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Air Change International Limited (AHJ)
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General Overview

About Air Change International Limited

For more than a decade, Air Change has provided unique equipment and engineering solutions for local and international clients using its internationally patented heat and energy recovery technology. During that time, they have developed a comprehensive range of energy efficient products to deliver controlled indoor climate conditions satisfying the requirements of the project stakeholders - the developer, the design engineer, the building owner and its occupants.

Air Change can engineer a customised solution to:

  • Provide your specified climate condition;
  • Reduce energy consumption & carbon emissions;
  • Minimise capital and running costs;
  • Ensure high indoor air quality;
  • Lower maintenance costs;
  • Comply with minimum energy codes and standards; and
  • Customise a solution to meet your size and space availability.

Energy Recovery Technology

Their core technology is a patented air to air counter-flow heat exchanger which is integral to providing an energy efficient product design. By recycling energy from one air stream to another, buildings can maintain better indoor air quality without the usual energy penalty.

The Air Change technology is:

  • Highly efficient for either enthalpy or sensible applications;
  • Has no moving parts or seals;
  • Compact and modular, allowing for various built configurations; and
  • Pre-packaged within the air treatment unit;
  • Resulting in equipment which is capital and operating cost effective.

Industry Recognition

Their contribution to the development of energy efficient HVAC and climate control products has been acknowledged through the receipt of multiple Australian air conditioning industry awards, namely:

  • AIRAH "Excellence in Innovation" award in 2013 for the Data Centre Unit
  • AIRAH "Excellence in Innovation" award in 2012 for the Dehumidification Unit
  • Australian Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) award for 'Environmentally Sustainable Design Product Initiative ' in 2010 for the Green Building Energy Recovery Unit;
  • AIRAH "Excellence in HVAC" award in 2006 for the Rooftop Packaged Unit;
  • Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) "Excellence in HVAC" award in 2003 for the Energy Recovery Ventilator;
  • SEDA 'Energy Smart Acknowledgement Award' in 2002 & 2003 for their commitment to promoting energy efficient products and services;
  • In addition to the recognition given directly to their own products, projects using Air Change technology have been recognised for their contribution to an energy efficient built environment. These include; Pixel, Melbourne Water Data Centre and The Gauge.

Mission Statement

To recognise the future direction of their industry and use their skills and innovation to develop reliable solutions for their clients.


Air Change work with clients, suppliers and partners in an honest, ethical and professional manner.


Innovation drives them to deliver unique, cost effective, energy efficient systems.


Their highly trained personnel combine the most up to date technologies, resources and practices to deliver complete solutions.


Air Change work hard to align their goals with their customer's guarantee success.


New Products


A range of new products are now available through Air Change:

  • CALMAC IceBank®
  • HVAC Chiller
  • ERV-IC-ECP - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator

Rooftop Packaged Units

AHJAir Change offers three different reverse cycle Rooftop Packaged air conditioning units, ranging from 0-100% outdoor air. Each option can be specified at the required size, depending on the relative mix of outdoor air and the heating or cooling load.

Rooftop Packaged Unit Products:
  • RTP - 100% Outdoor Air Reverse Cycle Rooftop Package Unit
  • ACV-RTP 30-50% Variable Outdoor Air Reverse Cycle Rooftop Package Unit
  • ACZ-RTP 0-30% Variable Outdoor Air Reverse Cycle Rooftop Package Unit



Reverse cycle heat recovery air conditioner for indoor pools.

Poolpac Installed in:

  • Brunswick Baths
  • Australian Institute of Sport

Air Handling Units


Air Change's Air Handling Unit (AHU) range consists of the NEXT-AHUTM and the ALPHA-AHU. Designed to be used in large commercial systems and incorporates heat exchange technology to efficiently pre-condition high volumes of outdoor air.
Air Handling Unit Products:
  • NEXT-AHU - 0-50% Outdoor Air Energy Recovery Air Handling Unit
  • ALPHA-AHU - High Airflow Air Handling Unit with Economy Cycle

Energy Recovery Ventilators


Air Change has a comprehensive Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) range designed to reduce the outdoor air load on your air conditioning system. Air Change can provide Rooftop ERVs for large commercial buildings and In Ceiling or Wall Mounted ERV models to suit a variety of applications including, small offices, apartments, classrooms or demountable buildings.
Energy Recovery Ventilator Products:
  • ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • ERV-IC - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • ERV-IC-ECP - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • ERV-IC 70 - In Ceiling Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • ERV-WM - Wall Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilator

Dehumidification Units

AHJAir Change Dehumidification (ACDHUM) range is designed to provide fresh air at precise humidity and temperature control in high humidity environments. It is highly efficient because it uses the surplus energy not required for sensible room cooling to pre-cool the hot humid outside air.

Dehumidification Unit Products:
  • ACDHUM-D - DX Dehumidification Unit
  • ACDHUM-W - Chilled Water Dehumidification Unit

Data Centre Unit


Indirect Free Cooling Solution.

Data Centre Unit Installed in:

  • Melbourne Water Green Data Centre



Air Change have a new range of reverse cycle chillers that are designed with a highly efficient brazed plate heat exchanger.
Chiller Products:
  • HVAC Chiller
  • Industrial Chillers

Thermal Storage Systems


Air Change has recently been appointed the sole distributor of CALMAC products in Australia and New Zealand.
Thermal Storage System Products:
  • CALMAC IceBank®


Industry Projects

Air Change projects include multiple installations in the following industries:

Aquatic Centres include:
  • Brunswick Baths
  • Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre
  • Ryde Aquatic Centre
Data Centres -
  • Melbourne Water Green Data Centre
Education -
  • Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of Western Sydney
Fitness Centres -
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • Virgin Active Health Clubs
  • Fitness First Clubs
Green Buildings -
  • Canberra's Nishi Building
  • Grocon's Pixel Building
  • Commonwealth Bank Offices
Healthcare Facilities -
  • Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Box Hill Hospital
  • Rockhampton Hospital
Hotels and Resorts -
  • Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta
  • Crown Towers - Crown Spa
Industrial and Pharmaceutical -
  • Incat Catamarans
  • Caltex and Pfizer
Offices -
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Ark and Umow Lai
Residential -
  • Canberra's Nishi Building
  • Pelago West Apartments
  • Aurora Residences
Retail and Entertainment -
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Kilsyth South McDonald's
  • Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda Enclosure

Contact Info

Air Change International Limited

2 Ashford Avenue
Milperra, NSW
AU Australia, 2214

Phone: +61 2 8774 1400
Fax: +61 2 8774 1490

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