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Encounter Resources Limited (ENR)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).



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General Overview

About Encounter Resources Limited

Encounter Resources Limited is an exploration and resource development company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX : ENR).

Encounter is one of the most active greenfield exploration companies in Australia. The company is committed to large scale, frontier exploration in highly prospective under cover terrains in Australia where they believe substantial value can be unlocked for their shareholders.

In recent times, the company has made new zinc and copper discoveries at their flagship Yeneena project located in the Paterson Province of Western Australia.


Yeneena Project

Yeneena covers a 1,800km2 tenement package in the Paterson Province of WA located between the Nifty copper mine, the Woodie Woodie manganese mine, the Telfer gold-copper mine and the Kintyre uranium deposit (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Yeneena project leasing and target areas with major regional faults

BM7 Prospect

The BM7 prospect is located at the intersection of the north-east trending Queen Fault and a NNW to NNE trending Windsor fault that splays off the regionally-extensive McKay Fault (Figure 1). A 6km long and up to 3km wide copper regolith anomaly outlines the BM7 system that is also coincident with a broad area of electrically resistive geology.

Diamond drilling at BM7 has been primarily focused on the western side of the regolith anomaly in the zone of most resistive geology. The broad spaced diamond drilling has defined a gently east-dipping sequence of interbedded carbonates and carbonaceous to calcareous shales.

All diamond holes drilled along this western margin have intersected zones of disseminated copper sulphide mineralisation. The strongest mineralisation to date has been intersected in the northern half of the BM7 system in EPT1719 (5.3m @ 2.5% Cu from 387.6m including 0.7m @ 10.7% Cu from 388.6m). (Reported pursuant to the 2004 Edition of the JORC Code - refer ASX announcement 22 October2013)

During the September 2014 quarter a single diamond hole was drilled at BM7, collared 400m north of EPT1719 (Figure 2). This hole, EPT2158, intersected an anomalously thick package of carbonate stratigraphy containing bands of carbonaceous shale. Copper sulphide mineralisation was noted over a broad interval downhole, with stronger mineralised zones occurring at the margins of the carbonate bodies, including a narrow vein of massive chalcopyrite mineralisation at ~250m (Photo 1 - refer ASX release 31 October 2014).


Photo 1: EPT 2158 - 250.4m to 250. 7m assays 8.9% copper


Figure 2: BM7 Diamond drilling status plan over interpreted geology

The low grade copper sulphide mineralisation and phosphorous anomalism (proxy for apatite alteration) appear to strengthen from west to east in the northern half of BM7, in the area around drill holes EPT1717 and EPT2158. This alteration within the host carbonate stratigraphy provides a vector to the east towards an interpreted steep NW trending structure. It is interpreted that this NW trending structure is the primary fluid conduit to the BM7 system and is therefore likely to be more proximal to the high grade mineralisation.


Figure 3: Interpreted cross section 7539700mN through BM7

BM7 East Prospect

The BM7 East Prospect was identified in 2013 during wide-spaced aircore drilling east of the BM7 Prospect. An RC drill program over BM7 East was completed in September 2014.

Fe-Mg carbonate (siderite) and phosphorus alteration halos (apatite), that are proximal alteration signatures to the Nifty hypogene high grade mineralisation, are found in high concentrations at BM7 East. The alteration halos underlie the core of a laterally extensive copper oxide blanket found at BM7 East that extends over 2km in strike (see Figure 4).

RC drilling in the September 2014 quarter also identified primary copper sulphide (chalcopyrite) in one of the eastern RC holes (EPT1879) adding further support to the interpretation that the extensive regolith copper anomalism results from the direct weathering/oxidation of a body, or bodies of copper sulphide mineralisation.


Figure 4: Plan view of alteration and mineralisation through BM7 East - background image Ch40 VTEM


Figure 5: Interpreted section through BM7 East

The alteration and mineralisation intersected in the shallow drilling completed at BM7 East is similar to what is seen in the immediate hangingwall of the Nifty copper deposit.


BM6, located 3km NNE of BM1 Northern Area, was discovered during reconnaissance aircore drilling in 2011 which delineated an 800m long, 400m wide +0.1% copper regolith anomaly, adjacent to the Windsor fault (with grades up to 1.4% Cu). The regolith anomaly coincides with a VTEM conductor, which has been modelled to dip shallowly to the west (towards the Windsor Fault). Common pathfinder elements to sediment hosted copper mineralisation are elevated at BM6, with Bi assays up to 74 ppm and Mo assays up to 17 ppm (similar to levels seen at BM1 and BM7).

