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Cauldron Energy Limited (CXU)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).



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General Overview

About Cauldron Energy

Cauldron Energy Limited is the product of the merger between Scimitar Resources Limited and Jackson Minerals Limited - two Australian exploration juniors with highly complementary exploration profiles. The result is a larger, more progressive resource company with an increased global presence and asset base, well positioned to take advantage of the financial markets in Australia, Asia and North America. The Company controls an impressive suite of uranium projects that are diversified in terms of stage of development and location.

The Company currently has a portfolio of active uranium projects in Australia and Argentina, and a view to creating opportunities for world-class mineral discoveries. Continued project generation is a core activity for Cauldron, and the Company is currently evaluating a number of Australian and international opportunities.

Key current Cauldron uranium projects include:

  • $6.2 M Marree JV with Korean consortium KORES, located in South Australia.
  • The highly prospective sandstone-hosted uranium Yanrey project located in Western Australia
  • The high-grade uranium-copper-silver Rio Colorado Project in the Catamarca Province of Argentina.


Projects Overview

  • Rio Colorado Uranium-Copper-Silver Project, Catamarca, Argentina (92.5%)

Substantial deposit outcropping for 17km, containing numerous small scale workings completed by the Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA) in the 1950's and 1960's.

  • Las Marias Uranium Project, San Juan, Argentina (100%)

Outcropping uranium-rich sandstones with over 7km of strike. Initial investigations by the Company, indicates an average outcropping uranium anomalism of between 100 to 550 ppm U3O8 up to 3 metres in width, with samples peaking at 1,305 ppm U3O8.

  • Yanrey Project, Western Australia (100%)

Advanced exploration project at the Bennet Well Deposit with total inferred and indicated JORC compliant resource of 15.7 million pounds of eU3O8 at 270 ppm, with a 150 ppm cut-off.

  • Marree Uranium Project, South Australia (60% increasing)

$6.2 M farm-in and JV with Korean consortium; comprising four exploration licenses covering 2,575 km2 in the Eromanga Basin adjacent to the uranium-rich Mount Babbage Inlier.

Rio Colorado Uranium Copper Silver Project

The Rio Colorado project is located in the Tinogasta region of the Catamarca and La Rioja provinces in Argentina. It covers an area of 762 km2 and contains outcropping mineralised (uranium, copper and silver) Red-Bed sediments identified and explored by the National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA-Argentina) in the 1950's and 1960's.

Cauldron Energy has signed an exclusive option agreement through its wholly owned subsidiary Jackson Global Limited with a private party (Dr Horacio Solis), to earn 92.5 percent in 230 km2 of the Rio Colorado uranium project in Argentina. The remainder of the project (532 km2) is held by Jackson Global Limited in the name of a related entity. Together, both areas will form the Rio Colorado Joint Venture.

Cauldron will earn its Initial Interest (51%) in the project by completing a minimum work programme, including 3,000 metres of drilling.

The Company can earn 92.5 percent of the project by completing exploration expenditure of $500,000 within three years following earning the Initial Interest.

Highlights of the project include:-

  • A 16 km zone of intermittently outcropping mineralised sediments with surface sampling and mapping indicating widths of between 10 to 20 metres in one zone.
  • Where sampled, these sediments include better zones of between 300 and 3,000 ppm U3O8 over widths of up to 10.7 metres. Adjacent to these high-grade areas the background anomalism averages 90 ppm U3O8.
  • Recent due diligence sampling by Jackson has produced results up to 2,451 ppm U3O8 (5.4 lbs/t U3O8) which support historical selective bulk sampling (2,900 ppm U3O8) documented by the CNEA.
  • The copper and silver mineralisation has a similar spatial distribution to the uranium, but is focussed into narrower bed parallel zones. Recent sampling has identified copper mineralisation up to widths of approximately three metres; however for the most part the copper mineralisation noted is within horizons of less than one metre in thickness. Assays of up to 3.73% copper and 17 ounces silver for these zones, are indicative of the better mineralisation sampled to date.
  • Untested radiometric anomalies in recent un-consolidated fluvial sediments, derived in part from the mineralised hard-rock environment described above, provide scope for the exploration of Unconformity or Roll-front uranium deposits. This style of uranium mineralisation has not previously been explored for in the region.
  • Untested radiometric anomalies in meta-sedimentary and granitic basement, have a similar geological setting to CNEA's Las Termas uranium deposit (reportedly 0.1-9.2 % U3O8), located 50 kilometres along geological trends to the north.

