Aconex Limited (ACX) has been delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Aconex Limited (ACX)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About Aconex Limited


They started this business because – even back in the year 2000 – they believed there was a better way for companies to deliver successful construction and engineering projects. At the time, construction was one of the few industries that still relied on paper. Each project generated a massive amount of it – correspondence and documents that needed to be distributed to dispersed teams, quickly and in a controlled manner.

Aconex is now the most widely used online collaboration platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, and energy and resources projects. They have helped manage more than US$1 trillion in capital projects across 70 countries, serving over 70,000 user organizations. Their shares are traded publicly on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker code ACX and are included in the S&P / ASX 200 Index. 

Aconex allows owners, contractors, construction managers, EPCs, project managers and consultants to collaborate securely, efficiently and easily. Their 850+ employees are dedicated to helping project teams finish early and under budget. Together with their customers, they are transforming how project teams work together, increasing accountability and extending control so more gets done, faster.

Since their founding, five principles have underpinned their growth and the success of their clients:

Equal Access for All


Much construction management software actually increases project risk by providing one party with privileged access, to the detriment of others. What's fair about that? On Aconex, by contrast, each organization on a project controls access to its own data, retains legal ownership of that data and sets rules around how it will be shared. At the same time, because processes on the platform mirror those in the real world of project delivery, everyone ends up with complete, timely access to the information they need.

Cloud + Mobile

ACXAconex was built in the cloud more than a decade ago because they believed that the secure software-as-a-service platform was the future of real-time collaboration. Cloud based-delivery is the only way to easily bring together multiple companies on one system. More recently they have invested in a mobile platform for the same reason. They believe your project should be at your fingertips – in the field, trailer or office – and you should be able to work the way you want.

One Project-Wide Platform

ACXAll participants in a project manage information and processes on one easy-to-use platform, from design and feasibility, through construction and close-out to handover. Most customers go on to use Aconex across all their project engagements, working with different clients and project teams. As the network grows, each organization sees increased benefit from being part of the ecosystem.

Aconex Unlimited

ACXTo Aconex Limited, true collaboration means everyone at no extra cost. They offer unlimited users to every organization participating in your project, unlimited data and unlimited support. And they promise fair, transparent engagements without creeping expenses or unexpected fees. What you get is clear from the start.

Support Anywhere 

ACXAconex Limited provide your entire project team – not just your own employees – with unlimited support, in a range of languages, anywhere in the world. Take advantage of online training, call their 24/7 helpdesk, or reach out to an industry consultant when you need one. Their experienced staff are located in more than 40 locations around the globe.



Project-Wide Solutions
Document Management

Securely share & control documents.

Project Controls

Measure performance & forecast.

Workflow Management

Control reviews, approvals & more.

RFIs, Mail, & Forms

Standardize processes like RFIs & variations.

BIM Management

Connect teams, models & data.

Quality & Safety

Automate quality & safety processes.

Bids & Tenders

Securely streamline bids & tenders.

Handover to O&M

Assemble & locate O&M info, easily.

Insights & Reporting

Monitor project health in real time.

BIM Collaboration

Connected BIM, for Better Delivery

BIM is transforming the way assets are designed, constructed and delivered. Clients expect it, and governments mandate it. But using existing tools, projects suffer from disconnected teams and disconnected data. Aconex Connected BIM simplifies multidimensional model management – bringing teams, model data and project data together on a single online collaboration platform. And with Connected BIM, multiple organizations can easily share, visualize, coordinate, review, mark up and contribute directly from a web browser. You'll get the full benefits of BIM collaboration, including a complete set of linked handover information and an audit of all decisions, without the pain of specialised software.

The New World of Connected BIM
ACXAccess to BIM for the Whole Project Community

Access models fast, with just a browser. Get clients, contractors, sub-contractors, or anyone on the project involved in BIM and model management.

Merge Large Model Sets from Different Authors

Upload and merge models big or small. They have made sure that you can view even gigabyte data sets from a range of authoring tools – all without having to install software on your computer.

A Complete Information Library

Keep all asset information together on one integrated platform, connecting objects with documents and decisions to create a complete set of interconnected data.

Access Models in the Field

Improve communication and understanding on site by viewing models in the field with your laptop or the Connected BIM app for iPad (available soon).

Share BIM Models for Smarter Processes at Every Stage
ACXAuthors Publish Models in a Single Click

No hoops to jump through. Model authors can upload models with a single click, right from Revit or their preferred design software.

Speed up Design Coordination

Resolve design issues in real time. Raise an RFI or design query from within the model you're viewing, sending the recipient to that exact location for quick resolution.

A Record of Every Decision

Keep a rock solid audit trail. All communications remain right inside your model, so you can get the full picture of who made what decision, and when.

The Right Version, Every Time

Avoid mistakes and confusion on your project. With version control of model objects, you can quickly see what's changed and be confident that teams are working off the latest information.

