Ausenco Limited (AAX) has been delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Ausenco Limited (AAX)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Ausenco

AAXAusenco began in Brisbane, Australia, in 1991, with a small team of talented engineers offering innovative solutions to the mining industry.

Listed on the Australian stock exchange in 2006, they now draw on the talents of around 2500 employees in 31 offices around the globe.

Their professionals work on some of the world's most remote and exciting projects, and they are strategically positioned to capitalise on the expanding opportunities in global markets.

Strength Through Diversity

As they have grown, they have learnt the value of customising their services to meet evolving industry needs, and of partnering with the world's best providers in each field.

In 2003, they established their Ascentis division to deliver specialised operations solutions to the minerals-processing industry.

Five years later, in 2008, they made three significant acquisitions: Pipeline Systems Incorporated (the PSI group), Sandwell International Inc., and Vector Engineering Inc.

Recognised as a world leader in the design and delivery of slurry pipeline transport systems, PSI brought to Ausenco global expertise in innovative materials-handling and control systems. PSI also extended Ausenco's global network of offices, particularly in South America.

As specialists in ports and bulk materials-handling systems, and in energy and industrial processes for the mining, oil and gas industries, Sandwell further expanded their suite of services. With offices in Canada, the USA, South America, Asia and Africa, they also extended their geographic reach.

Their third acquisition, the California-based Vector Engineering, contributed specialised geotechnical, civil, environmental and water resource services.

In the years following these major acquisitions, they went on to form alliances with Whittle Consulting and Meteng &mdash specialists in business optimisation for the mining industry. We also acquired 50% equity in the Kramer Group, a project management and engineering services group operating in the south-west Pacific.

And, in 2012, Ausenco acquired the Calgary-based Reaction Consulting oil sands company, formed an alliance with South African-based water treatment specialists, Proxa Ltd, and acquired Australian-based asset and logistics experts, the Rylson Group.

Following on from these acquisitions, in 2013 they acquired another Calgary-based oil sands company, PROJEX Technologies, to further strengthen their capabilities and service offering to their clients in this area.

Today, these strategic partnerships make them a total solution provider to the global resources industry, able to provide a full range of infrastructure and engineering services.


  • AAXFirst office opens in Brisbane, Australia
  • Second office opens in Perth, Australia
  • Win first African project – North Mara Gold Project, Tanzania
  • First institutional shareholders invest in Ausenco
  • Former Queensland Premier Wayne Goss is appointed Chairman
  • Win Sepon Copper Gold Project, Laos
  • Receive Australian Export Award – Services
  • Receive Engineering Excellence Award – Projects and Exports
  • Establish Ascentis, a new division delivering operations solutions to the minerals-processing industry
  • China office opens
  • Americas office opens
  • Win first alliance contract with Queensland Nickel (QNI)
  • Receive Australian Engineering Excellence Award – Resource Development (with Bateman Engineering)
  • Win first Americas projects – Mexico and Argentina
  • Win series of major projects – Australia, Zambia, Laos, Vietnam
  • List on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
  • Manila office opens
  • Receive Queensland Export Award – Services
  • Receive Australian Export Award – Services
  • AAXBangkok office opens
  • Vancouver office opens
  • Launch Ausenco Foundation to offer community support
  • Acquire Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI), Vector Engineering and Sandwell
  • Johannesburg office opens
  • Launch Ausenco Project Academy in partnership with Queensland University of Technology
  • Form Ausenco Taggart CHPP joint venture
  • Form alliances with Whittle Consulting and Meteng
  • Created Ausenco Energy and Ausenco Program Management
  • Acquired 50% equity in Kramer Group to form Kramer Ausenco
  • Ausenco PSI celebrated 30 years in business
  • Receive Australia Latin America Business Excellence award
  • Receive Jack Holt Newcrest Mining Trophy
  • Acquire 100% of Reaction Consulting oil sands company
  • Calgary office opens
  • Form alliance with Proxa Ltd
  • Form Ausenco Rylson joint venture
  • Appointment of George Lloyd as Chairman
  • Acquire 100% Calgary oil sands business PROJEX Technology


AAXThroughout their growth, their commitment to innovation hasn't wavered. They are still dedicated to finding ingenious solutions that create value for their clients – every time.

They are always looking to deliver practical, fit-for-purpose solutions to complex problems – and sometimes that means pushing the boundaries of what's been done before. Their professionals combine a realistic view of the world with a willingness to explore and create new approaches.

They draw on a wealth of knowledge that only comes from many years' experience in the resource and energy sectors.

At Ausenco, they are also committed to having a positive impact on the world around them. Wherever they work, they strive to collaborate with clients and communities to achieve truly sustainable outcomes in health, safety, the environment and community.

Their six core values form the cornerstone of their culture and every project that they undertake.

Safety in All They Do

Regardless of where their people work across the globe, they deserve to be safe and feel safe. They let nothing compromise their safety performance, and have safety initiatives in place to achieve their target of Zero Harm.

