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MZI Resources Ltd (MZI)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


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General Overview

About MZI Resources

MZI Resources Ltd (ASX: MZI) is a mineral sands company focused on the high value minerals of zircon, rutile and leucoxene. It has an advanced project at Keysbrook, Western Australia.

The Keysbrook project, located 70kms from Perth, Western Australia, is an advanced zircon / leucoxene rich mineral sands project. It has been granted all environmental, development and extractive industry licence approvals from the relevant statutory authorities and Shires. Construction commenced early in 2015.

Mining at Lethbridge South on the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, is now complete after having been in operation since February 2012. Mining at the adjacent deposit, Lethbridge West, ceased in 2010 and has been rehabilitated back to its pre-mined state.

Vision, Values and Mission


In 2018, MZI Resources will be a leading mineral sands company.


They will live their values each day for the benefit of their employees, communities, customers, partners and investors, through the SUSTAIN model below, without compromise.

  • Safety of their employees and community as their first priority
  • Uphold high standards of integrity and business ethics
  • Social responsibility and inclusiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Achievement
  • Innovative thinking
  • Nurturing

To deliver benefits for all stakeholders as a progressive mineral sands producer by:

  • Protecting and managing the Company's assets to take advantage of opportunities
  • Identifying and developing high value / low cost projects
  • Continually improving through innovation and optimisation
  • Incorporating excellence in environmental management
  • Attracting, retaining and developing talented people
  • Partnering with the communities in which they operate in a sustainable and responsible manner

To produce high value mineral sands products that enrich lives and communities.


MZI Resources will deliver value to its stakeholders by adhering to the SUSTAIN values model by providing;

  • A safe working environment that allows employees to develop their skills and grow with the company;
  • A net benefit to the environment;
  • Protection of heritage values;
  • Local employment opportunities and the development of partnership programs with neighbouring communities; and
  • Quality heavy mineral products to market.

MZI operates within an integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Management System.

MZI’s integrated HSEC Management System has been developed with regard to the international best practice standards for safety, environmental and quality management (AS4801, ISO14001 and ISO9001) and the process of continual improvement.

Health and Safety

MZI is fully committed to the establishment and maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment for all employees without compromising employee job productivity.

They are committed to providing a work environment and working conditions for employees that meet or exceed those prescribed by relevant laws and statutory regulations.

The Company will educate all employees in best and safe work practices in their working environment to ensure that they are not exposed to any unnecessary health and safety risk and all employees will support, implement and adhere to the Company's Occupational Health and Safety Programs.

Environment and Heritage

MZI views environmental management as essential to its own future and that of the mineral exploration and mining industry in general. The Company considers that sound environmental management benefits all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, nearby residents and the broader community.

MZI respects the culture and traditions of indigenous people and recognises the unique relationship that indigenous people have to both land and sea. MZI is committed to proactive consultation and fostering long-term relationships and partnerships with its neighbouring communities.

Their social investment initiatives aim to deliver significant and lasting benefits to communities, employees and key stakeholders.

The objectives of the company’s commitment to environmental management are to:

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental legislation, licences and regulations
  • Recognise conservation and heritage values
  • Identify, manage and monitor potential environmental impacts, striving to comply with international best practice
  • Rehabilitate disturbed land surfaces
  • Review and evaluate environmental performance
  • Seek continuous improvement in exploration, mining, waste management and the use of resources
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness, and wherever possible, protect sites of cultural significance
  • Have timely and effective communications with landowners, indigenous groups and others who may be directly affected by company operations
  • Communicate regularly with employees, suppliers, contractors and customers about the aims of the Corporate Environmental Policy and the responsibilities implied; and
  • Provide information to the community, shareholders and government authorities about the company’s environmental performance.


The process of mining and concentrating mineral sands allows for progressive backfilling and rehabilitation of mined areas.

Topsoil and native flora matter is removed and stockpiled prior to mining mineral sands. This is then backfilled once mining has concluded. Revegetation of disturbed areas using local native seed is combined with robust monitoring programs to ensure successful rehabilitation.


MZI is committed to providing quality heavy mineral products in order to maintain its reputation as a reliable supplier of heavy minerals. They are focused on working with their partners and customers to identify product quality requirements, and provide product that meets these specifications.