A two hole RC drill program drilled in 2013 defined a shallowing of the base of oxidation above a block of conductive shale. It is interpreted that this block of shale is more resistant to weathering as a result of localised silica alteration of the shale. The RC holes also intersected elevated copper anomalism and siderite alteration below the base of oxidation, which is considered highly anomalous.

The siderite alteration and phosphorous anomalism at BM6 sits below the base of oxidation within carbonaceous and dolomitic shales and can be traced over 2km of strike. The alteration halo is coincident with a broad and extensive hypogene Cu anomaly that was intersected in drill hole EPT1691 (178m @ 400ppm from 72m). This association is similar to the geochemical signature of the hangingwall shale at Nifty.

Additional RC drilling is required at BM6 to test the volume from 150m to 250m depth from the surface in order to delineate the extents of the copper and siderite alteration halos. The successful delineation of a strengthening alteration halo at BM6 will provide a vector toward primary high grade copper sulphides.


Figure 6: BM6 Prospect drill status plan over Ch35 VTEM image

Millennium Prospect

The Millennium prospect is situated on the margin of an interpreted sedimentary sub-basin at the intersection with the regionally significant Tabletop Fault (see Figure 7). Encounter completed a program of shallow RC drilling across Millennium in September 2014 that confirmed extensive low grade zinc-lead sulphide mineralisation at the target, with many holes ending in mineralisation (see ASX announcement 15 October 2014). The September 2014 RC drill program was the first drilling completed at the Millennium prospect.

Subsequently, four diamond holes (EPT2194, EPT2195, EPT2196 and EPT2198) were completed at Millennium during the quarter to test for mineralisation at depth and along key geological contacts. These holes were drilled on a single north-south section across the target (see Figures 8 and 9). The hole collars extend across 750m of the drill section. All four holes drilled intersected visible zinc sulphide mineralisation in the form of sphalerite.

Diamond drilling at Millennium has identified two distinct styles of zinc sulphide mineralisation and has defined compelling follow up drill targets. The presence of multiple styles of zinc mineralisation and the large mineralisation footprint indicates a significant zinc mineralising event at Millennium.


Figure 7: Millennium prospect - Location, Interpreted structures and EM Plan


Figure 8: Millennium prospect - Diamond drilling status plan over residual gravity in plan view


Figure 9: Millennium prospect - Section A-A' 390950mE

Target 1 - Contact Related Zinc Mineralisation

High grade zinc mineralisation adjacent to the carbonate - shale contact was intersected in EPT2198. Mineralisation occurs at the carbonate - shale contact and some 50m inboard of this contact (see Figure 10).


Figure 10: Millennium prospect - Cross-section through contact related mineralisation (northern section)

Assay intervals reported on this section are rounded to the metre

The zinc mineralisation intersected is very high tenor, sphalerite dominant mineralisation that is typically brown to pale cream coloured and contains only traces of lead (see Photo 1 and 2 - refer ASX release 12 January 2015). Intersections from the contact related mineralisation include;

  • 7m* @ 4.76% Zn from 233m including 1.4m @ 10% Zn from 234.55m and
  • 1.7m @ 2.45% Zn from 294.5m in EPT2198
  • 27.8m @ 0.53% Zn from 155.2m in EPT2196

*Interval contains a 1.9m of void / cavity. The average grade of sampled material from the entire interval has been assigned to the void in calculating the reported interval.

The mineralisation adjacent to the carbonate - shale contact is strengthening with depth and remains open at depth and along strike. This key mineralised contact was also intersected at the BM2 prospect located 3km north-west of Millennium. Diamond drilling at BM2 intersected high grade zinc mineralisation adjacent to the carbonate - shale contact in EPT1854 that returned 0.7m @ 36.5% Zn (see ASX announcement 13 December 2013).

The area between the BM2 and Millennium prospects is effectively untested with drilling limited to a small number of shallow aircore and RC holes.

Target 2 - Shale hosted Zinc-Lead Mineralisation

Broad zones of shale-hosted disseminated zinc-lead sulphide mineralisation were intersected in the three southern diamond holes EPT2194, EPT2195 and at depth in EPT2196 (see Figure 11).


