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General Overview


Link Market Services Limited has a history of quality service and growth in share registry and financial services spanning over more than half a century. The Link Group, encompassing Link Market Services, has significantly expanded its global and domestic operations since 2005 with the acquisition of more than 20 businesses. Their goal is to provide their clients with a premium registry service and comprehensive offering of high quality value add products.

Some recent Link Group business milestones are set out in the timeline below.

  • Joint venture with the New Zealand Stock Exchange to establish Link New Zealand.
  • Pacific Equity Partners acquired ASX Perpetual Registrars Limited and renamed the company Link Market Services Limited.
  • Established a South African presence with the purchase of Ultra Share registrars, subsequently renamed Link Market Services.
  • Purchased Australian Administration Services (AAS), one of Australia’s leading superannuation administration specialists.
  • Acquired Investor Relations market leader Orient Capital.
  • Purchased Primary Superannuation Services Pty Ltd (PSS) based in Melbourne and The Australian Superannuation Group Pty Ltd (TASG) based in Perth.
  • Joined forces with the largest independent share registry in the United States by issuer number, the American Stock Transfer and Trust Company (AST).
  • Entered India with the acquisition of India’s Number 2 registry provider, Intime Spectrum Registry Limited (renamed Link Intime).
  • Expanded their Employee Share Services operations with the purchase of Watson Wyatt Australia.
  • Purchased Australian mail house, CMR Direct.
  • Purchased IBM Superlife and rebranded Link Super.
  • Entered the Canadian market with the addition of CIBC Mellon’s issuer services business, renamed Canadian Stock Transfer (CST).
  • Link Market Services, Equiniti Group and Tricor Group established the GSA to provide global registry and financial services to international companies.
  • Orient Capital partner with UBS Investment Bank to provide share register analysis and investor relations contact management (CRM) services.
  • Empirics, a leading provider of data integration and analytics solutions to the Australian superannuation industry, joins the Link Group.
  • Link’s GSA grows with the addition of North American registries, AST, CST and Wells Fargo Shareowner Services.
  • Orient Capital have signed an agreement to provide investor relations services to Societe Generale Securities Services’ registry clients.
  • Software provider Synchronised Software (Syncsoft) joined the Link Group.
  • Alliance with major asset manager to deliver superannuation administration services.
  • Invested in Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).
  • Acquired superannuation fund administrator FuturePlus Financial Services Pty Limited.
  • Acquired employee share plan provider Esop Shop Pty Ltd in South Africa.
  • Acquired Deutsche Bank subsidiary registrar services GmbH with offices in Germany and Dubai.


Client Services

Link Market Services Limited (Link) provides a comprehensive range of registry related products and services in Australia and worldwide through the Link Group. Link’s value proposition is focussed on delivering premium customer service to their clients. Their industry expertise, partnership approach and use of innovative technology enables us to tailor solutions that deliver greater value to organisations of all types and sizes – understanding that effective investor engagement is vital to every business.

Registry Services

Link provides the full spectrum of registry services for equities, structured products, managed funds (unit registry) and debt securities – both listed and unlisted. In Australia alone, the Link Group manages over 15 million account records and process more than 60 billion dollars in payments every year.

Services include:

  • Online Issuer access and reporting
  • Transaction and election processing
  • Treasury services including payment processing and bank reconciliations
  • Meeting and Voting services
  • Investor Communications via email, telephone, mail, web, SMS messaging and social media
  • Deceased estates management
  • A share sale facility for ASX Issuer Sponsored security holders

First Class Meeting Management

Link Convene provides comprehensive Annual & Extraordinary Meeting services to ensure a first class event that engages your investors, optimises results and enhances your brand. Our dedicated professional meeting team have a track record of successfully delivering some of the most high profile events in corporate Australia. Our expertise, technology and dedication combine to deliver premium event management and sound strategic guidance based on your requirements.

Their services incorporate every aspect of the event including initial event planning and preparation, vendor management, provision of online voting and reporting services, registration and polling on the day, and the subsequent provision of results and attendance reporting.