They will continue to create and maintain an awareness of quality products and services and the need for product consistency at all levels within the Company. To this end, they shall identify and employ suppliers and contractors who share their vision and commitment to their customer’s requirements.


Their Community Relations strategy is focused on timely communications and feedback to the communities neighbouring their operations. Community consultation activities will be undertaken over the life of MZI’s project, mining and closure phases and adapted and tailored to the needs of the community as required in adherence to MZI's Corporate Standard for Community Relations.

MZI is committed to effective community engagement to:

  • Assist in the early identification of stakeholders
  • Build an understanding of common issues within the community
  • Provide stakeholders with access to information in a timely and effective manner
  • Build positive relationships through various engagement techniques
  • Seek local knowledge and input to enhance effective communication with the community.

MZI’s Community Consultation Strategy adheres to the following principles to guide its engagement approach, being:

Commitment to the consultation process as demonstrated through its Community Relations Strategy, established time lines and identification of responsibilities;

Integrity of communication where the interactions between MZI and the community foster mutual respect and trust, achieved by clearly stating the intent of the consultation and communicating the outcomes;

Respect by ensuring the rights, values and interests of the community are taken into consideration through the implementation of a range of management plans;

Transparency demonstrated by responding to community concerns in a timely, open and effective manner through the established stakeholder interaction procedures;

Inclusiveness achieved through identifying a diverse representation of community stakeholders;

Developing trusting relationships built through exploring opportunities for common ground and disseminating information on how community feedback contributed to decision making;

Proactive engagement with the community to reduce reactive responses and communicate timely information to all stakeholders.

Various community engagement methods include: one-on-one consultation, newsletters, website updates, Fact Sheets, letters, briefings and presentations, company displays and many others.

The formation of the Keysbrook Community Consultation Group (CCG) will play an important role in the development and the ongoing operations of the Keysbrook project. The Group’s role is to provide a formal two-way communication flow between community members and MZI in addition to managing funds for community partnerships in the Shire of Murray and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale. The CCG Terms of Reference (located under Keysbrook project) sets out objectives, purpose, membership, roles and responsibilities of advisory members.



Rutile is a high-grade titanium mineral containing approximately 95% TiO2.

Rutile is generally used in three main sectors: the manufacture of TiO2 pigment, titanium sponge used to manufacture titanium metal and as a flux for welding rods.

The majority is used in pigment production, which accounts for approximately 90%. Finely powdered TiO2 pigment is a brilliant white and is used in paints, plastics, paper, foods, and other applications that include cosmetics, food additives, ceramics and textiles. TiO2 pigment is favoured in many applications for its bright white color, ultra violet protection, non-toxicity, inertness, and its covering power which results from its superior ability to disperse light as a result of its high refractive index.

There is no economic substitute or environmentally safe alternative to titanium dioxide having replaced lead oxide in consumer end applications, such as paint, due to health issues related to lead toxicity.

The remaining 10% is used largely in titanium metal and welding electrode applications. Titanium metal has a high strength to weight ratio, high melting point, strong resistance to corrosion and chemical attack making it the metal of choice in a range of manufacturing, aeronautical, medical and consumer industries. Some applications include: jet engines, spacecraft, missiles, desalination plants, cars, medical prostheses, orthopaedic implants, dental instruments, sporting goods, jewellery, mobile phones

Historically, global rutile production has been dominated by Australia and in 1976 Australian production represented 97% of world supply. However, since the late 1970’s there has been an increasingly diverse production profile, with the emergence of the US, South Africa, Sierra Leone and the Ukraine as significant suppliers. Today, Australia produces about 40% of world rutile supplies. Rutile production has spiked in recent years, with global production jumping about 50% between 2005, to 2008, to a peak of 663,000 tonnes. The major markets for titanium mill products are North America, Europe and increasingly China.

Leucoxene and Ilmenite

Leucoxene is a fine, granular alteration product of titanium minerals. Leucoxene is formed through extensive weathering of ilmenite which removes iron and increases the titanium content of the mineral grains. Although it is not a recognised mineral species, the name leucoxene has been applied to products with a Ti02 titanium content ranging from 70% to 93%.