Figure 11: Millennium prospect - Cross-section through shale-hosted mineralisation (southern section)

Assay intervals reported on this section are rounded to the metre

Intersections from these holes include;

  • 45.8m @ 0.38% Zn and 0.10% Pb from 123.2m;
  • 9.8m @ 0.54% Zn and 0.15% Pb from 176.2m; and
  • 24m @ 0.49% Zn and 0.16% Pb from 195m in EPT2194
  • 13.2m @ 0.37% Zn and 0.08% Pb from 274m; and
  • 18.95m @ 0.72% Zn and 0.24% Pb from 325.85m in EPT2195
  • 21.7m @ 0.45% Zn and 0.14% Pb from 449m; and
  • 31.2m @ 0.24% Zn and 0.06% Pb from 475.7m in EPT 2196

This mineralisation is interpreted to represent the halo to a potential SEDEX style zinc deposit. It is common for this style of deposit to have a large scale, low grade halo that can extend laterally from a high grade deposit. The identification of this large scale mineralised halo is a key step forward for the project. Exploration within this mineralised halo can utilise both geophysical and geochemical vectors to focus follow up drilling.

In this regard, modelling of the ground gravity data collected over the BM2 / Millennium area has highlighted a significant 0.5mgal density anomaly to the south of the mineralised halo intersected in the diamond drilling at Millennium. The gravity feature, labelled 'Model Body 1' on Figure 12, has been modelled to be 80m thick and commencing from a depth of approximately 140m to 200m from surface. The anomaly extends over an area 800m by 550m and has been untested by previous drilling.

The results of the geophysical modelling also show good correlation with the location of the low grade zinc-lead sulphide mineralisation drilled in EPT2194 and EPT2195, labelled 'Model Body 3' (Figure 11), as well as the carbonate unit located to the north-east of the Tabletop fault, labelled 'Model Body 4', (Figure 8). The strong correlation of modelled bodies 3 and 4 with known geology intersected in drilling gives confidence that the ground gravity survey is effectively mapping the density of subsurface geology. As such, there is also confidence as to the presence of a significant density anomaly at the position of Model Body 1. It is interpreted that this untested gravity anomaly is responding to the accumulation of more intense sulphide mineralisation.

Fishhook Copper Project (E45/2658 and E45/2086 - Encounter 100%)

The success of the copper exploration program at the Yeneena project and the discovery of a large copper-cobalt mineral system at BM1-BM7 has encouraged Encounter to expand its activities over untested regional copper targets.

The Fishhook project covers an area of over 100km2 and located approximately 20km north of BM1-BM7 (see Figure 12). The project is predominantly sand covered (typically 2-10m) with limited outcrop. Beneath this sand cover lies the prospective Broadhurst Formation, the host to mineralisation at the BM1-BM7 prospects and the Nifty Copper Deposit, which is located 45km to the north of Fishhook.

Encounter conducted a systematic, broad spaced 7,500m regional AC drilling program over the Fishhook project. The AC program highlighted a number of areas of interest and two follow up diamond drill holes were subsequently completed for a total of 865m at the Moby Dick and Orca targets. Both drill holes, spaced 5km apart, intersected copper sulphides hosted within a sequence of highly-oxidised "red rock altered" sandstones and shales and zones of sericite altered shales/dolomites and exhibiting key elements of the sediment hosted copper model in a traditional Central-African copper belt setting. At Fishhook, the Broadhurst sediments are in close proximity to the underlying thickened sandstone sequence and have undergone extensive red-rock alteration. Mineralisation appears to be concentrated along more reduced horizons within the sequence which provides a focus for the copper mineralisation.

The results have positive implications for the Fishhook project and opens up the potential for further sediment hosted copper occurrences along the northern corridor.


Figure 12: Yeneena project leasing over Ch35 VTEM image


Figure 13: Fishhook Project - Moby Dick and Orca prospects

Lookout Rocks / Throssel Range Project
(E45/3768, E45/4091, E45/4408 and E45/4230 - 100% Encounter)

A 560 line km airborne VTEM survey covering the area NW of Fishhook was completed in April 2014. The interpretation indicates the prospective structures and Broadhurst lithologies extend a further 30km northwest from the Fishhook Project into ground that is now held 100% by Encounter.

Historical exploration along the project is limited to a shallow RAB drilling program completed in the 1980s that intersected anomalous copper oxide mineralisation at the Lookout Rocks prospect (see Figure 15). This virtually unexplored region has many characteristics of a region that could host a significant Central-African style Cu deposit. The proximity to both the Coolbro Sandstone (underlying the Broadhurst Formation) to the east, and the Pilbara Craton to the west indicates there are significant basin-forming structures and potential pathways for fluid migration. Importantly, NE-trending structures that extend SW from the Nifty copper deposit cross-cut the major basin-forming faults within the project (see Figure 14).