Las Marias Uranium Project

As testament to the potential of this project, a 7km unit of outcropping uranium rich sandstones, including visible uranium oxide minerals, has been identified using hand-held geophusical equipment. Scintillometre readings of the leached surface material indicate a range typically between 100 to 550 ppme U3O8, with a maximum reading of 1,300 ppme U3O8.

This project was explored by the Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA) in the 1970's. Priority exploration targets exist under cover, along extensions of the outcropping mineralisation.

This project is currently under application, with the first exploration lease expected to be granted early in the new year.

Yanrey Uranium Project, WA (100%)

CXUThe Yanrey Project is located approximately 85 kilometres south of Onslow in the northwest of Western Australia (see project location map). Access is granted via the Great Northern highway and along the Twitchen road to Onslow. The project covers 1,930 km2 of Mesozoic sediments highly prospective for sandstone hosted uranium mineralisation, amenable to In-situ Recovery (ISR) mining, similar to Paladin Resources Ltd's adjoining Manyingee deposit. The Manyingee uranium deposit, which has a published indicated resource of 8,080 tonnes U3O8 at 1,000ppm U3O8 (approximately 17.8 million pounds U3O8) and an inferred resource of 2,810 tonnes U3O8 at 500ppm U3O8 (approximately 6.2 million pounds U3O8) was successfully field trialled by ISR mining during the 1980's.

  • The company has a JORC code resource of 4.85 million pounds of eU3O8 at 300 ppm eU3O8.
  • Atomic Resources JV added targets at Barradale, Ballard's North and South channels.
  • Additional drill targets defined by EM surveys including a new palaeochannel
  • Drilling conducted in late 2008 extended mineralisation to the north east of Bennet Well.
  • The Western Australian State Government has a pro-uranium mining policy which enhances the value of Cauldron's WA uranium assets.
Bennet Well Resource

Cauldron has successfully completed six drilling programs during the past three years. The initial drill program in 2006 targeted Bennet Well and produced encouraging results of 1.7m at 318.4 ppm eU3O8, 2.6 m at 465.4 eU3O8. Subsequent programs continued to produce excellent results, including 3.2m at 600 ppm eU3O8, 2.95m at 508 ppm eU3O8 ,3.6m at 967 eU3O8 1.8m at 1158 3.8m at 1309 ppm eU3O8. The company has completed 289 drill holes over 30,000 metres culminating in an inferred resource at the Bennet Well Deposit.

The resource was calculated by Hellman & Schofield Pty Ltd after the company completed drill programs late in 2007. The results defined an inferred resource of 4.8 million pounds of eU3O8 at a grade of 300 ppm eU3O8 using a cut off grade of 150 ppm. Drilling for the resource calculation comprised of 174 air core, 8 diamond and 8 mud rotary holes for a total of 19,200 metres spread covering an area of 1.2 km2.

Current Exploration

Drilling late in 2008 included exploration in a new palaeochannel outlined by EM surveys flown by the company. The results of five holes drilled near the edge of the channel were very encouraging ,and further drilling is planned for 2009. A new area of significant mineralisation, north east of the Bennet Well Deposit, has also been defined by drilling in 2008 on a 400 X 200 drilling pattern.

Cauldron has increased the project area by 440 km2 to 1,930 km2 by entering into a JV agreement with Atomic Resources. Cauldron has the right to earn 70% of the Uranium rights by spending $500,000 over three years.

The JVA licences cover a number of palaeochannels that are highly prospective for uranium mineralisation, including the North and South Ballard Channels and the Barradale Channel, which is 4km wide and up to 8km long within the licence area. Broadly spaced exploration drilling conducted by CRA Exploration during the 1970s returned a number of significant results from these channels including 3.7m at 1100 ppm eU3O8, 1.3m at 580 ppm eU3O8, 2.0m at 700 ppm eU3O8 and 1.7m at 290 ppm eU3O8. Electromagnetic surveys are planned for this area in the second half of 2009.

