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Telstra Corporation Limited (TLS)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).



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General Overview

About Telstra Corporation Limited


Telstra is a leading Australia-based tier one telecommunications and information services company offering a full range of communications services.

Telstra's international operations are headquartered in Hong Kong where they provide wholesale and enterprise customers with a full breadth of holistic and end-to-end solutions across data, voice, satellite and managed network services.

Telstra understands their customers want technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use – that’s why they built Australia’s largest fully integrated IP network and the nation’s largest and most reliable mobile network.

Through their strategic investments over the years and the recent acquisition of Pacnet in Asia, they now have the largest privately owned subsea cable network in Asia Pacific, have licences throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas and they facilitate access to more than 2,000 Points of Presence (PoPs) in 230 countries and territories.

Telstra Global Enterprise and Services (GES) is a division of Telstra that focuses on growth opportunities outside Australia through onward investments, deploying disruptive technologies across the world and growing international and local customer relationships.

Telstra's success story comes from their deep understanding and experience in the Asian market for more than 30 years. Telstra consider Asia to be a key growth market – both for Telstra as well as their customers – due to the region’s vast economic potential.

Telstra has the flexibility, agility and expertise to serve customers as they look to expand their business into and out of the region.


To create a brilliant connected future for everyone.

  • To create is their responsibility. The brilliant connected future won't happen on its own. It has to be delivered — and only Telstra can bring together all the parts to create it.
  • A brilliant connected future is their aspiration. It's what they need to build for every one of their customers. It's their responsibility to the nation and every market they work in.
  • For everyone is crucial. Telstra serve everyone. Change doesn't happen if only a chosen few benefit Transformation happens when enough people get the technologies that create social, economic and cultural change.

This all adds up to a single, guiding fact: it's why they do what they do.


A purpose on its own is not enough. Telstra also need values to express what they stand for and guide the way they do things. Their  values are core to their business and they align everything they do with them. Here at Telstra, they have five core values.

  1. Show you care
  2. Better together
  3. Trust each other to deliver
  4. Make the complex simple
  5. Find your courage

These are the values they stand for—the values by which they measure all of their actions.

And their values demand action. Being a values-led organisation means they must have the:

  • Willingness to take responsibility
  • Determination to never think, 'I have no choice'
  • Humility
  • Desire to learn
  • Courage to challenge themselves and others when values are not met

Telstra knows that they will not achieve their strategy unless they get their values right. By putting those values into action, they will create a new kind of company — and create a brilliant connected future for everyone.


Global Connectivity

TLSTelstra delivers cost-effective, on-net and globally consistent colocation facilities to the highest security, reliability and environmental specifications.

Moving servers and IT equipment to one of Telstra's purpose-built resilient data centres can help significantly lower your costs and improve organisational productivity. Located in key locations worldwide, including North America, Europe, Australasia and Asia, Telstra's global telecommunication hubs provide flexible capacity, high security and robust performance.

In addition they are also developing agile, secure and highly available cloud computing services, which will be linked globally over Telstra's low latency networks.

Ethernet Private Line

Who knows exactly what tomorrow will bring? Maybe you will be expanding into new territories, opening new offices or rolling out new bandwidth-hungry applications. Whatever the future holds, with Telstra's MEF certified Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service, you can gradually expand your network capacity to meet your business needs. Available in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, EPL offers dedicated bandwidth, high security and low latency.


Telstra's IP-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows your company to connect locations easily and cost effectively. They make it simple for you to deliver a truly global solution with their extensive global networks, strong service levels, online reporting and a single point of contact for implementation.

Virtual Private LAN Service

Telstra's MEF certified Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) reduces network complexity and helps to lower the total cost of implementing and managing wide area networks. VPLS makes this possible by using the same Ethernet technology deployed in your office network to connect the many sites you may have in different locations around the world.

International Private Line (IPL)


Telstra International Private Line (IPL) will provide your business with global connectivity and comes with world-class security and reliability. Available in all major and emerging markets, it is ideal for financial, information technology and professional services organisations where you need to protect sensitive data and require assured bandwidth for mission critical applications between two locations.