Leucoxene is the major constituent of MZI’s Keysbrook deposit. The material from Keysbrook is a high quality leucoxene product and once in operation, the Keysbrook project will be the single biggest producer of leucoxene in the world.

Leucoxene is either sold for use in welding electrodes which is a relatively small market or as one of several feedstocks for titanium pigment plants. In the welding applications, the product is used as a fluxing agent in the welding electrodes which are used extensively in shipbuilding and civil engineering. The key producing countries for leucoxene are Australia, South Africa and the USA. China has been a strong market for leucoxene for this purpose driven by its booming construction industry.

The majority of the leucoxene produced at MZI’s Keysbrook project is expected to be sold as a feed for pigment production. Leucoxene is very attractive to titanium dioxide producers as it represents an effective substitute for rutile in chloride pigment production at a competitive price relative to its Ti02 content.


Zircon is produced from mineral sands mining, being a co-product to the titanium minerals product suite of ilmenite, rutile and leucoxene.

It is a colourless off-white mineral and is the world’s major source of zirconium products.

Zircon is separated from the titanium minerals using high tension electrostatic, magnetic and gravity separation techniques. It is extremely refractory, with a melting point of over 2430 degrees celcius.

In its basic sand form, zircon is used in the manufacturing process for foundry moulds, refractory bricks and molten metal moulds due to its high temperature and corrosion resistance.

The largest end-use of zircon is in the ceramics industry. The zircon is mechanically ground into either a flour or an opacifier and used to manufacture ceramic based products, including tiles, sanitary-ware and table-ware, accounting for approximately 54% of global consumption.

Chemical processing of zircon is less common but there has been a significant increase in use by this market since 2003. Zircon is processed chemically to produce zirconia and a range of zirconium chemicals that are used in advanced ceramics, coloured ceramic pigments, catalysts and a wide variety of other minor applications such as antiperspirants and television glass.

The Asia-Pacific region dominates zircon consumption, with China being the biggest influencing factor importing around a third of world supply due to its own limited zircon sources and combined with a booming construction industry.


Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory

The Tiwi Islands (consisting of the Melville and Bathurst Islands) are located approximately 50kms north of Darwin, a 25 minute air flight from the mainland.

MZI Resources, under the previous owner Matilda Minerals, has been operating on the Tiwi Islands since 2006, commencing with the Andranagoo mine. MZI’s first operation on the Tiwi Islands was in 2009 at Lethbridge West, located on Melville Island. It was a small deposit producing 11,500 tonnes of concentrate from 134,500 tonnes of mined ore over a 4 month period. Mining of Lethbridge West ceased in 2010 and has been rehabilitated back to its pre-mined condition.

Mineral sand from the Tiwi deposits is high in zircon and rutile. Typically, the concentrate produced has a zircon content of 40% – 50% and rutile at 40%.

In 2010, MZI commenced the Lethbridge South deposit on Melville Island, located 4kms south east of Lethbridge West. It is four times the size of Lethbridge West and half the grade at 2.5% heavy mineral.

In 2011, the Wet Concentrator Plant was re-engineered to increase its feed capacity from 150tph to 300tph of ore. Concentrate produced from Lethbridge South has been of high quality containing in excess of 30% zircon and 30% rutile.

The final shipment from Lethbridge South was made on the 16th January 2013. MZI has negotiated the sale of the Wet Concentration Plant and associated screening equipment. The purchaser will remove this equipment from Lethbridge to the Northern Territory mainland in the last quarter of 2014. Equipment not sold is planned to be removed from site by MZI over the same period. MZI is currently progressing development approvals and planning for further exploration activities and early studies on its Kilimiraka mineral sands project on the Tiwi Islands.

MZI has a long-standing commitment to minimal impact on the land and ensuring that any land disturbed is restored to pre-mining form as soon as practicable. The Company continues to work closely with the Tiwi Land Council and traditional owners for their local knowledge and understanding of the land and its unique characteristics.

Kilimiraka Prospect

Following drilling carried out in the first half of 2011, MZI identified a large Inferred Resource at Kilimiraka in the south west of Bathurst Island on the Tiwi Islands. The resource is located in four large dunal systems located behind the current shoreline. It has no overburden and low rock and clay.