Powerful but Simple BIM Management
ACXOperation and Maintenance Ready

Provide asset owners with a complete model of the project, enriched with O&M information and every decision made during design and construction. Access everything from design and schematics to as-built and warranty information, securely in the cloud.

O&M Manuals at your Fingertips

ind O&M information in seconds. No more ring binders and paper, but a model to visually navigate and quickly locate securely stored and up-to-date O&M information.

Designed to Open BIM Standards

Comply with industry standards. Export building information to COBie and IFC for use in Facility Management or other applications.

Built to Support Global Business

Choose a partner you can trust. BIM projects demand outstanding infrastructure. Aconex is the #1 global collaboration platform for reliable, fast and secure delivery.

Interface Management

Take Control of Interface Management


Interface management sounds easy—two parties working on a project make an agreement about how to exchange information. But managing these agreements can get complicated fast, particularly if you are using traditional tools like email and Excel spreadsheets. With Aconex, you identify, define, manage and close out interfaces from a single, collaborative platform. Ensure subsystem compatibility, coordinate specialist contractors and keep vendors aligned across your entire project.

Oversight of Every Interface
Visibility, Project-Wide

Identify and monitor every interface in your project in real time. Respond to issues across organizations and regions as they arise.

Efficiency gains up to 75%

Enforce standardized processes for managing interface information across internal and external parties, replacing repetitive admin tasks with automation.

A Trusted Brand

Used by nine out of ten global EPCs and the largest oil and gas projects, Aconex offers ease of use along with the highest levels of availability, security and reliability.

Secure Sharing

Every party's information is securely protected, and no one can access information outside their company's data store unless it is explicitly shared, protecting IP and building trust.

Designed for Global Teams
ACXBuilt for Scale

Manage and control large volumes of interface information, communication and processes across organizations and international borders. One platform for one project.

Get Started Fast

Start tracking interface information in days with Aconex. Thanks to a pre-configured, cloud-based system, no new software or hardware is required.

Powerful Interface Management Reporting

Keep tabs on progress across your project with graphical reporting tools that show the real-time status of interfaces by organization, package, discipline, due date and more.

A Measurable Impact on Project Risk
ACXA Complete Record

Minimize disputes with a permanent audit trail that captures everything from project communications to interface queries.

Find Queries Fast

Quickly locate and manage interface or technical queries, operational progress and communication trails with a sophisticated search toolkit that includes metadata and keyword search.

Proactive Compliance

A central place for communications, interface management and workflows reduces the effort required for regulatory compliance.

Secure Cloud

The Best of Both Worlds: Collaboration and Control

ACXLarge construction and engineering projects have lots of uncertainty and carry enormous risk. That's why successful project teams are those that respond best to changing conditions. They choose tools like Aconex to manage information and processes, leveraging more than a decade of expertise in designing and operating secure, enterprise-class, cloud-based systems. Aconex delivers predictable performance, no matter what challenges a project team is facing.

Security and Performance

From controlled access and authentication to high levels of encryption and rigorous physical security, they help customers meet the strictest compliance requirements and keep their data safe. ISO 27001 certified since 2011, they continue to constantly test their systems for weakness, including regular penetration tests by third parties, and continuously work to evolve their security model.

Cloud Integration

Projects typically use multiple systems, scattering information and making it hard to see the big picture. The Aconex Web Services API toolkit offers a way to bring all your data together, so you can monitor project-critical information from one interface. Make the most of your investment in legacy systems and ensure the information you rely on for day-to-day decisions is accurate and up to date.


Today's mobile workers need mobile platforms, but many projects still use systems that were designed for a PC-centric world. The Aconex platform puts mobile first with construction apps that make it easy to distribute and review documents, collaborate around models, commission new equipment, conduct field inspections and operate and maintain existing assets from a mobile device.


The most effective project teams collaborate on level playing fields. They avoid systems where one party retains master control, and instead they choose neutral platforms like Aconex that give everyone access to the information they need while enforcing data ownership and security. On Aconex, every organization that is part of a project sets rules regarding what information will be shared, with whom and when.


Implementation, Training and Support

They are committed to making your projects successful


They want you and your team to get the most from Aconex, and to share in your success. Their global services teams are passionate and committed about making this happen. They will work with you to help you maximize the benefits of Aconex no matter who you are or where you are.

Three Pillars of Project Success

Success is not accidental. It’s about getting your projects and teams off to the best possible start. Take advantage of industry-specific templates or tap into their global network of consultants.


They have worked hard to make Aconex as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but understand that everyone learns at their own pace. Their comprehensive programs cater to all abilities and are available 24/7. They have got you covered.


Their global team of experts across 40 locations provides unparalleled support to all participants on your projects. They are there when you need them, and can respond in languages ranging from Chinese and English to Japanese, Spanish, French, German and many more.

Contact Info

Aconex Limited

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Phone: +61 3 9240 0200
Fax: +61 3 9240 0299

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