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MRG Metals Limited (MRQ)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).



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General Overview

About MRG

MRG Metals Ltd is a mineral exploration company that listed on the ASX in June 2011. The Company is focussed on the utilisation of data mining technology to predict geochemistry and make frontier discoveries hidden under-cover. MRG undertakes continuous prioritisation of Shareholder funds in its drive to deliver through discovery of company-making deposits in the world class Mt Isa block and a portfolio of gold, copper and base metals exploration targets in Western Australia.


Yilgarn Project

Western Australia / Gold, Nickel & Base Metals / 100% MRG Metals

In late 2016, the Board of MRG exercised a purchase option over two granted exploration licences that adjoin an existing MRG 100% owned licence. The combined Project covers an area of approximately 220 square kilometres.

It straddles part of the Cundeelee Fault, which separates two adjacent geological terrains; the Archean Yilgarn Craton from the Proterozoic Albany-Fraser Orogen. The area is considered to be prospective for gold and nickel mineralisation that may be present in both terrains. The prime focus of our exploration is within reworked Archean rocks of the Northern Foreland portion of the Albany Fraser Orogen.

The area has been held by several companies, but only Sipa Resources (2006 – 2013 in JV with Newmont) and AngloGold Ashanti (2008 – 2013) have completed widespread systematic exploration. MRG’s primary target is gold and nickel mineralisation associated with structural dislocations in the Archean greenstones and analogues of Tropicana style gold mineralisation in the Albany Fraser Orogen.

An initial program of auger sampling, combined with an analysis of data of previous explorers, generated several targets that were subsequently tested by a diamond drilling program during late 2016. Several of these holes detected an alteration zone with key similarities to those associated with the >5 Million Ounce Tropicana Deposit. This prospect will be the focus of accelerated exploration in the coming year.

Based on the nature of the alteration and the multi element signature derived from the data MRG has applied for further ground within the Northern Foreland, likely to contain analogues of the Tropicana style alteration.

Queensland IOCG

Western Queensland / Copper & Gold / 100% MRG Metals

With the purchase of Sasak Resources Australia Pty Ltd in June 2013, MRG obtained three tenements in the Mt. Isa Block, a large geological province in western Queensland. These three projects have the potential to host Iron Oxide, Copper Gold ('IOCG') and base metal deposits, as they have similar geophysical characteristics to known deposits such as Glencore PLC's Ernest Henry Mine (166 Mt @ 1.1% Cu & 0.54 g/t Au - pre mining resource) and BHP's Cannington Mine (44 Mt @ 383 g/t Ag, 8.9% Pb, 4.2% Zn - 2007 resource).

A further four IOCG licence applications were acquired during 2015, consolidating MRG's holdings. These areas cover targets identified by Sasak using their in-house predictive analytical targeting techniques. They are high potential targets on open ground within the prospective Mount Isa Block, further expanding the Company’s presence in the area. MRG has recently completed an airborne VTEM & Magnetic survey over most of the Queensland EPM’s and applications, except Davenport Downs and Pulchera and data from this survey is currently being assessed and incorporated into the Sasak predictive models to focus future exploration.

MRG's licences and applications comprise:

Squirrel Hill - EPM19470

The Squirrel Hill Project is located approximately 125 km SSE of Cloncurry and some 15 kilometres WNW of the Cannington mine, operated by South 32. MRG is pursuing Cannington style mineralisation on this project.

Pulchera - EPM19471

Situated in the Simpson Desert near the Northern Territory border in western Queensland EPM19471 is located 135 kilometres north west of Bedourie. The Pulchera project is near the major Toomba Fault which lies on the south western edge of the Mt. Isa Block, a Proterozoic geological terrain that hosts a diverse range of world class ore bodies. Previous broad spaced drilling by BHP revealed that the depth of cover ranges from a manageable 40 to 100 m. Recent exploration on an adjacent licence returned strongly anomalous results of up to 27m @ 0.4% copper from 9m (including 3m @ 2.4% copper). The aim is to discover an Olympic Dam style IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) deposit in a granitic breccia host, associated with continental faulting and high fluid flow on terrane boundaries.

Davenport Downs - EPM19306

The Davenport Downs Project lies 120 kilometres south east of Boulia. Like the Pulchera Project it is close to the interpreted southern margin of the Mount Isa Block. The Project straddles portion of a prominent gravity ridge with accompanying favourable magnetic signatures. Exploration work undertaken on the tenement to date comprise historical data compilation, geophysical data review and prospectivity assessment. The Davenport Downs EPM is considered prospective due to its positive magnetic - gravity response which is characteristic of IOCG-Type deposits in the Mount Isa Block. The depth of cover is understood to be around 800m, so future exploration will comprise focussed drilling of geophysical (magnetic + gravity) anomalies.