In addition to the Bennet Well resource the project has several robust targets that will need further investigation over the coming years.

The company is well placed to advance the Yanrey project due to the change in government policy on uranium mining in Western Australia and the close proximity to Paladin's Manyingee Project.

ISL Mining

ISL mining involves the extraction of uranium by solution. The method has been used to extract uranium in a number of countries overseas since the 1970's and has been approved for use at two locations in South Australia, namely the Beverley mine, which commenced operation in 2000, and the Honeymoon deposit. ISL mining uses a weak chemically treated water solution injected into the mineralised rock to oxidise the uranium minerals into solution. The mineralized solution is then pumped back to the surface and the uranium is extracted using conventional uranium processing technology.

Marree Project, SA

CXUThe Marree Uranium Project, located 550 km north of Adelaide, comprises four granted Exploration Licences 3389, 3390, 3510 and 3557, and one license application covering 2,571 km in the Eromanga Basin, adjacent to the uranium-rich Mount Babbage Inlier.

The project area includes the Tertiary Eyre and Namba Formations, host to several sedimentary roll-front uranium occurrences including the Beverley and Honeymoon Well uranium deposits, and the recently discovered high grade uranium mineralisation at Beverley Four Mile.

  • Farm in and JV agreement signed with Korean Consortium.
  • First Korean government investment in an Australian uranium project.
  • Korean consortium: government-owned Korea Resources Corporation with Daewoo and LG International.
  • $6.2 million over three years, to fund exploration at Marree.
  • Mud rotary drilling program completed in August 2008: 19 holes for 2,486m.

On the 20th of October 2008 Scimitar entered into a Farm-In and Joint Venture Agreement with a Korean Consortium to jointly explore, drill and develop the Marree Uranium Project.

The Korean Consortium will be KORES Australia Marree Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Korea Resources Corporation), Daewoo International Australia Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Daewoo International Corporation) and Resources Investments (Marree) Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of LG International Corporation).

Under the agreement, the Korean Participants are entitled to earn up to an aggregate 50% interest in the joint venture by funding AUD$6,200,000 in expenditure on the Tenements within three years.

The South Korean government expects domestic demand for uranium will increase in the coming years. South Korea has 20 operational reactors and relies on atomic energy to generate 36 per cent of its electrical power. Seoul hopes to raise the figure to 59 per cent by 2030.

Scimitar has been appointed as manager of the Marree Project JV and will conduct exploration activities in accordance with the directions of a management committee comprising of representatives from each party.

Current Exploration

In August 2008, Cauldron completed a mud rotary drilling program at the Marree Project. The drilling program comprised 19 holes for 2,486 metres targeting Eyre and Namba Fm sands that are in contact with a basement fault system in the south eastern part of EL 3389. The program covered approximately 7km strike length of an interpreted sand sequence that deepens to the north adjacent to an east dipping basement fault structure associated with basement sourcing artesian springs.

The broadly spaced drilling on 800x1200m spacing intersected anomalous uranium in holes MAMR001, MAMR002 and MAMR006, including 1.75m at 51ppm eU3O8 within a weakly oxidised package of mudstone interbedded with gravels and sands below a lignitic horizon in MAMR002. Significant thicknesses of anomalous uranium up to 10x background were intersected over four kilometres.

The typical geology intersected by drilling comprises thin Quaternary alluvial-colluvial sediments, overlying 30-50m of oxidised and reduced clays and sandy clays of interpreted Namba Formation. Below this, 30-60m of variably oxidised and reduced lignitic quartz sands, gravels, mudstones and lignitic muds of the interpreted Eyre Formation were intersected, overlying the marine sediments of the Cretaceous Marree Subgroup.

Drilling results further strengthen the interpretation that uranium enriched oxidising ground waters are being sourced from the Mt Babbage Inlier to the south and that anomalous uranium has been deposited at redox boundaries associated with lignitic muds, sand and gravels as indicated by uranium intersections in MAMR002.