Subject to approvals, it has the potential to underpin a long-life mining operation and will build upon the extensive experience and goodwill already generated with stakeholders on the Tiwi Islands. Mineral production is estimated to be 22 times the size than the combined Lethbridge Bay operations.

The approvals process, being environmental, native title and heritage has commenced, with further drilling currently being programmed. It is planned for the Scoping and Feasibility Study to commence some time in 2016.

Keysbrook, Western Australia

MZI Resources Ltd is developing a major leucoxene deposit at Keysbrook, located approximately 70 kilometres from Perth. Once in production, Keysbrook will be one of the largest producing leucoxene mines in the world.

The land is predominantly pastoral, used for dairy and beef cattle farming, with some pockets of degraded remnant native vegetation. The project sits within two Shires: the Shire of Murray and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale. Land titles in the Keysbrook area were granted prior to 1899 and consequently are freehold ‘minerals to owner’, meaning that the minerals are owned by the private landowner and not the State.

The deposit is dunal, with no overburden and low clay and rock content. The mining depth will average between 2m and 5m depending on dunal variations.

The deposit is approximately 1,406 hectares in area. It has an unusual heavy mineral suite, compared to other titanium and zircon operations in the south west of Western Australia, with leucoxene as its major constituent.

The Minister for Environment issued Ministerial Statement No. 810 in October 2009 pursuant to the provisions in the Environmental Protection Act. The Federal Minister granted approval under the EPBC Act on 16 February 2010.

The Development Approvals and Extractive Industry Licences were granted by both Shires on 15 March 2012 for a 6.5 year mine life. Further approvals will be sought to extend the mine to 8+ years.

Heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) product from Keysbrook will be transported via the South West Highway to Doral Pty Ltd’s mineral separation plant (MSP), located in Picton, approximately 130km south from Keysbrook, for dry separation. MZI has entered into an agreement with Doral to toll treat the HMC. A plant upgrade is planned at Doral’s MSP plant to enable it to treat the high leucoxene Keysbrook HMC.

Leucoxene and zircon product will be exported through the Bunbury Port.

Mineral Sands Mining overview

The primary processing of mineral sands is a relatively simple one. Using water, spirals and gravity separation, the HMC product is separated from sand as follows:

It is proposed that Keysbrook will be a 24 hour / 7 day per week mining operation, using articulated dump trucks and an excavator operation to provide MZI with operational flexibility.

After the HMC has been mined, all sand and other material will be returned to the mining void and replaced with the stockpiled topsoil.

The HMC product will be transported to Doral for dry separation into the leucoxene and zircon constituents using electrostatic and magnetic separation, and exported through the Bunbury Port for shipment to customers in China and the USA.

The pastoral land will be returned to its pre-mined state, with progressive rehabilitation requiring at least two growing seasons to re-establish prior to allowing grazing by animals. Rehabilitated native vegetation will be protected by fences from stock and will take several years to establish.

The process of clearing, mining and rehabilitating will occur progressively with a priority on minimising the open area of mining at any one time. No chemicals are used in the mining and wet concentration process apart from flocculants to remove clay from the water, allowing the water to be recycled on site. The flocculant is non-toxic and is often used in water treatment plants.

Unlike other forms of mining such as gold or iron ore, only a minimal footprint remains and any evidence of mining is almost undetectable following successful rehabilitation.

Keysbrook Community Consultation Group

In consultation with the Shire of Murray and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, MZI has formed a Community Consultation Group (CCG) for the life of the Keysbrook operation. The purpose of the CCG is for the Company and the local community to keep each other informed of relevant information, share knowledge, minimise potential impacts and maximise benefits to the local community.

The CCG does not have any legislative, operational or financial control over MZI however it does provide an opportunity for closer community engagement and scrutiny than would otherwise be required under the statutory processes and controls. The CCG is a strategic level consultation group with a commitment to the long-term interests of the community and MZI.

The Community Consultation Group members will:

  • Identify appropriate community groups that represent the key elements of the community.
  • Liaise with community groups to determine their views.
  • Represent and reflect the views of the communities or groups they represent by actively engaging with those groups.
  • Provide feedback to and from the community they represent in the manner agreed to by the CCG and MZI.
  • Manage concerns sensitively.
  • Attend CCG meetings where possible and actively participate in discussions.
  • Provide feedback on issues of interest to the CCG.