They offer a diverse range of communication solutions to support your event including form design, proxy solicitation, tailored campaign services, voting updates delivered to your desktop daily and a range of broadcasting and recording services including online web-casting, conferencing and audio-visual production facilities.

Capital Markets

Link’s capital management expertise is unparalleled in Australia. They have the resources, technology and experience to successfully plan, manage and execute capital market assignments of all types and sizes.

Each project is tailored to ensure each client’s unique requirements and objectives are met. Their team of dedicated specialist project managers have the capability and experience to ensure the precise execution of assignments using sound project and risk management methodology.

As part of the Link Group with offices in Asia, Australasia, Africa, Europe and North America they offer integrated support for international corporate activity including dual listings and cross border mergers and acquisitions. Their model is based around local project management to deliver a total global solution built around your needs.

  • Merger’s & Acquisitions – Demergers, Takeovers and Compulsory Acquisition, Scheme of Arrangements
  • Capital Raisings –  Initial Public Offers, Non-Renounceable Rights Issues, Renounceable Rights Issues, Accelerated Rights Issues, Placements, Share/Unit Purchase Plans
  • Other Capital Management Initiatives – Buy-backs, Note Issues, Distribution in Specie, Bonus Issue, Options Exercise, Capital Reconstruction, Consolidation of Share Capital, Redemptions, Share Sale Facility, Management of unmarketable parcels.

Investor Communications

At Link they believe that exceptional investor communication is an essential part of premium registry provision. Every opportunity to engage with investors is an opportunity to provide quality service that enhances your brand and deepens the Issuer-Investor relationship.

Multiple Channels

Their offering is based on industry expertise and integrated infrastructure across multiple media types to support the provision of tailored, scaleable and effective communication services. These services incorporate telephone, email, mail, print and web media.

All investors are able to access their securities at the Link website. The Investor Centre offers a range of enhanced features including the ability to create portfolios, elect to receive communications electronically and access a suite of online account management tools and forms. Your investors will benefit from greater flexibility and functionality which will ultimately increase their participation. A suite of online Investor Help Videos have been created to assist Investors in using Link’s Investor Centre.

First Class Contact Centre & Operations

Investor support is also provided via Link’s inbound Contact Centre that boasts an impressive track record of consistently exceeding Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on comprehensive training and quality assurance programs. This is supported by precise back office Operations, providing accurate and efficient processing of registry transactions and payments. Comprehensive printing, packaging and mail services complement these services and ensure the timely distribution of all communications. Additionally, Link remains at the forefront of electronic communication trends, which continue to transform traditional communication practices.

Specialist Campaigns

Daily investor communication services are extended by specialist inbound and outbound campaign services that can be tailored to clients’ objectives, utilising multiple channels including telephone, electronic and website solutions.

Insolvency Services

Solutions for Practitioners

Insolvency matters are complex and require efficient communication with creditors and stakeholders. You can utilise the superior processing solutions offered by Link Insolvency Services to effectively manage the risks and complexities of insolvency.

Link Insolvency Services (Link IS) has the infrastructure, capacity and expertise to deliver precise and competitive processing solutions for all types of appointments. Link IS is fully geared to provide first class professional support at short notice, tailored to your business needs.

Insolvency Appointments

Link IS has robust processes and systems to effectively support diverse types of appointments:

  • Receiverships and Administrations
  • Voluntary Administrations
  • Standard and Member-Voluntary Liquidations
  • Court-Appointed Bankruptcies
  • Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA)
Comprehensive Services

You can select one or all of the following services for the processing of your Insolvency matters:

  • Contact Centre and Email Services
  • Mailhouse Services
  • Records Maintenance
  • Form Processing
  • Meetings and Poll Management
  • Distribution/Payment and Treasury Services
Industry Leading Technology

Link’s IS is underpinned by industry leading technology allowing you to have visibility, transparency and control. This includes a data depository platform, online practitioner system to provide up to date matter reporting, online real time voting, a meeting management system and an insolvency form portal.

