Milk Class III

What is Milk Class III?

Milk in its pure form from cows is raw milk. This raw product is processed into a homogenised state for consistency. Then the newly processed milk product can then be broken into various classes including Milk Class III. 

Milk Class III is a by product created after sterilisation and pasteurisation.

Uses of Milk Class III

After the processing of raw milk directly from cows, the Milk Class III product is created as a single product which is then used as a production ingredient in the manufacturing of cheese.

Risks of Milk Class III

As a futures contract, Milk Class III has the largest volume. Trading this product is always dependent on overall milk production which has its own dependency on cattle production. 

The health and environment of cows is a key factor in the end product or Milk Class III. Weather including drought and industry regulation can affect all aspects of the production process leading to the Milk Class III product.




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