This new prospect area remains open and untested to the east and south east and establishes a significant uranium target for Palaeochannel style mineralisation. Analysis and interpretation of the drilling results will assist in identifying and prioritising further targets which will be the focus of future drilling programs within the Marree Project.

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CAGR Free Operating Cash Flow Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization Tangible Book Value Total Debt
5 Year CAGR {{ratios.Growth.FOCF_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TanBV_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.STLD_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Interim CAGR - {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_TTMY5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Forecast Ratios

Projected Sales ProjSalesH ProjSalesL ProjSalesNumOfEst ProjSalesPS
{{forecasts.ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjSalesQ ProjSalesQH ProjSalesQL ProjSalesQNumOfEst Price2ProjSales
{{forecasts.ProjSalesQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.Price2ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPS ProjEPSHigh ProjEPSLow ProjEPSNumOfEst ProjEPSQ
{{forecasts.ProjEPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPSQH ProjEPSQL ProjEPSQNumOfEst ProjPE ProjLTGrowthRate
{{forecasts.ProjEPSQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjPE | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjLTGrowthRate | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
TargetPrice EPSActual EPSPrev EPSSurprise EPSSurprisePrc
{{forecasts.TargetPrice | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSActual | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrev | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprise | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprisePrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
EPSActualQ EPSPrevQ EPSSurpriseQ EPSSurpriseQPrc
{{forecasts.EPSActualQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrevQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQPrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjProfit ProjProfitH ProjProfitL ProjProfitNumOfEst
{{forecasts.ProjProfit | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
{{forecasts.ProjDPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Reports

Financial Summary

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value != ''? generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value: 'No Financial Summary Found.'}}

Accounting Notes
Fiscal Year Ends Most Recent Quarter Transfer agent Auditor Shariah Compliant

{{generalInfo.CompanyGeneralInfo.TotalSharesOut.Data | date:'dd/MM/yyyy' }}


- - {{generalInfo.Auditor && generalInfo.Auditor != ''? generalInfo.Auditor : '-'}}
Fiscal Period
Period End Date:
Period Length
Ratios Value
Analyst Footnotes

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value != '' ? generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value : 'No Analyst Footnotes Found.'}}

Directors, Officers & Company Executives

Start Date End Date
{{personobject.PersonInformation.Name.Info| getDirectorFullNameIncludingPrefix}}
{{persontitlesobject.Value}}, {{persontitles.Start.Day}}-{{persontitles.Start.Month}}-{{persontitles.Start.Year}} {{persontitles.End.Day}}-{{persontitles.End.Month}}-{{persontitles.End.Year}}
No Directors, Officers & Company Executives Information Found.

Recommendation Statistics

No Recommendation Statistics

Recommendation Statistics
Recommendation Number Of Analysts
Sell Reduce Hold Buy Strong Buy {{stats.NumberOfAnalysts}}
I/B/E/S Mean
{{verdict[meanmarker]}} {{analystvotes}} Analysts Mean recommendation from all analysts covering the company on a standardized 5-point scale.
  • Sell
  • Reduce
  • Hold
  • Buy
  • Strong Buy

Past Broker Recommendations

No Past Recommendations

Past Broker Recommendations
  Sell Underperform Hold Buy Strong Buy Total
{{snapshots.Age === 1 ? "1 Week Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 2 ? "30 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 3 ? "60 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 4 ? "90 Days Ago" : "")))}} {{snapshots.Statistics[0].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[1].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[2].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[3].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[4].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.NumberOfRecommendations}}

Target Price

No Target Price

Target Price
Mean {{priceTarget.Mean}}
High {{priceTarget.High}}
Low {{priceTarget.Low}}
Median {{priceTarget.Median}}
Standard Devitation {{priceTarget.StandardDeviation}}
Number Of Estimates {{priceTarget.NumberOfEstimates}}


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Contact Info

Cauldron Energy Limited

32 Harrogate Street
West Leederville, WA
AU Australia, 6007

Phone: +61 8 6181 9796
Fax: +61 8 9380 9666

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Cauldron Energy Limited Google Map
Cauldron Energy Limited Google Map

Share Registry

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Phone: +61 8 9389 8033
Fax: +61 8 9262 3723

110 Stirling Highway
Nedlands, WA
AU Australia, 6009

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