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General Overview

About Security Transfer Registrars

Since 1983, Security Transfer Registrars has provided issuers with personalised service. Coupled with their progressive approach to harnessing developments in technology, they provide superior management of registry information and effective service delivery to companies.

They understand the needs of their clients and build open and honest relationships with them to ensure long term business alliances.

Their approach is to work in partnership with their clients. They deliver customised service solutions to the market place, ensuring seamless, timely, and valuable reporting suited to individual companies and their investors’ needs.

The key source of our strength is our people. Our team is committed to quality client service, providing timely and accurate responses and solutions to any given scenario. They build a strong and reliable team through ongoing training, sharing of knowledge, and valuable feedback from their issuers and their investors.

Security Transfer Registrars Pty Ltd is a member of the Share Registrars Association of Australia Inc.


Security Transfer Registrars’ mission is to be leaders in the delivery of superior share registry solutions. They are dedicated to meeting the demands of cross-industry clients – listed and unlisted in Australia and internationally – whilst ensuring seamless, timely and valuable reporting for management teams in today’s competitive marketplace.


  • They demonstrate integrity and respect in building honest, open relationships.
  • They uphold high standards of professionalism and credibility while providing superior share registry services, customised to the client’s individual needs.
  • They are committed to keeping abreast of current concepts and investing in technology to maintain a competitive position and the provision of best practice solutions.
  • They believe their people are the key source of our strength – they build unity, respect and teamwork through training and sharing of knowledge.

What Their Clients Achieve in Partnership With Them

Security Transfer Registrars delivers professional share registry services to clients across various industries. Working in partnership, they deliver timely, reliable, and customised share registry service solutions to their clients.


Registry Services

Security Transfer Registrars delivers professional share registry services to listed and unlisted companies throughout Australia and internationally. Specialising in the issue of securities for companies worldwide, they customise service solutions to the marketplace, ensuring seamless, timely, and valuable reporting suited to individual companies’ needs.

  • Maintain security registers for publicly listed and unlisted companies
  • Transfer ownership of securities
  • Issue holder statements
  • Allot securities
  • Shareholder enquiry service

Corporate Actions

They are experienced in the provision of uniform practice and quality service for all corporate actions that may have a direct financial impact on an issuer company’s shareholders or bondholders. These services include: rights issues, bonus issues, dividends and other payments.

  • Bonus issue
  • Dividend
  • Dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)
  • Distribution in specie
  • Exercise of options
  • Float / Initial public offering (IPO)
  • Non-Renounceable rights issue
  • Rights issue
  • Sale of unmarketable parcels
  • Scheme of arrangement
  • Share purchase plan

Investor Meetings

  • Attend meetings and provide registration and voting services
  • Assist with Proxy form development and mailout
  • Collate and record proxies
  • Provide resultant proxy reporting

Global Services

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Security Transfer Registrars services clients listed and unlisted in Australia and internationally and have a number of strategic alliances to assist their clients with solutions to localised issues where they may arise.

They also manage investor’s CHESS Depository Interests (CDI), allowing shareholders to obtain the economic benefits of foreign financial products without holding legal title to those financial products. CDIs enable investors to hold and transfer their interests in foreign financial products electronically, which they would be unable to do if they held these products directly.

Unlisted Securities

Provides registry services for unlisted companies.

Online Access

Their online issuer centre and investor centre provide direct access tools for issuers and investors to manage their registry information – their securities and their holder information.

For all users of their online services – issuers and investors – your online security is important to them. All online services, including access to registry and holding information, is password secured, ensuring your protection as well as superior deliver of share registry services.

Beneficial Owner Analysis

The importance of being able to identify who owns your stock is crucial to developing good investor relations. While many retail shareholders are clearly visible, most institutional shareholders and the fund managers that make the investment decisions are not. They sit behind layers of nominees and/or custodian companies on your register and it requires specialist expertise and a network of contacts to identify them.

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