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TFS Corporation Limited (TFC)
is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


General Overview

About TFS


TFS has over 9,000 hectares of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) trees established in the tropical north of Australia of which TFS has an effective ownership of over 3,100 hectares. TFS plantations are owned and managed on behalf of shareholders and both retail and institutional investors. Through the acquisition of renowned distiller Mt Romance, TFS can also offer organic Sandalwood oil (Santalum spicatum) to buyers in the global fragrance market.

TFS Corporation is a Western Australian company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code - TFC). With over 15 years of experience in both the cultivation of Indian Sandalwood and the distillation of WA Sandalwood oil, TFS has consolidated its position in the global Sandalwood industry – from soil to oil.

Critical to the TFS success is its commitment to sustainability. At TFS they work towards best practice in climate, community & biodiversity to deliver long-term returns to investors, the company and the globe.



TFS is committed to respecting the environment. TFS is proactive in its environmental management, looking for new ways to limit its impact and improve its operations.

Plantation grown Indian Sandalwood offers a variety of environmental benefits including:

  • New environments for bird and wildlife
  • Combats salinity
  • Relieves exploitation of an endangered species
  • Limited pesticide use in comparison to agriculture

In addition to this, TFS and Mt Romance actively work towards:

  • Water conservation
  • Sustainable energy usage




Sandalwood is one of the world's most valuable hardwoods, selling for over A$100,000 per tonne of heartwood (Tamil Nadu Forestry Department Auctions).

Renowned for its fragrant and medicinal properties, Indian Sandalwood has a wide range of uses in the global fragrance, incense, worship and carving industries.

The Indian Sandalwood tree is a parasite, making cultivation highly specialised. This factor, alongside its strong demand in Asia, the Middle East and in the global fragrance industry, have led to the deforestation of Santalum album in its native environments of India, Indonesia and Timor.

Australian Sandalwood has a long history of sustainability. Since the 1920's the harvests of Sandalwood have been regulated by the Western Australian government. Today this commitment is just as strong, with the Forest Products Commission (a government instrumentality) managing the fragrant species in accordance with a 150 year resource management plan and the ISO 14,001 (Environment).

Harvesters play an important role in the preservation of the species. They follow stringent regulations relating to the size and quantity of trees for harvest and ensure that 12 seeds are planted for every one tree harvested. About 30 – 40% of these trees are expected to achieve maturity beyond 10 years. Sandalwood harvesters also collect the wood from trees that die naturally. For each tonne of deadwood collected a kilogram or about 400 seeds are planted.


Mount Romance


TFS Corporation Ltd is the parent company of renowned distiller Mount Romance.

Mount Romance has 3 tourism and retail outlets in Albany, Broome and Kununurra. Each offers a unique glimpse into the Sandalwood story. Staff will guide you through the properties, uses and soil to oil processing of Sandalwood as well as its rich history and bright future in Australia.

Take a hands-on experience as you touch and feel samples of Sandalwood from log to wood powder and inhale the pure Sandalwood oil used by many of the world's luxury perfume brands. Indulge your senses as you try the vast range of Mount Romance beauty, skin care and lifestyle products. This uniquely Australian range of products feature active natural botanicals from the Sandalwood tree, renowned for its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and relaxant properties.

Contact Info

TFS Corporation Limited

169 Broadway
Nedlands, WA
AU Australia, 6009

Phone: +61 8 9386 3299
Fax: +61 8 6389 1546

Click here to view the interactive map
TFS Corporation Limited Google Map
TFS Corporation Limited Google Map

Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited - Click here to view share registry profile

Phone: +61 2 8280 7100
Fax: N/A

Level 12
680 George Street
Sydney, NSW
AU Australia, 2000

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