EPL Express

Financial organisations around the world are using algorithmic trading to attract short-term investments in today's highly competitive capital marketplace, maximising gains to investors through high-frequency trading. Commercial banking organisations and other businesses, like cloud-based service providers, are counting on the reliable, high speed global connectivity of EPL Express for their mission-critical operational backbone and to serve as cornerstones for their business success.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

Now is the time to consider using Ethernet outside your Local Area Network (LAN). Ethernet services in the Wide Area Network (WAN) is growing in popularity for all the right reasons.

Global Internet

The public Internet is a heavily crowded environment. There are at least 2.5 billion* Internet users in the world today. With this congestion, using the Internet to connect people and offices can result in unacceptable variation in availability, quality and user experience. This problem is often compounded by a lack of visibility into site-to-site performance, hindering your ability to measure and improve. Telstra's Global Internet services provides your organisation with dedicated, robust and secure access to a single network, as well as access to 24/7 monitoring and customer service capabilities.

IP Transit

If the loss of Internet connectivity means loss of business, you can't afford to take unnecessary risks. You need a telecommunications provider that can provide highly robust global connectivity – but also provide you with competitive pricing and outstanding customer support. Telstra meets all your requirements with our IP Transit service. Ideal for fixed and mobile broadband providers, content network providers, cloud-based service providers and large enterprises, this is a service that you can rely on for your global Internet traffic.

Global Managed Network Services

TLSTelstra provides fully managed and secure end-to-end network infrastructure and services that seamlessly integrate with your business processes and IT operations. Amongst other benefits they help you rapidly realise productivity improvements and cost efficiencies. Telstra builds and operates global network infrastructure designed to deliver optimal uptime and reliability wherever you need it most, whilst offering you a diversity of access options.

Superior intelligence built into their network offers you control and visibility, whilst delivering the appropriate level of predictability and assurance.

Telstra enables your employees to connect to your corporate network and access the information they need to do their job anytime - securely, reliably, cost-effectively and seamlessly.

Global Managed Network Services

For multi-nationals Global Managed Network Services (GMNS) offers a complete solution for connecting and managing your data and IP communication network(s) across regions.

Global DDoS Protection

With Telstra's DDoS Protection solution, you can help protect your web sites and online server network against malicious cyber-attacks, assist the prevention of legitimate users' access being denied and help in stopping attacks from hindering your business. All online services are vulnerable to targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are increasing in size, frequency and duration. By using a large number of compromised devices to 'flood' a target server or network with incoming messages, a DDoS attack can temporarily cripple infrastructure or even force it to shut down. Our Global DDoS Protection solution monitors your online traffic and helps mitigate the effect of DDoS attacks by promptly activating a cost-effective and efficient cleaning solution.

Global Cloud Services


For businesses that want to capture new opportunities and create a competitive advantage, Telstra Cloud Services provides you with end-to-end cloud and hosting solutions that scale up or down as needed. From data centre space to managed virtual servers and backup solutions, they offer you a complete range of high performance cloud and hosting solutions on the back of their world class, low latency global network.

Connected Colocation

High security is synonymous with Connected Colocation, coupled with flexible capacity and robust performance. Whether you want to consolidate your IT systems and reduce costs, duplicate your IT systems to provide business continuity, or establish new data centres to meet regional legal requirements, relocating to a Telstra Data Centre will enable you to pursue the IT strategy that is right for your business.

Cloud Infrastructure

Telstra's Cloud Infrastructure offering allows global businesses to consistently utilise applications, deliver processes and deploy offshore disaster recovery solutions across multiple geographic locations. As a customer you are provided with an exceptional experience, combining the flexibility of cloud computing with a world-class, high-performance, low latency global network.

Global Collaboration Services

TLSTelstra's collaboration services allow you to seamlessly integrate many communications applications across multiple networks into a single unified end-user experience, to decrease system and human latency and increase productivity.

their services help you to improve and streamline communications within, and across your organisation by enabling real-time communication and effective collaboration independent of participant location, preferred communication device or communications mode, creating a more agile and competitive workforce.

Telstra's end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate applications, voice, mobility and network, security with 24x7 network monitoring and customer care. They also deliver cloud-based collaboration solutions which grow dynamically with your requirements. They allow you to add to what you have today, then transition to advanced unified communications capabilities when you are ready.

