Self-Managed Super Funds


All Share Prices Premium members will receive a complimentary SMSF costing analysis and Assessment of their current
Self Managed superannuation Funds.

Most people that have a SMSF are not aware of the savings that they can save each year on administration and compliance costs by simply having your SMSF assessed.

The general rule of thumb is the bigger the superannuation that you have equals the bigger savings you may receive based on evaluating the old SMSF structured verses the current SMSF fee schedules that were originally set by your accountant or financial advisors.

Most people that have a SMSF are not aware that you can save on your ongoing fees and yearly assessments for the same SMSF service by having these yearly fees assessed and reduced.

What our SMSF specialist do is look at how your self managed Superannuation fund was originally established and then re-structure all the new strategies that your SMSF can operate by with todays updated SMSF rules and strategies saving you time and money on what is required to run and operate your SMSF.

WARNING: Your accountant or Financial advisor will NOT want or authorise you to have your SMSF assessed as it may in turn lead to a reduction of your current fees and commissions that your accountant or financial advisor may receive.

All SMSF assessments are complimentary for Share Prices Premium members.




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