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Soil Sub Technologies Limited (SOI)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Soil Sub Technologies Limited

SOIBased in Western Australia Soil Sub Technologies has developed and is promoting the agricultural product NutriMix.

Fully organic NutriMix can be used to grow any plant without any need for natural soil and other associated landscaping products.

Soil Sub Techonologies Limited is a Western Australian company is seeking to promote the NutriMix product which is a fully organic growing medium formula that has been patented in Australia and New Zeland.



SOIThe product advantages of NutriMix® include:

  • Water management efficiencies
  • Macro nutrients present in slow release form, providing continued availability to plants for up to 3 years.
  • An acceptable nutrient profile for plant growing with good levels of all essential macro and micro nutrients.
  • In 2007, trials were held with the specific objectives of which were:
    1. To study and compare the water characteristics of various NutriMix® mixtures;
    2. To study and compare water use grown in various NutriMix® mixtures using different irrigation systems;
    3. To study and compare the fertilizer use of grass grown in these mixtures; and
    4. To establish a comparison of nutrient uptake by the use of NutriMix® using no added fertilizer.

The trials were conducted with one trial in a laboratory and on 3 separate farms.

The results and finding of these trials indicated that:

  • The water absorption capability of NutriMix® is large and generates high water use efficiency;
  • NutriMix® enhances the water characteristics of sandy soils, and thus increased the water holding capacity and the available water to the sandy soils;
  • Addition of NutriMix® has increased the fresh weight of paspalum grass in sandy soils; and
  • Addition of NutriMix® has also significantly increased the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium uptake by paspalum grass in the sandy soils.

Studies such as these indicate that the product improves water use efficiency and nutrient use levels.

SOIThe Company plans to concentrate on the domestic Australian market, and consider the characteristics of the product to be of particular interest to users based in dryer areas, with high water consumption and cost and on sandy soils. Consequently, the product may well be suited to application on the sand belt golf courses as an example. There is also evident application in mine site rehabilitation throughout Australia, whilst municipalities throughout Australia who are becoming more conscious of water consumption for their parks and gardens may also consider the use of the product.

The Company believe that the better commercial opportunity for development of the product is through the bulk market, rather than seeking retail sales of smaller bagged lots where the margins are often less, and marketing costs and competition greater.

Should the product prove successful in the domestic market, the Company will seek to expand through the development of offshore markets.

Contact Info

Soil Sub Technologies Limited

Level 2
6 Kings Park Road
West Perth, WA
AU Australia, 6005

Phone: +61 8 9488 0800
Fax: +61 8 9488 0899

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Soil Sub Technologies Limited Google Map
Soil Sub Technologies Limited Google Map

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Phone: +61 8 9389 8033
Fax: +61 8 9262 3723

110 Stirling Highway
Nedlands, WA
AU Australia, 6009

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