Movie Investments

What are Movie Investments?

Finance is the backbone of any film production from major studio production through to local independent films. Opportunities exist for private investors to become Executive Producers. The role of an Executive Producer in a film is to deal with all matters of finance and legal. As a private investor you will be credited as the Executive Producer. This can be a very profitable investment dependent on the box office results.

Why be involved in Movie Investments?

Movies offer an interesting investment opportunity on several levels for you. Depending on the share structure your percentage of profit can be well in excess of the standard returns from traditional investing, plus there is additional levels of return for you through after market product releases like DVD sales. These are residual returns, and are an ongoing form of profit returns from the initial product. With the media landscape diversifying as it expands this also provides new potential revenue streams for as well. An example of this is if a network picks up the rights to screen the movie.




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