Mount Angelay – EPM25884 & EPM26167

This Project is 44km southwest of the Eloise Mine. It lies on part of a prospective structural corridor associated with the major regional feature, the Cloncurry Overthrust. The licence covers portion of this feature and associated fault splays. MRG is targeting mineralisation related to these fault splays.

Selwyn – EPM25887

Selwyn lies just to the north of Cannington Deposit and like Mount Angelay it is situated on part of the Cloncurry Overthrust. MRG’s recent geophysical survey has identified a strong magnetic feature upon which future ground geophysical surveys will be concentrated.

Kamileroi – EPM25885

The Kamileroi Project lies approximately 150 kilometres north northeast of Mount Isa and 40 kilometres west of the Burke & Wills Roadhouse. MRG is targeting a combined gravity and magnetic IOCG target under 140 metres of younger cover. The area has been subject to limited prior drilling by CRA, Teck & Paradigm Resources. This previous drilling includes a best result of 40m @ 0.14% Cu from 397m. Based on interpretation of MRG’s recent geophysical survey future exploration will be directed to the gravity anomaly in the southern part of the licence area. A previous drill hole by Teck does not appear to have adequately tested this feature.

Oban – EPM25883

The Oban EPM is approximately 20 kilometres SSW of Mount Isa on the Mount Isa – Boulia road. It covers the southern extension of the Mount Isa Fault systems and is prospective for Middle Proterozoic Isa style shale hosted Pb- Zn-Ag and Cu mineralisation within Mount Isa group sediments adjacent to the Mount Isa Fault system. Geophysical data is being utilised to generate drill targets.

MRG’s licences and applications are part of our strategy to apply for ground largely on the margins of the Mount Isa block, where the prospective basement is under cover and there are exploration opportunities for discoveries via the application of the Sasak technology.

Xanadu Project

Pilbara Region, Western Australia / Gold / 100% MRG Metals

MRG's Xanadu project is located close to the northern margin of the Ashburton Basin, some 4 kilometres WSW of Northern Star Resources Ltd's Ashburton Project, (21.3 million tonnes @ 2.4g/t gold for 1.67 million ounces). The Xanadu mineralisation was discovered in the mid 1980's by BP Minerals and the Project area was subject to various phases of exploration in the ensuing period until MRG's acquisition in 2011. Three dimensional structural modelling and a detailed examination of the exploration database compiled by MRG and analysed by our technical consultants Sasak Technical Services, provided an enhanced understanding of geological controls on mineralisation, to better target prospect scale drilling.

MRG has completed three drill programs over the project, targeting both near surface stratabound mineralisation, the focus of previous exploration and deeper sub vertical feeder structures which have received little attention.

A program completed in May/June 2015 followed up initial MRG's drilling and soil sampling program completed in 2014. The program focused on extensions to the Cleopatra Prospect mineralisation as well as the first holes into Pertinax Prospect, discovered by the MRG soil sampling.

Additional results returned from Cleopatra included:

  • 4m @ 3.44 g/t Au from 33m
  • 5m @ 1.70 g/t Au from 50m

Meanwhile, findings from the first holes at Pertinax are highly encouraging. They reveal a similar order of multi-element anomalies to the adjacent Mt Olympus mine, warranting acceleration of drilling and further holes are planned over this prospect.

An extended soil sampling program also commenced to the north east of the Pertinax prospect and easterly extension of Cleopatra. Both of these areas have been largely ignored by previous explorers. Initial results have revealed anomalism in both these areas and further infill soil sampling is planned in order to define future drill targets.

Persuaded that the technology driven exploration is the best method to target mineralisation on this Project, MRG drilled two deep holes in December 2015, based on a revised model derived from our research.

A 600m deep vertical hole on the previously mined Amphitheatre Prospect was drilled to provide an enhanced understanding of the relationships between the major lithological units. Anomalous pathfinder geochemistry was discovered at the interface of the Duck Creek Dolomite and Mount McGrath Formations, providing validation of the geological model. A second deep hole targeted a major feeder fault zone, revealing strong anomalism, of up to 1% arsenic.

MRG has incorporated this data into our modelling and will apply the results from the generative algorithms across the wider Project area to select and prioritise future drill targets at the Amphitheatre, Cleopatra & Pertinax Targets.

