Retail Property

What is Retail Property?

Retail property is similar to office property. Retail property can also be rented out to a business for the services which they provide. An example of this would be Retail space in a shopping centre. You would then offer this space for rent. Businesses would sign a lease to rent your space for an agreed amount of time. Allot of agreements see rent costs waved for the first three months to entice businesses to rent the space. Although businesses will usually take long term leases due to the cost of setting up a shop front, and the location would be known to all their regular clientele.

Why use Retail Property?

Retail Property has the ability to have lower operating costs for you the investor. Along with possibly long term leases for a steady rate of return. There are many different areas that need to be researched in this form of investment. These can include but not limited to the type of business, demographics of the area and terms and conditions of the lease.




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