Client Relationship Management

You will have a dedicated client relationship team member to proactively manage all your project needs and provide superior service.


The many benefits delivered via the Link IS’ offering include:

  • Dedicated client relationship management
  • Efficient delivery
  • Precision processing
  • Best practice model
  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • Tailored solutions
  • Innovative technology
  • Competitive fees
  • Management of Complexity and Risk

Company Secretarial Services

Link offers a complete Company Secretarial Service for listed and unlisted public and private companies through Company Matters. Company Matters is a wholly owned subsidiary of Link and was established to bridge the service gap between a sole practitioner company secretarial service and a law firm. Based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Company Matters’ specialised service offering is unique – focussing on prevailing governance and company secretarial matters within a boutique law firm structure.

Company Matters is comprised of a diverse range of highly skilled practitioners, including administration assistants, chartered company secretaries and partner level lawyers. Drawing on this inimitable resource pool they allocate the most appropriate resource for your requirements and consequently can deliver tailored cost effective solutions for any task.

Company Matters offers a wide range of services including complete outsourcing of the Company Secretarial function, the provision of ad hoc support for your Company Secretary and legal advice. In addition, they can second their staff to your offices for project durations or to cover key resource leave.

Share Ownership Analysis & Investor Relations

Orient Capital is the Link Group’s investor relations business, assisting companies maximise the value of being listed entities.

Orient Capital is a global leader in share ownership analysis, equity market intelligence, investor communication and shareholder management technology for listed companies.

Miraqle, Orient Capital’s unique web application, is the desktop investor relations solution of choice for over 1,000 listed companies in Australasia, Asia, UK, Europe and Africa. Acclaimed for its intuitive design and integrated functionality, it comprises a constantly evolving series of modular products – each designed to assist companies to efficiently and accurately identify, profile, track, manage, target and communicate with investors, potential investors and the wider investment community. The core modules within miraqle are:

  • shares – trading data
  • shareview – share registry data
  • sharetrak – share ownership intelligence
  • sharecom – market communications activity
  • sharedeal – management of corporate actions (proxies, takeovers, capital raisings)
  • sharevault – secure document repository
  • shareweb – management of web marketing
  • sharepac – centralised reporting

In addition, Orient Capital has a number of investor relations services that leverage the data presented through miraqle:

  • miraqle events – full service webcasting, production and conferencing solution
  • miraqle campaigns – multi-channel investor communication solutions
  • miraqle metrics – accurate, transparent and independent performance hurdle calculations

Orient Capital is the established market leader in the provision of investor analytics and investor communication solutions to issuers and their advisors during corporate actions.

Employee – Equity Plan Solutions

Equity Plan Solutions (EPS) is a specialist division of the Link Group providing comprehensive global equity plan solutions and premium service to clients operating employee share/stock, rights and option plans. EPS has over 550 clients globally, operating plans in 80 countries around the world, with more than 1,000,000 plan participants. They provide services to local and global organisations of all types and sizes, listed and unlisted, including some of Australia’s most iconic Companies.

The EPS premium service offering incorporates the full lifecycle of plan management; design, implementation, ongoing administration and regular review and re-design. Their expertise in employee communication and ongoing plan analysis ensures your plans continue to meet the needs of your business and are an effective retention and motivation tool for employees or executives.

They provide dedicated account management, innovative technology and tailored solutions to meet the diverse employee plan needs of businesses worldwide. Employees benefit from industry leading support services and online access to view and manage their rewards.

Equity Plan Solutions

Trustee, Custodial & Escrow Services

Many Australian companies use a multitude of providers to support their increasingly complex and diverse corporate requirements. Pacific Custodians Pty Ltd (Pacific Custodians), a subsidiary of Link, offers clients an alternative: integrated end-to-end corporate services through a single expert provider.

Pacific Custodians has the capability to support domestic and cross jurisdiction needs for listed and unlisted companies of all types and tailors services based on your unique requirements.