The Community Consultation Group will:

  • Continually explore improved means of communicating with the community throughout the life of the approval.
  • Provide recommendations for MZI to consider.
  • Actively communicate, via the methods identified in the Community Engagement Plan, to all residents within the locality of Keysbrook about the potential impacts of the mineral sands mine.
  • Actively and positively promote the Community Consultation Framework and the role of the CCG and State agencies to the stakeholders in accordance with the Community Engagement Plan at a minimum of at least once every six (6) months.
Supplier Briefing and Work Packages

MZI is committed to using local services and providers for its Keysbrook project where possible. Integral to achieving this is the development of a supplier database which contains local business details and capability. Project updates are regularly communicated to suppliers on the MZI database.

GR Engineering was appointed on 28 October 2013 as MZI’s preferred contractor for the Keysbrook Project. The work to be undertaken by GR Engineering is the construction and commissioning of the Keysbrook concentrator and associated facilities, including the modifications to the nearby mineral separation plant (MSP) owned by Doral Pty Ltd. Doral will toll-treat the heavy mineral concentrate produced at the MSP.

MZI and GR Engineering have finalised an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract which currently has an agreed fixed price, lump sum cost of $54.6 million. Once the financing process has been completed, the project will be subject to a Final Investment Decision (FID) by the MZI Board. At that point, updated project timelines will be provided. A further Supplier Briefing was held on 16 December 2014.

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Dividend Yield - 5 Year Average {{ratios.Valuation.YLD5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Dividend Yield - indicated annual dividend divided by closing price {{ratios.Valuation.YIELD.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Current Dividend Yield - Common Stock Primary Issue, LTM {{ratios.Valuation.DivYield_CurTTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Net Debt, LFI {{ratios.Valuation.NetDebt_I.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Net Debt, LFY {{ratios.Valuation.NetDebt_A.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Strength Ratios

  Current ratio Quick ratio LT debt/equity Total debt/total equity
Most Recent Quarter {{ratios['Financial strength'].QCURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QLTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QTOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Financial strength'].ACURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ALTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ATOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
  Payout ratio Current EV/Free Cash Flow Interest coverage Total debt/total equity
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Financial strength'].APAYRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].EV2FCF_CurA.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ATOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Financial strength'].TTMPAYRAT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].EV2FCF_CurTTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].TTMINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Income Statement Revenue EBITD Earnings before taxes Net Income available to common Earnings before taxes Normalized Earnings per Share, Normalized, Excluding Extraordinary Items, Avg. Diluted Shares Outstanding
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Income Statement'].AREV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].AEBITD.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].AEBT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].ANIAC.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].AEBTNORM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMREV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMEBITD.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMEBT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMNIAC.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Income Statement'].VDES_TTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
  Gross Margin Net Profit Margin % Operating Margin Pre Tax Margin Free Operating Cash Flow/Revenue
1st Historical Fiscal Year {{ratios.Margins.AGROSMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.ANPMGNPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.AOPMGNPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.APTMGNPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios.Margins.TTMGROSMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.TTMNPMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.TTMOPMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.TTMPTMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.Focf2Rev_TTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Average {{ratios.Margins.GROSMGN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.MARGIN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.OPMGN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.PTMGN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.Focf2Rev_AAvg5.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Risk Ratio Current Ratio Quick Ratio Interest Coverage LT Debt/Equity Total Debt/Total equity
Most Recent Quarter {{ratios['Financial strength'].QCURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Financial strength'].QLTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QTOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Financial strength'].ACURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ALTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ATOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months - - {{ratios['Financial strength'].TTMINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Management Effectiveness Ratios

Turnover Asset Inventory Receivables
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AASTTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AINVTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].ARECTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMASTTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMINVTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMRECTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Return on Average Assets EBITD Equity Investment
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROAPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROEPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROIPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMROAPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMROEPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMROIPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Average {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROA5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROE5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROI5YRAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Employees Net Income Revenue
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].ANIPEREMP.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AREVPEREMP.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMNIPEREM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMREVPERE.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Growth Ratios