Loongana Project

Western Australia / Platinum Group Elements & Nickel – Copper - Gold/ 100% MRG Metals

MRG’s Loongana Project is located on the Nullarbor Plain, 500km east of Kalgoorlie and 60km north of the Trans Australia railway line. MRG holds two tenements that cover the majority of the Loongana Igneous Complex. This Complex is a large layered mafic and ultramafic intrusive body that lies at depths ranging from 250 metres to 350 metres below the surface.

It includes one of the strongest gravity residuals in Australia, with accompanying multifarious magnetic features. The geophysical data covering the Complex, particularly the aero magnetics, clearly delineate the intrusive body and related bounding faults. Positive aspects of the Complex derived from limited prior exploration include:

  • confirmation that part of the Complex represents a layered intrusion;
  • highly anomalous platinum group elements and gold values recorded in earlier drilling;
  • moderate thickness of cover rocks considering the potential value of any discovery;
  • traces of sulphides (chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, pentlandite) were noted in an ultramafic cumulate; and
  • several features that indicate IOCG processes may potentially be operating in the granitic rocks, including hematite and chlorite alteration noted in drill core; thin section evidence for hydrothermal rather than metamorphic alteration; common trace chalcopyrite and blue quartz in the granites.

MRG is targeting platinum mineralisation, either as strataform or stratabound reef within the Complex, or associated with disseminated to massive nickel - copper sulphides on the margins and Olympic Dam style iron- oxide copper-gold (IOCG) mineralisation.

A review of geophysical data has identified a number of targets for drill testing. MRG believe that previous drilling was not sited in the optimum location for discovery. In particular, we have computed coincident magnetic/gravity targets using innovative data mining and analysis techniques developed by Sasak.

An initial deep drill hole was completed in June 2015 into the strike extension of platinum - palladium bearing reef structure identified by historic drilling. Fifty percent of the cost of this hole was defrayed by funding from the Department of Mines and Petroleum WA Co-funded Government - Industry Drilling.

The hole was collared 770m along strike of, and 150m stratigraphically above the historic drill hole. At 311m below surface, a package of cyclically layered gabbroic rocks, with thin pyroxenitic bases grading through melanogabbro to mesogabbro were discovered. Whilst no olivine cumulates were present, the geochemical data suggest a chromium bearing sequence of rocks is developed at the targeted horizon, containing a 4.5m zone of anomalous Platinum Group Elements (‘PGE’).

The chromium bearing clinopyroxenite was intersected at around 443- 446.5m, hosting the anomalous PGE, no olivine bearing rocks and no visual sulphide bearing reef, where observed above this position. However, there is a mylonite zone developed between 442.5- 443.65m, with an apparent north dip and north block down movement sense that has excised the critical part of the Cr rich stratigraphy, and any potential PGE reef, at this point. The geochemical data suggests there has been PGE mineralisation developed, at a potential magma mixing position (hi Cr and Low Cr magma’s) within the generally gabbroic package, but the critical part of the stratigraphy has been excised by a mylonite and has not been tested by the drill hole.

Further enhancement of the geophysical data is underway to target future drilling on the PGE and IOCG targets.

Kalgoorlie East Project

Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia / Gold, Silver, Nickel & Base Metals / 100% MRG Metals

The Kalgoorlie East Project is located approximately 8km east of Kalgoorlie in the Eastern Goldfields of WA, and consists of 4 contiguous prospecting licences. This region is highly prospective and hosts a number of large gold and silver deposits, including the Kalgoorlie Super Pit (>50 million oz Au) 7km to the west, Kanowna Belle (>5 million oz Au) 12kms to the north and Nimbus (>23 million oz Ag-eq.) 2kms to the south east.

The geology of the project area consists of a structurally complex assemblage of Archean ultramafic, mafic and felsic volcanic rocks with associated sediments and cherts, intruded by a series of younger dolerite dykes and felsic porphyries, together known as the Golden Ridge Belt.

Indications of a number of styles of mineralisation have been identified on the project, including Kambalda style nickel sulphide, shear hosted gold, Nimbus style silver mineralisation and disseminated base metal mineralisation. In addition, the Boorara type mineralisation, may also be present. At Boorara, <1km east, mineralisation is controlled by the intersection of a north east trending fault with the major regional NNW trending faults. This NE fault and others of a similar orientation, extend into the MRG tenements. The spatial association between these NE faults and gold in soil anomalies form a primary exploration target.