Virtual Contact Centre

Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) enables forward-thinking global businesses to take control of contact centre technology and create an agile, state-of-the-art service experience with greater commercial flexibility. Traditional technologies are sometimes not as agile or smart, often taking days if not weeks to change. In contrast, Telstra's new VCC gives you the best of both worlds - leading edge software innovation backed by global, highly resilient hosting and network services.

IP Audio Conferencing

Telstra IP Audio Conferencing allows your workforce to effectively conference call anywhere across the globe, any time of day or night, without having to book in advance. With simple to use dial-in steps and user-friendly features, a chairperson can conduct meetings on the move, without an operator, including up to 40 participants guaranteed at any time.

Premium Audio Conferencing

Managing large and important conferences is no easy feat. The prospect of executing a high profile conference involving tens, hundreds or even thousands of participants can be extremely daunting. Telstra's Premium Audio Conferencing service provides you with professional administration for a well-managed event.

This pre-booked, managed conferencing service is designed to facilitate large conference events of up to 3,000 participants. It provides experienced conference managers to assist you with pre, during and post-conference technical support, and ensure a smooth process. This is especially critical for large conference events, such as board meetings, internal company announcements and product launches where you need to be left free to focus on delivering your message.

Web Conferencing

TLSAccelerate business results with Telstra's web conferencing solution. Based on Cisco WebEx™ Meeting Centre, it enhances workforce collaboration across multiple locations via virtual meeting.

This is a no reservation web conferencing solution that allows you to 'meet' anytime and anywhere. Training sessions, employee updates, product launches, project team meetings and investor briefings can now be conducted in real-time, and visual aids can be shared, creating a more inclusive experience similar to a face-to-face meeting. Telstra's WebEx™ Meeting Centre's features are simple to use enhance business collaboration, reduce travel costs and help employees enjoy greater productivity and a better work-life balance.

Global Telepresence

With Telstra Telepresence, from your own conference room, you can see and interact with clients and colleagues from across the globe as if you were in the same room, but without the associated travel time and costs, The true-to-life quality and exacting details of our Global Telepresence service allows you to observe every visual nuance of participants; enabling the clear understanding, collaboration and fast decision making of an in-person meeting.

Deployed on best-of-breed Cisco TelePresence™ products, their high-definition video conferencing service offers global availability through Telstra's high-capacity, high-availability IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN). Their superior network performance and service ensures a reliable connection, and high definition screens, projecting true-colour, life-size images of participants, bring together the immersive experience and benefits of meeting face-to-face at the same table.


You may need to contact a lot of people, but today they're using multiple channels including email, voice, SMS, Instant Messaging, social media and more. You could send messages separately on each channel and monitor each one for replies, but that's incredibly time consuming and inefficient.

There is a better way - the Whispir Conversation Platform. A two-way multi-channel platform, Whispir lets you reach out to customers, staff, or anyone, using their preferred method of communication. Better still, they can reply to you on whatever channel they want while you have a single, 360° view of all channels. More than just communication, Whispir enables true, two-way conversations that help to engage an organisation's target audience more effectively – whether it is an individual, group or geography.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration is an enterprise grade collaboration solution with a per-user-per-month (PUPM) charging model. It offers enterprises, communications and collaboration capability including voice, instant messaging, presence, web and video conferencing that can be extended seamlessly to compatible mobile devices. It is built on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) platform and is delivered over Telstra's global network. With Cloud Collaboration, we offer a fully managed UC solution, which is flexible and scalable to suit various worker types (i.e. user profiles) in the customer organisation.

Global Voice & Mobile Services

TLSAs one of Asia's largest voice carriers, Telstra offers the expertise and scale to provide cost-effective, reliable and flexible voice service options via both TDM and IP solutions.

They offer an extensive suite of traditional and innovative voice solutions, enabling you to explore new revenue streams and drive business growth whilst maintaining the highest quality of service.

Telstra's voice services provide reliable connectivity solutions to over 230 countries and territories.

Utilising their robust voice network, they provide extensive reach, flexible capacity and quality delivery of services to you and your customers.

Global Voice over IP (GVoIP)

Telstra allows organisations to reduce the complexity and cost of international telecommunications with Global Voice over IP (GVoIP). Whether your customers are calling you, or you are calling them, voice calls continue to play an important role in a successful business. Every day, millions of international voice calls come into regional contact centres, and telesales teams dial customers around the world to market products and services. At the same time, voice calls between the international offices of global organisations are a vital part of day-to-day business. Easy to deploy and administer, and with absolutely no charge for all international voice calls between sites connected by your IP VPN, GVoIP enables you to manage costs more effectively and improve productivity.


Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) around the world are seeing their revenues challenged as third-party service providers look to establish direct relationships with end-users. Within this intensely competitive landscape, the emergence of LTE presents MNOs with an opportunity to deliver the next generation of value added services and monetise the data usage via differentiated service quality. Telstra IPX provides a scalable and cost-effective standards-based platform that will enable you to take full advantage of the LTE opportunity. It allows you to drive new business growth and build your own mobile ecosystem to deliver services with end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and real-time monitoring, over all delivering a great end user experience.

Transit International Toll Free

TLSMany organisations today want to allow their customers to make free phone calls, from almost anywhere in the world, and then direct the calls to overseas locations. It can be complicated to set up and administer this capability – but not with Telstra. They can provide seamless toll free calling from 30 countries, and in most instances the service can be up and running in less than 30 days.

ISDN Hubbing

With the growth of video conferencing, data back-ups and image transfers, organisations need more international bandwidth than ever before. Yet, at the same time, they also want exceptional reliability and performance for a competitive price. You can take advantage of Telstra's ISDN Hubbing service to meet all these customer requirements.

Global Mobile Roaming

Whether they are taking a holiday or travelling for work, mobile users expect to be able to make and receive voice calls and text messages, on a global scale. Telstra's Mobile Roaming service enables you to offer customers extensive international roaming capabilities, without the cost and complexity of having to establish your own direct connections with other mobile operators. Quick to set up, the service is delivered via a proven and highly robust network that already supports more than 805 million mobile users worldwide.

Global Trading Portal

Telstra's Global Trading Portal (GTP) is an innovative and exciting platform launched in response to market demand for prepaid voice hubbing services. It allows carriers to enter into a business relationship with Telstra in a quick and simplified way, enabling efficient trading of voice traffic.

SIP Connect

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Connect is a Telstra Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based solution that connects your unified communications phone system to the local Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It comes with telephone numbers, incoming call capability, and outbound calling capability. It also supports emergency call and telephony number port capability (where local conditions permit). By using SIP Connect for the last-mile connection to the local PSTN, you can make the most of your existing assets and enjoy the benefits of unified communications.

The solution offers a secure, resilient, rich feature PSTN connection replacement via a direct VoIP-based SIP connection. It helps you to reduce a number of PSTN connection points, branch level PBX, and maintenance costs, while also allowing you to make better use of your WAN network.

Global Satellite & Media Services

TLSWith more than 40 operating antennas at their world-class teleports in Hong Kong, Perth and Sydney, Telstra provides satellite services that reach over two thirds of the Earth's surface.

Telstra's teleports are connected to their robust terrestrial network around the globe, enabling Telstra to provide integrated satellite and terrestrial solutions of the highest standard.

The service range includes Uplink and Downlink services, VNO and Colocation services, Satellite Private Lease and VSAT services, Managed DTH services as well as Media Contribution and Distribution Services.

Global Media Switch

Telstra's Global Media Switch provides cost effective video contribution services for international content providers and broadcasters, delivering content reliably around the globe. Together with their Satellite Media Services, they provide you with one of the most comprehensive global video delivery network.

Satellite Teleport Service

When it comes to selecting an international satellite teleport, size really does matter. Telstra owns and operates some of the largest satellite ground stations in the Asia Pacific region, seamlessly connected to their global terrestrial network. The scale of these teleports means they can offer you access to a wider range of satellites and comprehensive range of services at competitive pricing, regardless of whether you are a satellite operator, satellite service provider or a carrier.

Satellite Data Service

If you need fast and reliable customised global connectivity, you should consider Telstra's Satellite Data Service. It offers exceptional speed, coverage and superior economics and is ideal for government organisations, multinational enterprises and service providers alike.

Media Service

TLSWhether you are broadcasting 24 hours a day or delivering content for a live special event, you need a reliable and experienced partner to meet your deadlines with secure network coverage to your target audiences. Telstra's Satellite Media Service provides certainty for program contribution and distribution for international broadcasters and content providers alike - delivering video, audio and associated data across the globe. Our international satellite teleport gateways and specialist media platforms, directly connected to our extensive global fibre network, points of presence (PoPs) and data centres, are designed for a wide range of TV, broadcasting and new media applications.

