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Aquaint Capital Holdings Limited (AQU)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Aquaint Capital

Aquaint Capital is a leading global investment management firm with particular expertise in property related investment strategies. Aquaint Capital traces its roots to a coaching and seminar business, providing financial information to people who attended their seminars to enable them to make better financial decisions. Since inception, the coaching and investment club has grown to over 4,000 Seminar Members, being people who attend investment seminars or attend workshops. These seminars evolved over time into a business whereby they provided seminar members with not just information but also highlighted investment opportunities. They have expanded their capabilities to include complementary investment businesses that build on their knowledge, relationships, and strengths to provide enhanced value to their investors and other key stakeholders.

Aquaint Capital invests its own capital in their investment strategies in addition to offering investment products to its clients based around the same strategies.

As their investment activities have grown, they have continued to allocate significant resources to our internal systems and operations in order to target new opportunities while ensuring they continue to serve their investors. Aquaint Capital pay careful attention to their ability to attract and retain talent as they seek to build an enduring institution. The next step in their evolution occurred recently, in 2013, when they became a publicly traded company in Australia with shares listed on the ASX under the ticker symbol AQU.


Aquaint Capital is a global asset manager and investor focused on property related investments. As investors, they think long-term, pursue the highest standards of excellence and have generated strong returns for their investors across various geographical regions.

Aquaint Capital have applied to have their common stock listed on the ASX under the ticker AQU.


Aquaint Capital strives for the highest level of corporate responsibility in all of their business activities. Everything Aquaint Capital do is built on a commitment to do the right thing for their investors, their people and their community. Their mission and their values guide the way they do business. Strong ethics and integrity are at the core of how they operate. Aquaint Capital emphasize teamwork and seek to maintain a collaborative and cooperative culture which assists them in creating value for their investors, their employees, their shareholders and their communities.



Aquaint Capital's approach to real estate investing is grounded in their deep knowledge of property coupled with a long-term value creation philosophy and opportunistic approach. Their goal is invest in high quality assets at an attractive valuation and add value through active asset management. At the heart of their operations is a strong commitment to excellence in investing, commonality of interests with clients, a collaborative and cooperative culture, and a controlled approach to the growth of their business.

Real Estate Debt Strategy

Aquaint Capital's real estate debt strategy seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns and produce current income by investing in debt that is adequately secured by underlying real estate. The strategy specialises in debt-driven opportunities globally which enables Aquaint Capital to pursue a wide range of opportunistic investments, including debt secured by commercial and residential mortgages in a range of countries globally.

Aquaint Capital's approach adheres to Aquaint Capital's investment philosophy of prudent risk control and diligent analysis. When considering potential investment opportunities their research and investment process includes working with an established network of high-quality partners in undertaking their due diligence.

Property Investments

Aquaint Capital seeks to pursue a wide range of global property investment opportunities, including direct property investments, commercial property, hotels, multi-family and developable residential land asset classes. Aquaint Capital owns, manages and develops properties across Asia, Europe and America. The group will also occasionally pursue property development opportunities with aligned, high-quality partners.

Aquaint Capital's opportunistic and disciplined approach to investing has been successful since their inception. Having transacted over $360m of equity capital into real estate transactions, they have a significant track record of delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns from these investments. Aquaint Capital's opportunistic approach capitalises on their team's extensive investment experience and global viewpoint.

Asset Management

Aquaint Capital's offer a range of investment products to assist their clients in growing their wealth. Their products are based around their investment strategies and share the following features:

  • A high conviction that the investment opportunity can be exploited in a limited-risk fashion
  • The return profile of the investment is attractive
  • An investment team that can ensure the successful delivery of the targeted investment results

Risk Management

Key to achieving their goal of not simply superior investment performance but rather superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk, is carefully managed risk management controls. Accordingly, avoiding investments with a high chance of loss is a primary concern. Aquaint Capital strongly believe that it is vastly more important to avoid mistakes than to attempt to capture every opportunity. With this in mind, they ask three key questions when evaluating a potential investment opportunity:

  • What is the risk profile of the investments and how can the downside be lessened? They generally require direct access to the property (either by holding the title to the property or by having first mortgage over the property) whose open market value is much greater than the invested amount.
  • Can they add value? This may be as simple as enjoying very good discounts on bulk buying of development plans to as complex as navigating the labyrinth of bureaucracy or negotiating with multiple parties.
  • How will they exit the investment and in what timeframe.

Contact Info

Aquaint Capital Holdings Limited

Level 19
1 O'Connell Street
Sydney, NSW
AU Australia, 2000

Phone: +61 2 8249 1904

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Aquaint Capital Holdings Limited Google Map
Aquaint Capital Holdings Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Boardroom Pty Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 2 9290 9600
Fax: +61 2 9279 0664

Level 12
225 George Street
Sydney, NSW
AU Australia, 2000

Important Information

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