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General Overview

About Registry Direct

Founded in in 2014, Registry Direct is one of Australia’s fastest growing Software as a Service companies.

They focus on making your life easier, whether a registry manager, shareholder, or adviser.

Recognised for their service, they work closely with their customers to transition or establish their registries.

And as your needs change, or grow, our platform evolves, ensuring our partnership evolves with it.


Registry Direct was born from a single idea. The idea that owning a part of a business, no matter how big or small, should be exciting, engaging and empowering.

But most of them don’t feel a sense of real connection to the companies in which they invest.

Registry Direct’s vision is to create that connection, by bringing share ownership to life for companies, employees and shareholders across the world.

In a world where managing share registries has long been considered expensive and onerous and, dare they say it, dull, how could they help businesses share that vision?


Deliver the capability to reach shareholders wherever they are, connecting with them through a mobile first, cloud-based platform, designed for how shareholders live their lives today.

Create an easy to use, cost-effective platform, designed for business administrators and their advisers, that’s both scalable and customisable.

Deliver the specific capability to support employee share schemes, giving start-ups and established companies flexibility in how they reward and engage their teams.



Smarter Registry Management, Whatever Your Business
Comprehensive Management

Complete management of listed and non-listed company registries including
dividend and distribution payments, meeting services, print and mail services, corporate actions and

Easy Establishment

Simple set-up of new registries and employee schemes, including transitions
of existing schemes, fully supported by their customer service team.

Scalable and Flexible

Your registry platform can be customised to your needs, allowing you to
control your costs and allocation of work to yourself, your advisers, or us.

Compliance Covered

Automatic reminders and their direct connection to ASIC means that
you can meet your obligations in minutes, never missing a deadline.

Better Communication

Fast and direct two-way communication with your security holders through our
portal, events calendar, email and even snail mail.

Own Your Channel

With Registry Direct, you own your customers’ brand experience, through a
branded platform, created for you by our system.

Central Securities Depository (CSD)

The CSD provides a wide range of depository and settlement services for fixed
income securities, as well as acting as custodian to more than 85 per cent of commercial paper issued in

It features full delivery versus payment functionality using BIS Model 1DvP
(simultaneous cash and security transfer), as well as electronic or physical lodgement services.


Your Shareholding, Your Way
Transparency and Clarity

Full details of your shareholdings managed through Registry Direct, accessible
whenever and wherever you want, with read-only access available for your accountants and advisers.

Get Involved

Contribute to company decisions, through online voting, check important events
through the calendar and view company communications and notices.

Manage Your Payments

Set-up and change your bank account details, to receive your distribution
payments on time, every time.

Who Needs Forms?

By registering, they give you the power of adding, or changing your
details online, or you can manage your details the old fashioned way, by using the forms below.

Employee Share Schemes

Register to have total transparency of your employee share scheme, its terms,
your holdings and the vesting conditions and exercise options.


Making it Easier to do More for Your Clients
Simpler Client Share Registry Creation

Easily set up and manage your client’s securities or issue new securities through our
online portal.

White Label as Your Service

Registry Direct can be rebranded with your firm’s logo and corporate colours,
becoming a seamless value-adding extension of your service.

Streamlined Management

Online editing of client records allows you to make instant changes and submit
updated details directly to ASIC.

Support Your Retail Clients Too

View clients’ statements and holdings, buy and sell activities and distributions

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