Satellite International Private Lease Service

Telstra's Satellite International Private Lease Service offers their customers end-to-end connectivity to their complete range of voice and data network connectivity services. The solution is based on a point-to-point satellite link between any one of Telstra's teleports and a distant end partner teleport. Telstra's teleports provide seamless connectivity to voice and data services. At the distant end, the teleport is normally connected to their customers via a local loop. Employing the latest technologies in the satellite industry, Telstra is able to provide cost effective solutions to their customers.

VSAT Private Lease Service

Telstra's VSAT Private Lease Service offers their customers end-to-end connectivity via satellite to their complete range of voice and data network connectivity services. The solution is based on a point-to-point satellite link between any one of Telstra's teleports and a distant end VSAT terminal located at customer's premise.

This is the ideal last mile solution in extending international voice or data connectivity to remote locations where terrestrial infrastructure is under-developed. With a satellite link directly to customer's premise, they help customers overcome any terrestrial limitation imposed by man-made or geographical conditions. Enterprise and Government organizations use Telstra's Satellite VSAT Private Lease Services to connect remote offices to their own VoIP and Wide Area Networks.

Satellite IP Trunk Service

TLSTelstra's Satellite IP Trunk Service extends broadband internet access right to the doorstep of their customers' offices regardless of the geographical terrain and conditions. The solution is based on a point-to-point satellite link between any one of Telstra's teleports and a distant end customer's premise either via an on-site VSAT terminal or via a local teleport and local loop.

At their three teleports, their Internet PoPs are connected to Telstra's internet backbone, one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region, giving customers a reliable access to the internet. Whether for Enterprise or Service provider applications, Telstra has the right solution for you.

VSAT-VNO Service

Telstra hosts VNO services for customers who want to manage their own VSAT networks without large investments in teleport infrastructure. With VNO service, customers are in full control of their own networks and remotes.

Their established gateway teleports at Sydney, Perth and Hong Kong provides access to a wide range of satellites with coverage over the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa as well as parts of Europe and Central Asia. Satellite services can be provisioned with either IP or VPN access for seamless interface to terrestrial networks. Telstra's iDirect platform supports both Infinity and Evolution solutions to suit customers' needs.



Professional Services


Telstra has expert knowledge of the business needs faced by today's professional services organisations. Their hosting services offer fast access to data as you need it and their collaborative approach brings value to their customers.. This leaves you to focus on a seamless customer experience, allowing you to manage customer projects and timelines efficiently.

Telstra is committed to providing ICT solutions that are fast, efficient and secure, with the flexibility to evolve with changing global markets and compliance. Their multiple platforms and application assured infrastructures are designed to provide a secure and reliable foundation for the specific applications you need to use.

Professional Services include:

  • Premium Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Connected Colocation
  • Global Managed Network Services
  • Global DDoS Protection
  • Global Telepresence
  • Global VOIP
  • IP Transit
  • IP Audio Conferencing
  • Virtual Contact Centre
  • EPL Express
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Satellite Data Service
  • Global Mobile Roaming
  • International Private Line (IPL)
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
  • Global Internet
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
Financial Services

Organisations operating in financial services today face a range of opportunities and challenges and are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to stay competitive and comply with regulations.

As the one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, Telstra is the infrastructure that underpins every part of the financial services industry.

They deliver global solutions, enabling intuitive communication, collaboration and interaction via Telstra's world-class integrated network, cloud and data centres, coupled with access to other market leading financial services ecosystems.

Sectors include:
  • Financial Markets
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Payments
Transport and Logistics

TLSTelstra connects your entire operation so you can use real-time intelligence to respond effectively to demand signals and coordinate transport and logistics more sustainably. They provide highly secure, scalable ICT infrastructure and proven solutions integrated and managed by accredited professionals.

Telstra enables you to link factories, transport systems, machinery and people to the Telstra Next IP® network to provide an end-to-end view of your operations. Remote monitoring can improve safety and reduce downtime. Managers can use rich communication and collaboration tools to engage trading partners and resolve bottlenecks.