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Management Effectiveness Ratios

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5 Year Average {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROA5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROE5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROI5YRAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Employees Net Income Revenue
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].ANIPEREMP.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AREVPEREMP.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
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Growth Ratios

Growth Rates Revenue % EPS Dividend Revenue/Share Book Value Per Share Capital Spending Net Profit Margin
Most Recent Quarter 1 Year Ago {{ratios.Growth.REVCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
5 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Growth.REVPS5YGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.BVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.CSPTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.NPMTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
3 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.DIVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - -
TTM over TTM {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TTMEPSCHG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
CAGR Free Operating Cash Flow Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization Tangible Book Value Total Debt
5 Year CAGR {{ratios.Growth.FOCF_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TanBV_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.STLD_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Interim CAGR - {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_TTMY5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Forecast Ratios

Projected Sales ProjSalesH ProjSalesL ProjSalesNumOfEst ProjSalesPS
{{forecasts.ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjSalesQ ProjSalesQH ProjSalesQL ProjSalesQNumOfEst Price2ProjSales
{{forecasts.ProjSalesQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.Price2ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPS ProjEPSHigh ProjEPSLow ProjEPSNumOfEst ProjEPSQ
{{forecasts.ProjEPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPSQH ProjEPSQL ProjEPSQNumOfEst ProjPE ProjLTGrowthRate
{{forecasts.ProjEPSQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjPE | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjLTGrowthRate | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
TargetPrice EPSActual EPSPrev EPSSurprise EPSSurprisePrc
{{forecasts.TargetPrice | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSActual | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrev | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprise | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprisePrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
EPSActualQ EPSPrevQ EPSSurpriseQ EPSSurpriseQPrc
{{forecasts.EPSActualQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrevQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQPrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjProfit ProjProfitH ProjProfitL ProjProfitNumOfEst
{{forecasts.ProjProfit | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
{{forecasts.ProjDPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Reports

Financial Summary

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value != ''? generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value: 'No Financial Summary Found.'}}

Accounting Notes
Fiscal Year Ends Most Recent Quarter Transfer agent Auditor Shariah Compliant

{{generalInfo.CompanyGeneralInfo.TotalSharesOut.Data | date:'dd/MM/yyyy' }}


- - {{generalInfo.Auditor && generalInfo.Auditor != ''? generalInfo.Auditor : '-'}}
Fiscal Period
Period End Date:
Period Length
Ratios Value
Analyst Footnotes

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value != '' ? generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value : 'No Analyst Footnotes Found.'}}

Directors, Officers & Company Executives

Start Date End Date
{{personobject.PersonInformation.Name.Info| getDirectorFullNameIncludingPrefix}}
{{persontitlesobject.Value}}, {{persontitles.Start.Day}}-{{persontitles.Start.Month}}-{{persontitles.Start.Year}} {{persontitles.End.Day}}-{{persontitles.End.Month}}-{{persontitles.End.Year}}
No Directors, Officers & Company Executives Information Found.

Recommendation Statistics

No Recommendation Statistics

Recommendation Statistics
Recommendation Number Of Analysts
Sell Reduce Hold Buy Strong Buy {{stats.NumberOfAnalysts}}
I/B/E/S Mean
{{verdict[meanmarker]}} {{analystvotes}} Analysts Mean recommendation from all analysts covering the company on a standardized 5-point scale.
  • Sell
  • Reduce
  • Hold
  • Buy
  • Strong Buy

Past Broker Recommendations

No Past Recommendations

Past Broker Recommendations
  Sell Underperform Hold Buy Strong Buy Total
{{snapshots.Age === 1 ? "1 Week Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 2 ? "30 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 3 ? "60 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 4 ? "90 Days Ago" : "")))}} {{snapshots.Statistics[0].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[1].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[2].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[3].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[4].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.NumberOfRecommendations}}

Target Price

No Target Price

Target Price
Mean {{priceTarget.Mean}}
High {{priceTarget.High}}
Low {{priceTarget.Low}}
Median {{priceTarget.Median}}
Standard Devitation {{priceTarget.StandardDeviation}}
Number Of Estimates {{priceTarget.NumberOfEstimates}}


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Contact Info

MRG Metals Limited

12 Anderson Street West
Ballarat, VIC
AU Australia, 3350

Phone: +61 3 5330 5800
Fax: +61 3 5330 5890

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MRG Metals Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 2 8280 7100
Fax: N/A

Level 12
680 George Street
Sydney, NSW
AU Australia, 2000

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