The Client is Their Focus

They develop trusting and open relationships with their business partners and clients, ensuring they meet their needs and exceed their expectations. By delivering extraordinary results, they build their business and their own.

Their People are Their Strength

They value their people's ability, diversity and creativity, and do all in their power to nurture their existing talents and develop new ones. The way we care for, grow and encourage our people is a key part of our culture, and is governed by our People Principles.

Respect the Community and the Environment

Wherever they operate, they respect the diverse communities and environments and strive to achieve sustainable outcomes for all. Their footprint must engender a positive outlook for future generations, both abroad and at home.

They Seek Indigenous Solutions

They encourage our people to continually expand their knowledge and experience to become life-long learners. By constantly striving to find the best solution, they foster innovation.

They are Open, Honest and Collaborative

They respect the diversity and differences of their people, clients and the communities in which they live and work. They are straightforward and collaborative in all their communication.


AAXProactive management of the sustainability of their business is core to Ausenco's people, their company and its shareholders, the outcomes they achieve for their clients and the communities in which they operate.

They work in a wide range of environments globally that cover challenging conditions, differing regulations, climates, and cultures which require a tailored approach to sustainability. They actively seek to make a positive contribution to the world around them by focusing on the way they work and live and bringing their core values to life, every day.

The Ausenco Sustainability Policy and Sustainability framework (shown above) summarise their key focus areas and highlight some of the ways they measure their efforts.


Environment and Sustainability

AAXThe environment and its sustainability are key influences across the energy and resources sectors.

At Ausenco they focus on engineering solutions for sustainable development and have a strong commitment to ingenious engineering solutions for the lifecycle of their clients' projects that respect the environment and the communities in which they work.

Ausenco care about the different environments in which they operate globally to ensure they deliver the best outcome for all.

Their professional strengths in the geotechnical, civil, hydrology, hydrogeology and environment engineering disciplines offer their clients engineering that is consistent with their sustainability strategies by:

  • Adhering to local and regional sustainable development considerations at the study phase
  • Using sustainability concepts to drive innovation in the design phase
  • Applying management systems through the construction phase to deliver projects on specification, on time, on budget and without safety incident
  • Using triple bottom line decision-making processes throughout the optimise phase for the lifecycle of the project

Minerals Processing

AAXTheir experience and expertise in developing effective minerals processing practices and solutions for their clients sets them among the leaders within this space.

They are recognised internationally as a specialist in the study, engineering, procurement, construction management, program management, commissioning and operations of minerals processing projects.

Their project experience ranges from small conceptual studies for new developments through to the construction of large scale minerals processing facilities.

Their proven methodologies result in successful project completion, on time and budget with an excellent safety performance.

They have a strong base of expertise in a variety of commodities including:

  • Biomass
  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Gas
  • Industrial minerals
  • Iron ore
  • LNG
  • Mineral sands
  • Oil sands
  • Precious metals
  • Uranium
  • Zinc

At Ausenco, they offer quality services for each project including high-level process engineering expertise, feasibility study management and can also provide complete services through trusted alliances and joint ventures. Their services in minerals processing include:

  • Management services - covering the full spectrum of the project from design to supervision and management of metallurgical test work programs.
  • Concept studies - that ensure the project they are envisaging will work based on studies of your specific project.
  • Engineering cost studies - their experts have the experience to know what the real costs will be and how to make the most of your investment.
  • Feasibility studies - including comprehensive feasibility study reporting; their extensive studies ensure you have all the information needed to make the right decision.
  • Project financial models - they can provide detailed and accurate project financial models.

Oil and Gas

AAXAusenco provides full oil sands and oil and gas development services, from initial concept and feasibility studies through to project delivery and operations and maintenance.

Their oil and gas group provides a complete consulting, engineering and project management platform, integrating cost-effective solutions into site operations, infrastructure development, front-end engineering design (FEED) and engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) projects.

Their focus is to maintain a high level of flexibility and client focus to deliver effective tailored solutions to the oil and gas market.


AAXTheir capabilities in energy are diverse, with the ability to provide a range of solutions customised to their clients' needs from conventional energy to renewable energy, right through to energy transport solutions via pipeline or wire.

At Ausenco, they offer their clients more than conventional power delivery methods. We offer new and improved ways of delivering power for their clients in a cost efficient and sustainable way. They strive to achieve maximum returns on investment for their clients and the potential to accomplish this in energy is significant.

They can demonstrate the best way forward for their clients' projects, taking into consideration their needs, current situation and what solution will provide them with the outcomes they desire.

Transportation Systems

AAXAusenco is among the world's most experienced companies in the planning and design of heavy haul rail and transportation systems for bulk materials.

Ausenco's capabilities in transportation systems are vast and more than 5,000 transport projects later, they continue to deliver sophisticated engineering and infrastructure solutions for their clients globally.