Transport and Logistics services include:

  • Premium Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Connected Colocation
  • Global Managed Network Services
  • Global DDoS Protection
  • Global Telepresence
  • Global VOIP
  • IP Transit
  • IP Audio Conferencing
  • Virtual Contact Centre
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Global Mobile Roaming
  • International Private Line (IPL)
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
  • Global Internet
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
Mining and Resources


Telstra helps you improve operating efficiencies and safety by deploying fully monitored, automated and remote controlled mine and transport operations.

You can improve processes and reduce costs through collaborative, self-learning, self-managing systems that know the current time, location and status of your resources, personnel, activities and outputs.

You can also improve decision making, emergency management, training and worker retention through sophisticated collaboration and entertainment options including: presence, Web, TV on demand, video conferencing, webcasts, podcasts, voice, TXT, IM and SMS communications.

With real-time business intelligence at your fingertips you can know the precise status of your operations and quickly model the impact of policies, price and demand.

Mining and Resources services include:

  • Premium Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Connected Colocation
  • Global Managed Network Services
  • Global DDoS Protection
  • Global Telepresence
  • Global VOIP
  • IP Transit
  • IP Audio Conferencing
  • Virtual Contact Centre
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Satellite Data Service
  • Global Mobile Roaming
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
  • Virtual Private LAN Service
  • Global Internet
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Telstra help you to stay at technology‘s cutting edge to satisfy the growing hunger for digital content, while maintaining the flexibility required to scale with world news and events as they happen.

They play a key role in supporting the growth needs of broadcasters, advertising agencies and publishing houses across the globe and enable you to get closer to audiences by acquiring, distributing and managing media more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Telstra's experience in the media sector can be demonstrated by the delivery of critical infrastructure for major events watched by billions of viewers across the globe such as the Olympic Games, Football World Cup, Commonwealth Games and the Royal Wedding.

Media services include:

  • Premium Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Global DDoS Protection
  • Global Telepresence
  • IP Audio Conferencing
  • Media Service
  • International Private Line (IPL)
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
  • Virtual Private LAN Service
  • IP Transit
  • IDD Voice Hubbing
  • Mobile Roaming
  • Global Media Switch
  • Global Internet
  • Connected Colocation
  • Global VOIP
  • Global Managed Network Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure

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Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMREVPS.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMFCFSHR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMCFSHR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - -
  Dividend Per Share EPS Normalized EPS Basic Exluding Extraordinary Items EPS Including Extraordinary Items EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items EBITD Per Share
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Per share data'].ADIVSHR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].AEPSNORM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].ABEPSXCLXO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].AEPSINCLXO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].AEPSXCLXOR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMDIVSHR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMBEPSXCL.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMEPSINCX.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMEPSXCLX.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Per share data'].TTMEBITDPS.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Average {{ratios['Per share data'].ADIV5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
Avg Vol(3 month) Avg Vol(10 day) Shares Outstanding Float % Held by Insiders % Held by Institutions Shares Short Shares Ratio Short % of Float Shares Short(prior month)
{{ratios['Price and Volume'].VOL3MAVG.Value | checkForNa}} {{ratios['Price and Volume'].VOL10DAVG.Value | checkForNa}} - - - - - - - -
Common Shareholders Shares Outstanding Shares Issued Float
{{generalInfo.CompanyGeneralInfo.CommonShareholders.Value | checkForNa}} {{sharesIssuedData.SharesOut | abbreviateNumber | checkForNa}} {{sharesIssuedData.SharesIssued | abbreviateNumber | checkForNa}} {{sharesIssuedData.Float | abbreviateNumber | checkForNa}}
Index Code Index name
{{item}} {{generalInfo.IndexMembership[item]}}
Order Industry Type Code Mnemonic Reported
{{detail.Order | checkForNa}} {{detail.Description | checkForNa}} {{industry | checkForNa}} {{detail.Code | checkForNa}} {{detail.Mnemonic | checkForNa}}

