Propane Gas

What is Propane?

Propane was first discovered after being recognised as a volatile component within gasoline in the early 1900s. Technically speaking, Propane is a liquid gas and is a three carbon alkaline. Propane can also be produced as a biofuel.

Uses of Propane

Propane commonly used for basic forms of heating or cooking including barbecue fuel and is a power source for some locomotives, buses, forklifts, taxis and ice resurfacing machines. Propane is a heating option for residential homes and in remote areas where fixed piping infrastructure is not in place.

Propane ranks third behind gasoline and diesel as a vehicle fuel and is know in other parts of the world as auto gas. In construction services, propane is the flammable gas in blowtorches and soldering.

Risks of Propane

Similar to Heating Oil, as a commodity, Propane is very weather dependent and also infrastructure dependent. Ensure you are aware of where propane is predominantly used and what the anticipated weather is in those areas.




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