Professional Traders

The tools of the trade

Whether you are a demanding trader who requires the performance and flexibility of a professional trading environment, or an investor who needs access on the go, we have got the right platform for you. CQG and TT. The tradeoff is between mobility and cross-device functionality on one side and professional-level trading power on the other. But you don’t need to choose. You can have both.


JB Prime Multi Asset is used by professional fund managers & sophisticated retail clients who need access to real-time local and global data, advanced trading capabilities and superior liquidity pools in a single, integrated platform using CQG technology.

75+ Exchanges


Integrated Platform

Trade more then 75 global exchanges from one secure platform.

Add Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs with flexible leverage options.

Invest in all asset classes in a single integrated CQG trading platform.



Mobile Trading

Optimised Liquidity

CQG Technology

Trade with ease on your desktop or on the go on your mobile.

You will get access to our optimised liquidity solutions covering Futures, Options, Equities, Forex plus DMA CFDs.

Access your preferred global markets on the platform you have come to trust, CQG.

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