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The Boardroom Advantage

Boardroom Pty Limited has more than 25 years experience providing share registry, investor communication and voting services to Corporate Australia. Their client base ranges across many industry segments and includes a number of high profile ASX companies. They  are part of the Boardroom group of companies with offices in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Boardroom Pty Limited is an organisation which prides itself on innovation, exceptional service and the ability to provide a flexible approach in order to meet their clients’ needs. It is for these reasons that the profile of Boardroom Pty Limited is growing at a rapid rate.


Listed Securities

Boardroom Pty Limited Australia provides a complete range of registry management services for listed companies and listed securities on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), National Stock Exchange (NSX) and Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (APX).

The services they provide include:

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) – Processing applications, banking monies, reconciling bank accounts, producing welcome packs and holding statements
  • Ongoing Day to day maintenance of the register – changes of address, dividend/distribution payment instructions, annual report elections, notation of probates and Powers of Attorney.
  • Processing off market transfers
  • Processing electronic settlement of transactions via the CHESS system
  • Call Centre – responding to all telephone, written and email enquiries from issuers, investors, brokers, executors and solicitors.
  • Online access for issuers, investors, brokers and financial advisers
  • Calculation and payment of dividends/distributions
  • Calculation and allotment of shares in case of a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)
  • Maintenance of the unclaimed monies register to ensure compliance with relevant Acts
  • Design, printing and processing returned proxies
  • Planning and management of annual general meetings
  • Provision of meeting registration facilities for investors and visitors
  • Assistance with the conduct of polls at meetings
  • Planning and managing in-house and external print and mailing services
  • Management of employee option and share plans, including payroll deductions, loan repayments, reconciliations and transferring shares
  • Consultancy and project management for corporate actions and special projects – capital raisings, rights issue, takeovers, mergers & acquisitions, scheme of arrangement, special dividends, return of capital, bonus issue
  • Statutory reporting
  • Investor relations, communications and intelligence
  • Proxy solicitation services … scheme meetings, mergers & acquisitions and capital raisings.
  • Share register analytics

Unlisted Securities

Boardroom Pty Limited Australia provides a complete range of registry management services for unlisted securities and works closely with custodians and administrators of fund accounting and unit pricing.

Unlisted securities include:

  • Equity Funds
  • Property Trusts and Syndicates
  • Structured Products
  • Fixed Interest Products and Debentures

The services they are able to provide include:

  • Processing daily cash / wrap applications and redemptions
  • Banking monies, reconciling bank accounts
  • Producing acknowledgement and confirmation letters and holding statements,
  • Ongoing Day to day maintenance of the register – processing unitholder transfers, changes of address, distribution payment instructions, DRP election, recording TFN details, notation of probates and Powers of Attorney.
  • Call Centre – responding to all telephone, written and email enquiries from issuers, investors, financial advisers, executors and solicitors.
  • Maintain dealer group & adviser details
  • Online access for issuers, investors and financial advisers
  • Calculation and payment of distributions
  • Calculation and allotment of units in case of a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)
  • Set up and management of savings plans
  • Calculation and production of annual tax statements
  • Calculation and payment of dealer groups and adviser commissions
  • Planning and managing in-house and external print and mailing services
  • Statutory reporting

Meeting Services

AGM Services and Corporate Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the most important events on the yearly calendar for companies and their shareholders

At Boardroom Pty Limited Australia they offer their Clients a broad range of services to ensure that the AGM meetings and all other Corporate Meetings are managed with professionalism and efficiency.

They understand that Clients have very different needs and Boardroom Pty Limited Australia provides a range of cost effective services designed to fulfill these meeting requirements. An important part of working with their Clients through this process is to ensure full compliance whilst maximising this opportunity to engage your security holders.

AGM Planning

Boardroom Pty Limited Australia project manages AGM and all Corporate Meetings.

The success of these meetings is determined by the preparation and planning prior to the event. Boardroom Pty Limited Australia involvement can vary depending upon the Clients needs. The underlying objective remains constant, they work with their Clients to deliver a premium experience that enhances the image of your Company.

Corporate Secretarial

At Boardroom Pty Limited, they are aware that ASIC, Corporations Act and ASX/NSX listing requirements present a critical and often complex component to a company’s present and future growth. The necessity to comply with these requirements can:

  • Burden a company’s management
  • Distract from core business activities
  • Cause unnecessary delays
  • Present a complex environment, including remembering key dates and dealing with numerous forms and documents
  • Lead to non-compliance, which can result in the incurrence of fines and even investigation by the regulators

Their services are focussed on providing cost effective, flexible professional services to allow companies to effectively manage their corporate secretarial obligations though a trusted and established partner.

They have extensive experience in providing corporate secretarial services, and currently have over 3000+ corporate secretarial clients across Asia. As experienced governance professionals, their staff offer a wealth of corporate secretarial and governance understanding and knowledge to their clients.

Investor Solicitation Services

At Boardroom Pty Limited, they understand the importance of successful investor participation in Corporate Actions & Capital Raisings. Participation levels can dramatically change the course and outcome of such events.

Experience shows that a Company can substantially increase investor participation levels with a tailored & focussed solicitation campaign being implemented. Boardroom will ensure that the message gets to the right targets. Focussed solicitation increases the ability for investors to understand & therefore act upon the corporate action.

Canvassing & communicating with shareholders at crucial times can produce the voter influence needed to make the difference between a successful or disastrous outcome.


e-communication does not create a new process – merely another way to do something they already do. Boardroom Pty Limited’s e-communication capabilities now allow you to communicate with your investors in a more efficient and cost effective way.

To ensure success, their approach is built around understanding your audience and needs then developing a long term strategy that meets your objectives.

Voting Management

Boardroom offers the complete range of professional voting management services that ensure ballots are conducted in a legally compliant, secure and robust environment for all types of organisations in both the Government and Private/Corporate sectors.

Boardroom voting solutions provide for the broad range of election and ballot requirements, including

  • Board elections
  • Director and Governor elections
  • Committee Member and Office Bearer elections
  • Enterprise Agreement ballots
  • Collective Agreement / Workplace Agreement ballots
  • Employee Representative elections
    • Staff Consultative Committees and Forums
    • Casual vacancy and by-elections
  • Protected Action ballots
  • Association and membership ballots
  • Annual General Meeting ballots and proxy voting

Boardroom is an independent and neutral organisation with a team whose election management expertise and returning officer experience spans over 20 years.

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