Valuation Ratios

  P/E excluding extraordinary items P/E Normalized P/E Basic excluding extraordinary items P/E excluding extraordinary items high P/E excluding extraordinary items low P/E including extraordinary items
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios.Valuation.APEEXCLXOR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.APENORM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - -
TTM {{ratios.Valuation.PEEXCLXOR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Valuation.PEBEXCLXOR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.TTMPEHIGH.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.TTMPELOW.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.PEINCLXOR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
  Price to Sales Price to Tangible Book Price to Free Cash Flow per Share Price to Cash Flow per Share Price to Book
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios.Valuation.APR2REV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.APR2TANBK.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.APRFCFPS.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Valuation.APRICE2BK.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios.Valuation.TTMPR2REV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Valuation.TTMPRFCFPS.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Valuation.TTMPRCFPS.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Most Recent Quarter - {{ratios.Valuation.PR2TANBK.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - {{ratios.Valuation.PRICE2BK.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Dividend Yield - 5 Year Average {{ratios.Valuation.YLD5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Dividend Yield - indicated annual dividend divided by closing price {{ratios.Valuation.YIELD.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Current Dividend Yield - Common Stock Primary Issue, LTM {{ratios.Valuation.DivYield_CurTTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Net Debt, LFI {{ratios.Valuation.NetDebt_I.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Net Debt, LFY {{ratios.Valuation.NetDebt_A.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Strength Ratios

  Current ratio Quick ratio LT debt/equity Total debt/total equity
Most Recent Quarter {{ratios['Financial strength'].QCURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QLTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QTOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Financial strength'].ACURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ALTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ATOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
  Payout ratio Current EV/Free Cash Flow Interest coverage Total debt/total equity
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Financial strength'].APAYRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].EV2FCF_CurA.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ATOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Financial strength'].TTMPAYRAT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].EV2FCF_CurTTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].TTMINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Income Statement Revenue EBITD Earnings before taxes Net Income available to common Earnings before taxes Normalized Earnings per Share, Normalized, Excluding Extraordinary Items, Avg. Diluted Shares Outstanding
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Income Statement'].AREV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].AEBITD.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].AEBT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].ANIAC.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].AEBTNORM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMREV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMEBITD.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMEBT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Income Statement'].TTMNIAC.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Income Statement'].VDES_TTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
  Gross Margin Net Profit Margin % Operating Margin Pre Tax Margin Free Operating Cash Flow/Revenue
1st Historical Fiscal Year {{ratios.Margins.AGROSMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.ANPMGNPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.AOPMGNPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.APTMGNPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} -
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios.Margins.TTMGROSMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.TTMNPMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.TTMOPMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.TTMPTMGN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.Focf2Rev_TTM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Average {{ratios.Margins.GROSMGN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.MARGIN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.OPMGN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.PTMGN5YR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Margins.Focf2Rev_AAvg5.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Risk Ratio Current Ratio Quick Ratio Interest Coverage LT Debt/Equity Total Debt/Total equity
Most Recent Quarter {{ratios['Financial strength'].QCURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Financial strength'].QLTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].QTOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Financial strength'].ACURRATIO.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AQUICKRATI.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].AINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ALTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Financial strength'].ATOTD2EQ.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months - - {{ratios['Financial strength'].TTMINTCOV.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Management Effectiveness Ratios

Turnover Asset Inventory Receivables
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AASTTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AINVTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].ARECTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMASTTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMINVTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMRECTURN.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Return on Average Assets EBITD Equity Investment
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROAPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROEPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROIPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMROAPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMROEPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMROIPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Average {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROA5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROE5YAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AROI5YRAVG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Employees Net Income Revenue
Most Recent Fiscal Year {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].ANIPEREMP.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].AREVPEREMP.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
Trailing 12 Months {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMNIPEREM.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios['Mgmt Effectiveness'].TTMREVPERE.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Growth Ratios

Growth Rates Revenue % EPS Dividend Revenue/Share Book Value Per Share Capital Spending Net Profit Margin
Most Recent Quarter 1 Year Ago {{ratios.Growth.REVCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSCHNGYR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
5 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - {{ratios.Growth.REVPS5YGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.BVTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.CSPTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.NPMTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
3 Years {{ratios.Growth.REVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.EPSGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.DIVGRPCT.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - -
TTM over TTM {{ratios.Growth.EPSTRENDGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TTMEPSCHG.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - - - - -
CAGR Free Operating Cash Flow Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization Tangible Book Value Total Debt
5 Year CAGR {{ratios.Growth.FOCF_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.TanBV_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{ratios.Growth.STLD_AYr5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
5 Year Interim CAGR - {{ratios.Growth.Ebitda_TTMY5CAGR.Value | setDecimalCheckForNa}} - -