In addition to their practical experience in heavy haul rail and transportation systems, they also possess expertise in simulation of transportation systems to ensure their clients can have confidence in their future investment.

Ports and Terminals

AAXAusenco's ports and terminals experience spans over 85 years globally.

Ausenco have successfully designed ports for corporate and government clients ranging from small vessel harbours to bulk terminals.

Their engineers have experience with a wide range of marine structures, including but not limited to: wharfs, jetties, spread mooring systems, trestles, fendering designs, seawater intake and outfall facilities, breakwaters, jacket and caisson structures. They have designed steel and concrete marine structures in high seismic zones, able to accommodate dynamic forces from large vessels, as well as harsh ice and wave environments.

They use innovative techniques to design cost-effective facilities across the globe, along with the highest standards in environmental management and safety.

They offer a complete package of services to develop greenfield ports including site selection, planning of site investigations and conceptual studies to detailed design and EPCM services. They have specialist knowledge of coastal and metocean conditions and their studies include weather downtime and berth availability assessments.

With many decades of experience in developing port and marine infrastructure, they provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Port planning and design
  • Port site selection and scoping studies
  • Equipment selection and design
  • Throughput assessments
  • Infrastructure design
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Operator training
  • Environmental and navigational risk assessment
  • Arctic engineering
  • Coastal engineering

They provide expertise and innovative solutions that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your project. They have worked on a range of marine facilities, which include:

  • Bulk materials
  • LNG, LPG and oil terminals
  • Offshore structures
  • General cargo and container terminals
  • Ferry terminals and barge ramps
  • Marinas and small craft harbours
  • Cruise ship terminals

Pipeline Systems

AAXFor more than 30 years, their people have held key roles in the engineering of pipelines across the globe for the transport of a diverse array of products through challenging terrain, extreme climates and remote locations.

Ausenco provides expertise with associated SCADA systems and telecommunications, especially for remote locations developing stand-alone, self-sustaining systems which require a minimum of local human interface and maintenance.

They have designed and engineered long-distance pipelines to transport virtually every type of mineral from concentrates such as copper, zinc, lead and iron, to crushed ore, bauxite, nickel laterite, phosphate, potash, limestone and coal.

They offer complete project solutions from concept to commissioning. Their pipeline project services include:

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design
  • Route reconnaissance and evaluation
  • Laboratory and loop testing programs
  • Complex hydraulic modelling
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Leak detection systems
  • Pipeline operations and simulation software
  • Pipeline SCADA and telecommunications
  • Construction management/construction QA/QC
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Pipeline operations optimisation and maintenance
  • Operator training and operations support

These solutions offer a variety of applications including:

  • Long-distance slurry pipelines (mineral concentrates, mineral ores, coal, industrial minerals)
  • Conventional and high-density tailings transport
  • Oil, gas and products pipelines
  • Ethanol and alternative fuels pipelines
  • Control systems design and integration
  • Water and waste water pipelines

Operations and Maintenance

AAXAt Ausenco they provide a comprehensive range of operations and maintenance services for their clients who seek seamless, low risk transitions to stable operations in order to secure and maintain a high return on investment.

They maximise efficiencies and safety through optimisation and look at their clients' project from a number of angles to determine the best methods for achieving success, thereby creating added value for their clients.

Their knowledge in plant and equipment operation and maintenance is diverse and includes experience across a variety of commodities, asset classes and diverse geographical locations. This experience has allowed them to tailor a suite of operations and maintenance services that can assist owners to maximise the return on investment from their assets over the full life cycle of a project.

Their aim is to maximise efficient and safe plant operation and maintenance, and provide cost effective and sustainable solutions. They understand that for any project to be successful, particularly those in remote locations, effective engagement with stakeholders including the local community is imperative. They have been privileged to witness first hand, in locations such as Papua New Guinea, West Africa and Australia, the positive impact that a successful and well managed operation can have on the local community.

Their attention to health and safety is matched by their focus on the protection of the local environment and the training, development and integration of local personnel into their project workforce.

At Ausenco they understand the importance of getting people trained to the highest standard possible and ready to operate plant and equipment safely, efficiently and effectively. This requires the appropriate systems, procedures and practices to be developed and delivered to the workforce well in advance of operations commencement.

Their proven capability in operations and maintenance extends from operational readiness to operations support, through to continuous improvement and contract operations.


AAXThey have extensive knowledge and experience in the design of systems that treat and handle commodities.

This experience encompasses a variety of commodities including both precious and base metals, and ferrous metals.

Their vast range of services in this area can take their clients' commodities from the ground, through processing and to global markets. They evaluate extraction, treatment and transportation options and create optimum value for their clients.

Their range of services in industrial minerals provides their clients with end to end solutions that are customised to their project and include:

  • Design audits/optimisation studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Pipeline system design, operation and maintenance
  • Site and route selection
  • Construction support
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Operator training/operations support

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