell® CB is an advanced repellency treatment, optimized for chemical and biological protection. Cleanshell® CB has been optimized to provide excellent water and oil repellency, but has also dramatically increased the repellency of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) simulants. Cleanshell® CB offers days of protection versus minutes for conventional fluorocarbon repellency finishes.

Cleanshell® CB is an advanced repellency treatment, optimized for chemical and biological protection. Cleanshell® CB has been optimized to provide excellent water and oil repellency, but has also dramatically increased the repellency of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) simulants. Cleanshell® CB offers days of protection versus minutes for conventional fluorocarbon repellency finishes.

Alexium's Cleanshell® treatment is an environmentally friendly "PFO and PFOA-free" C6 repellency treatment and has been demonstrated on a number of materials, including ballistic protection fabrics.

Contact Info

Alexium International Group Limited

Suite 4
3 Brixton Street
Cottesloe, WA
AU Australia, 6011

Phone: +61 8 9384 3160
Fax: +61 8 6314 1623

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Alexium International Group Limited Google Map
Alexium International Group Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 3 9415 5000
Fax: +61 3 9473 2500

452 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, VIC
AU Australia, 3067

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