Forecast Ratios

Projected Sales ProjSalesH ProjSalesL ProjSalesNumOfEst ProjSalesPS
{{forecasts.ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjSalesQ ProjSalesQH ProjSalesQL ProjSalesQNumOfEst Price2ProjSales
{{forecasts.ProjSalesQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjSalesQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.Price2ProjSales | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPS ProjEPSHigh ProjEPSLow ProjEPSNumOfEst ProjEPSQ
{{forecasts.ProjEPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjEPSQH ProjEPSQL ProjEPSQNumOfEst ProjPE ProjLTGrowthRate
{{forecasts.ProjEPSQH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjEPSQNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjPE | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjLTGrowthRate | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
TargetPrice EPSActual EPSPrev EPSSurprise EPSSurprisePrc
{{forecasts.TargetPrice | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSActual | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrev | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprise | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurprisePrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
EPSActualQ EPSPrevQ EPSSurpriseQ EPSSurpriseQPrc
{{forecasts.EPSActualQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSPrevQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQ | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.EPSSurpriseQPrc | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
ProjProfit ProjProfitH ProjProfitL ProjProfitNumOfEst
{{forecasts.ProjProfit | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjProfitNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}
{{forecasts.ProjDPS | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSH | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSL | setDecimalCheckForNa}} {{forecasts.ProjDPSNumOfEst | setDecimalCheckForNa}}

Financial Reports

Financial Summary

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value != ''? generalInfo.TextInfo['Financial Summary'].Value: 'No Financial Summary Found.'}}

Accounting Notes
Fiscal Year Ends Most Recent Quarter Transfer agent Auditor Shariah Compliant

{{generalInfo.CompanyGeneralInfo.TotalSharesOut.Data | date:'dd/MM/yyyy' }}


- - {{generalInfo.Auditor && generalInfo.Auditor != ''? generalInfo.Auditor : '-'}}
Fiscal Period
Period End Date:
Period Length
Ratios Value
Analyst Footnotes

Last Updated: {{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].LastUpdated}}

{{generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value && generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value != '' ? generalInfo.TextInfo['Analyst Footnotes'].Value : 'No Analyst Footnotes Found.'}}

Directors, Officers & Company Executives

Start Date End Date
{{personobject.PersonInformation.Name.Info| getDirectorFullNameIncludingPrefix}}
{{persontitlesobject.Value}}, {{persontitles.Start.Day}}-{{persontitles.Start.Month}}-{{persontitles.Start.Year}} {{persontitles.End.Day}}-{{persontitles.End.Month}}-{{persontitles.End.Year}}
No Directors, Officers & Company Executives Information Found.

Recommendation Statistics

No Recommendation Statistics

Recommendation Statistics
Recommendation Number Of Analysts
Sell Reduce Hold Buy Strong Buy {{stats.NumberOfAnalysts}}
I/B/E/S Mean
{{verdict[meanmarker]}} {{analystvotes}} Analysts Mean recommendation from all analysts covering the company on a standardized 5-point scale.
  • Sell
  • Reduce
  • Hold
  • Buy
  • Strong Buy

Past Broker Recommendations

No Past Recommendations

Past Broker Recommendations
  Sell Underperform Hold Buy Strong Buy Total
{{snapshots.Age === 1 ? "1 Week Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 2 ? "30 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 3 ? "60 Days Ago" : (snapshots.Age === 4 ? "90 Days Ago" : "")))}} {{snapshots.Statistics[0].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[1].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[2].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[3].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.Statistics[4].NumberOfAnalysts}} {{snapshots.NumberOfRecommendations}}

Target Price

No Target Price

Target Price
Mean {{priceTarget.Mean}}
High {{priceTarget.High}}
Low {{priceTarget.Low}}
Median {{priceTarget.Median}}
Standard Devitation {{priceTarget.StandardDeviation}}
Number Of Estimates {{priceTarget.NumberOfEstimates}}


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Contact Info

Telstra Corporation Limited

Level 41
242 Exhibition Street
Melourne, VIC
AU Australia, 3000

Phone: +61 8 8308 1721

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Telstra Corporation Limited Google Map
Telstra Corporation Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 2 8280 7100
Fax: N/A

Level 12
680 George Street
Sydney, NSW
AU Australia, 2000

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