Their services include:

  • Trustee Services
  • Custodial Services
  • Escrow Services
Trustee Services

Pacific Custodians holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and specialises in the establishment and management of a wide variety of trustee relationships, including:

  • Employee share plan management
  • Funds Under Management trusts
  • Defined and discretionary benefit trusts

The complete solution encompasses:

  • Accounting and reporting of trust assets
  • Cash / Capital distribution of trust assets
  • Finance and Tax compliance
  • Legal drafting services
Custodial Services

Pacific Custodians is a global custodian specialising in custodial arrangements in Australia and across multiple jurisdictions for:

  • Assets with current / future obligations
  • Security purchases / sales
  • Property trust administration
Escrow Services

Pacific Custodians is a trusted escrow agent with the ability to execute any corporate transaction, regardless of complexity, size or jurisdiction. They specialise in:

  • Capital Markets escrow
  • Paying agent services
  • Performance / progress payment escrow
  • Construction escrow
  • Indemnification escrow.

Global Registry & Financial Services for International Companies

The Global Share Alliance was formed in June 2011 to provide enhanced global registry and financial services to international companies around the world.

Combined, the GSA represents in excess of 40 million shareholder records, with companies listed in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Members include Link Market Services, American Stock Transfer and Trust Company LLC, Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc, Equiniti Group, Tricor Group, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services and registrar services.

The GSA service offering is based on market leading technology, first class account management, local expertise, global best practice and a unique value add proposition for the benefit of their clients.

The GSA provides the following services:

Investor Services

If you invest in the Australian share market then there is a good chance that you hold shares in one of the many companies and trusts that have selected Link Market Services Limited (Link) to manage their share registry and service their investors.

They are pleased to offer the following investor services:

  • Online Services
  • Selling Your Shares
  • Estate Administration services.

Online Services

Convenient, Fast & Secure

The Investor Centre provides you with convenient and secure access to your holdings and other useful account management tools. Just as importantly, online access benefits the overall performance of your investment by reducing operational costs for the companies and trusts you invest in.

Electronic Communications

The Investor Centre provides a fast and simple way to update your details along with secure access to your payment and tax information online. Electronic copies of these documents are readily accepted by the Australian Tax Office and by most financial advisors, tax consultants and accountants. Should you elect to receive communications electronically (rather than by post) you not only benefit the environment by utilising less paper but you will receive communications more efficiently.

Investor Centre Tools

Many of their investor services are available to you online through the Investor Services Centre, where you can:

  • Create and manage investor portfolios
  • View your holdings, balances, payment history, tax statements and any Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP)
  • Update your personal details including address, payment instructions, and Tax File Number (TFN) / Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Modify communication elections and register to receive all company announcements electronically
  • Access proxy voting facilities
  • Access forms
  • Create custom groups for portfolios with many holdings

Selling Your Shares

The Share Sale Centre provides investors with a simple and affordable alternative to traditional sale services provided by stockbrokers. This service is available for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) issuer sponsored holdings (denoted by a Securityholder Reference Number or SRN) and holdings must be disposed of in full. Link can also assist with the sale of securities on behalf of deceased estates.

If you are sponsored by a participant (denoted by a Holder Identification Number or HIN) you will need to contact your sponsoring participant or stockbroker.

If you are looking for investment advice or want to buy (and sell) shares regularly, then you should consult a stockbroker. If you don’t have a relationship with a broker, or are looking for a new broker, the Australian Securities Exchange can assist you with a list of available brokers.

Estate Administration

The administration of an estate can be complex and time consuming. To assist you in understanding the requirements associated with administering and distributing securities to beneficiaries please refer to Link’s Deceased Estates Requirements checklist for an Individual or Joint Holders.

Link offers a Deceased Estates Securities Administration Service to individuals and advisors to administer the securities held by the Deceased. A fee is payable for this service. As specialists in this area, they can provide accurate and efficient estate securities administration. Alternatively, you may choose to administer the estate yourself, retain advisers (Lawyers, Public Trustee, financial advisers), or sell the securities.

Estate Administrators may be able to access some holding information via the Investor Centre. To do so you will need the shareholder reference number (SRN) or holder identification number (HIN) of the deceased.

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