Figure 14: Lookout Rock Project - Geological and structural interpretation with leasing


Figure 15: Lookout Rocks Project - Structural Geology, VTEM background with Max in Hole Cu

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Most Recent Quarter 1 Year Ago {{ratios.Growth.REVCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
5 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Growth.REVPS5YGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.BVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.CSPTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.NPMTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
3 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.DIVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - -
TTM over TTM {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TTMEPSCHG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
CAGR Free Operating Cash Flow Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization Tangible Book Value Total Debt
5 Year CAGR {{ratios.Growth.FOCF_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TanBV_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.STLD_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Interim CAGR - {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_TTMY5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Forecast Ratios

Projected Sales ProjSalesH ProjSalesL ProjSalesNumOfEst ProjSalesPS
{{forecasts.ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjSalesQ ProjSalesQH ProjSalesQL ProjSalesQNumOfEst Price2ProjSales
{{forecasts.ProjSalesQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.Price2ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPS ProjEPSHigh ProjEPSLow ProjEPSNumOfEst ProjEPSQ
{{forecasts.ProjEPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPSQH ProjEPSQL ProjEPSQNumOfEst ProjPE ProjLTGrowthRate
{{forecasts.ProjEPSQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjPE | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjLTGrowthRate | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
TargetPrice EPSActual EPSPrev EPSSurprise EPSSurprisePrc
{{forecasts.TargetPrice | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSActual | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrev | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprise | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprisePrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
EPSActualQ EPSPrevQ EPSSurpriseQ EPSSurpriseQPrc
{{forecasts.EPSActualQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrevQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQPrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjProfit ProjProfitH ProjProfitL ProjProfitNumOfEst
{{forecasts.ProjProfit | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
{{forecasts.ProjDPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Reports

Financial Summary

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value != ''? generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value: 'No Financial Summary Found.'}}

Accounting Notes
Fiscal Year Ends Most Recent Quarter Transfer agent Auditor Shariah Compliant

{{generalInfo.CompanyGeneralInfo.TotalSharesOut.Data | date:'dd/MM/yyyy' }}


- - {{generalInfo.Auditor && generalInfo.Auditor != ''? generalInfo.Auditor : '-'}}
Fiscal Period
Period End Date:
Period Length
Ratios Value
Analyst Footnotes

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value != '' ? generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value : 'No Analyst Footnotes Found.'}}

Directors, Officers & Company Executives

Start Date End Date
{{personobject.PersonInformation.Name.Info| getDirectorFullNameIncludingPrefix}}
{{persontitlesobject.Value}}, {{persontitles.Start.Day}}-{{persontitles.Start.Month}}-{{persontitles.Start.Year}} {{persontitles.End.Day}}-{{persontitles.End.Month}}-{{persontitles.End.Year}}
No Directors, Officers & Company Executives Information Found.

Recommendation Statistics

No Recommendation Statistics

Recommendation Statistics
Recommendation Number Of Analysts
Sell Reduce Hold Buy Strong Buy {{stats.NumberOfAnalysts}}
I/B/E/S Mean
{{verdict[meanmarker]}} {{analystvotes}} Analysts Mean recommendation from all analysts covering the company on a standardized 5-point scale.
  • Sell
  • Reduce
  • Hold
  • Buy
  • Strong Buy

Past Broker Recommendations

No Past Recommendations

Past Broker Recommendations
  Sell Underperform Hold Buy Strong Buy Total
{{snapshots.Age === 1 ? "1 Week Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 2 ? "30 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 3 ? "60 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 4 ? "90 Days Ago" : "")))}} {{snapshots.Statistics[0].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[1].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[2].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[3].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[4].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.NumberOfRecommendations}}

Target Price

No Target Price

Target Price
Mean {{priceTarget.Mean}}
High {{priceTarget.High}}
Low {{priceTarget.Low}}
Median {{priceTarget.Median}}
Standard Devitation {{priceTarget.StandardDeviation}}
Number Of Estimates {{priceTarget.NumberOfEstimates}}


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Contact Info

Encounter Resources Limited

Level 7
600 Murray Street
West Perth, WA
AU Australia, 6005

Phone: +61 8 9486 9455
Fax: +61 8 9486 8366
Website: //

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Encounter Resources Limited Google Map
Encounter Resources Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Security Transfer Registrars Pty. Ltd - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 8 9315 2333
Fax: +61 8 9315 2233

770 Canning Highway
Applecross, WA
AU Australia, 6153

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