Growth Rates Revenue % EPS Dividend Revenue/Share Book Value Per Share Capital Spending Net Profit Margin
Most Recent Quarter 1 Year Ago {{ratios.Growth.REVCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
5 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Growth.REVPS5YGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.BVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.CSPTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.NPMTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
3 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.DIVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - -
TTM over TTM {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TTMEPSCHG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
CAGR Free Operating Cash Flow Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization Tangible Book Value Total Debt
5 Year CAGR {{ratios.Growth.FOCF_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TanBV_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.STLD_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Interim CAGR - {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_TTMY5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Forecast Ratios

Projected Sales ProjSalesH ProjSalesL ProjSalesNumOfEst ProjSalesPS
{{forecasts.ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjSalesQ ProjSalesQH ProjSalesQL ProjSalesQNumOfEst Price2ProjSales
{{forecasts.ProjSalesQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.Price2ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPS ProjEPSHigh ProjEPSLow ProjEPSNumOfEst ProjEPSQ
{{forecasts.ProjEPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPSQH ProjEPSQL ProjEPSQNumOfEst ProjPE ProjLTGrowthRate
{{forecasts.ProjEPSQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjPE | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjLTGrowthRate | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
TargetPrice EPSActual EPSPrev EPSSurprise EPSSurprisePrc
{{forecasts.TargetPrice | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSActual | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrev | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprise | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprisePrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
EPSActualQ EPSPrevQ EPSSurpriseQ EPSSurpriseQPrc
{{forecasts.EPSActualQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrevQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQPrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjProfit ProjProfitH ProjProfitL ProjProfitNumOfEst
{{forecasts.ProjProfit | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
{{forecasts.ProjDPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Reports

Financial Summary

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value != ''? generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value: 'No Financial Summary Found.'}}

Accounting Notes
Fiscal Year Ends Most Recent Quarter Transfer agent Auditor Shariah Compliant

{{generalInfo.CompanyGeneralInfo.TotalSharesOut.Data | date:'dd/MM/yyyy' }}


- - {{generalInfo.Auditor && generalInfo.Auditor != ''? generalInfo.Auditor : '-'}}
Fiscal Period
Period End Date:
Period Length
Ratios Value
Analyst Footnotes

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value != '' ? generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value : 'No Analyst Footnotes Found.'}}

Directors, Officers & Company Executives

Start Date End Date
{{personobject.PersonInformation.Name.Info| getDirectorFullNameIncludingPrefix}}
{{persontitlesobject.Value}}, {{persontitles.Start.Day}}-{{persontitles.Start.Month}}-{{persontitles.Start.Year}} {{persontitles.End.Day}}-{{persontitles.End.Month}}-{{persontitles.End.Year}}
No Directors, Officers & Company Executives Information Found.

Recommendation Statistics

No Recommendation Statistics

Recommendation Statistics
Recommendation Number Of Analysts
{{stats.Recommendation}} {{stats.NumberOfAnalysts}}
I/B/E/S Mean
{{verdict[meanmarker]}} {{analystvotes}} Analysts Mean recommendation from all analysts covering the company on a standardized 5-point scale.
  • Sell
  • Reduce
  • Hold
  • Buy
  • Strong Buy

Past Broker Recommendations

No Past Recommendations

Past Broker Recommendations
  Strong Buy Buy Hold Underperform Sell Total
{{snapshots.Age === 1 ? "1 Week Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 2 ? "30 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 3 ? "60 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 4 ? "90 Days Ago" : "")))}} {{snapshots.Statistics[0].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[1].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[2].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[3].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[4].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.NumberOfRecommendations}}

Target Price

No Target Price

Target Price
Mean {{priceTarget.Mean}}
High {{priceTarget.High}}
Low {{priceTarget.Low}}
Median {{priceTarget.Median}}
Standard Devitation {{priceTarget.StandardDeviation}}
Number Of Estimates {{priceTarget.NumberOfEstimates}}


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Contact Info

MZI Resources Ltd

Level 2
100 Royal Street
East Perth, WA
Australia, 6004

Phone: +61 8 9328 9800
Fax: +61 8 9328 9911

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MZI Resources Ltd Google Map
MZI Resources Ltd Google Map

Share Registry

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 3 9415 5000
Fax: +61 3 9473 2500

452 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, VIC
AU Australia, 3067

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